Monday, March 15, 2010

Album: Rinoa - An Age Among Them

Band: Rinoa
Album: An Age Among Them
Label: EyesOfSound
Year: 2010

01. Past Maidens
02. This Land Will Hold Their Wings
03. Sol Winds
04. Fires In The Distant North
05. An Empty Canvas
06. This Is Our View
07. Memory
08. The Gates

Formed in Essex in July 2007, Rinoa feature ex-members of Crydebris, Chariots and Symmetry. Some of their key influences include Envy, Mono and Devil Sold His Soul.

In the short time since their EP release in 2008 the band have created a massive buzz and wowed crowds across the UK with their passionate, attention grabbing live show. In 2009 they released a split EP with label mates Bossk.

'An Age Among Them' is both mellow and extremely heavy. Sublime melody and subtle guitar work give way to soaring expansive sections, crushingly heavy yet epic and extremely emotive.
Recorded and produced by Jonny Renshaw of Devil Sold His Soul.

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