Thursday, March 18, 2010

Album: My Own Private Alaska - Amen

Band: My Own Private Alaska
Album: Amen
Year: 2010
Label: I Am Recordings

01. Anchorage
02. After You
03. Die For Me
04. Broken Army
05. Where Did You Sleep Last Night?
06. I Am An Island
07. Amen
08. Kill Me Twice
09. Page Of A Dictionary
10. Just Like You And I
11. Ode To Silence

A trio that cannot be pigeonholed. Three sitting musicians. A pianist whose notes flow like lifeblood. A drummer whose nerves strike the beat as if today was the last day to live. And a singer whose brain is sentenced to overflow without respite... Sometimes violent, sometimes soothing, always redeeming, never free. Three different pieces of the human being finding their souls and leaving all these modern sacrificed landscapes far behind. Bass and guitar are left aside to create a brand new musical horizon : an unhappy medium between Chopin, Nirvana, Danny Elfman and Envy, somewhere in Alaska.

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