Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Album: The Deadlight Effect - Omniscience

Band: The Deadlight Effect
Album: Omniscience
Year: 2008
Label: Maritime Recordings

01. Inside
02. Waylaid
03. Dressed Like Saints
04. Meperidine Horizon
05. Clouded Hands
06. Solaris Reversus
07. Desolate Machine
08. Paralysis
09. Desvelado
10. Beneath the Water

The Deadlight Effect was formed in late 2006 when guitarist/keyboardist Ryan Hart relocated to Las Vegas, NV & came in contact with a group of three other musicians (Danny Barnett, Andy Swartz, & Ivan Mendoza) who had been playing together under a different name.

The band began practicing & writing on a full-time basis and recorded thier first 3-song demo in Febuary 2007. More song-writing & rehearsal followed and the band continued to evolve it's sound. Listeners began to take notice and the band started playing out around thier hometown, developing a loyal fan-base around the world.

In October 2007, the band made a 2-week trek to California to record thier debut full-length album,"Omniscience". The album consisted of 10 tracks, spanning over 55 minutes long. Tracks were posted for streaming online & an immediate surge of praise came from a national audience, including several record labels, promoters, & media outlets.

The album would eventually release January 2008 to an ever-growing fan-base. More shows followed, including several large, sold-out shows with well-known national acts. In Spring 2008, the band hit the road on a 2-month U.S tour, which spanned through out the west coast & surroundings and as far east as Eastern Texas.

Following the tour, musical direction, interests, outside commitments & personalities within the band started to drift apart and there would eventually be a split among band members. Determined to keep going, Ryan would continue on, recruiting various well-known musicians in attempts to create a stronger core.

Over the course of the following year, Ryan would work tediously on writing new material & focusing the band's sound. In late 2009, the band would resurface under a new moniker, A Terminal Sun. Currently the band is in the process of writing material for a new album to be released in the Summer of 2010. The band also plans on several shows & tour dates in support of the album.


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