Thursday, January 20, 2011

Album: This Will Destroy You - Communal Blood 7"

Band: This Will Destroy You
Album: Communal Blood 7"
Label: Black Ape
Year: 2010

01. Communal Blood
02. Reprise
Download (It seems that it's ripped in the wrong speed from the vinyl, but there is nowhere a proper version. Until then, you can download only Communal Blood in it's proper form here. As soon as a proper rip is out, we will fix the download link.)

A little bit into “Communal Blood” and you will feel like you’ve been transported into the middle of a David Lynch deserted midnight street. The song is slow and brooding, a little creepy yet still pretty. Halfway through it builds in intensity, crashing cymbals blast like little explosions above the droned guitar. It’s the first single off This Will Destroy You’s new album, Tunnel Blanket and is a perfect example of their moody, cinematic style. -


2 Engineers:

Anonymous said...

this has been ripped in the wrong tempo. it's too fast. you'll see if you check communal blood on their myspace.

Nordsee said...

Thanx for pointing that out! I found this better rip, but haven't checked it. My mistake. I thought that people shorted that out (in which speed, it supposed to be played). I will short this out ASAP.

Also check