Saturday, January 15, 2011

Album: MGR - 22nd Of May OST

Band: MGR
Album: 22nd Of May OST
Label: Conspiracy Records
Year: 2010

01. The Tedium Before
02. Crux
03. Recollection
04. A Mile In His Shoes
05. The Hard Road
06. En Route
07. Disconnected
08. So It Goes

22nd Of May, a soundtrack by MGR, a film by Koen Mortier. Mustard Gas and Roses (MGR) is an ambient solo project from Los Angeles, California, United States created by Mike Gallagher, - the guitarist for American post-metal band Isis, having previously been a member of Cast Iron Hike.

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Anonymous said...

Oh nice i'm very curious to hear this one. Especially because it's for an OST.

and then there was METAL said...

nice 5 stars!

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