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Album: La Fin Du Monde - Monolith

Band: La Fin Du Monde
Album: Monolith
Label: Self Released
Year: 2009

01. These Babies Are Edible
02. Dismal Tide
03. They Will Never See Us
04. Beast IV
05. We Will Fall

La Fin Du Monde is a five-piece instrumental rock band from Chico, CA. Oftentimes penned in reviews as “post-rock” or “prog-metal,” the group prefers to classify themselves simply as “experimental music.” Consisting of two guitars, two bassists, and drums, they utilize a great deal of dark melodies, poly-rhythmic patterns, odd time signatures, dissonant harmonies, mellow to crushing dynamic changes, and beautiful atmospheric movements. They are known for having a highly engaging live show and consistently high quality artwork on fliers, albums, t-shirts, and video projections.

La Fin Du Monde began in Chico, CA in the fall of 2003 after the disbanding of longtime projects Fenix Down and Lurgee. Beginning with the philosophy of “a band without rules,” the group wrote seven songs in a small garage with Jeremiah Root (of Lurgee, guitar/vocals) over a period of several months. This initial lineup performed eight shows over a period of three months and self-produced a six song home recording. Less than thirty copies of a three-track EP were pressed and released before Root left the band to join the military. The remaining four (Joshua Kinsey, Lurgee; Adam Scarborough, Mike Crew, Dan Elsen, all of Fenix Down) were not willing to let another band die so quickly. Enlisting Chris Roberts on guitar in the summer of 2004, the band became entirely instrumental and began writing new material and planning their next recording. They appeared live with the current lineup for the first time in September 2004 and have kept up with frequent live performances ever since.

Their first official release was a three-track self-titled EP recorded at Chico State in the fall and winter of 2005. Released in February 2006, the new disc gave La Fin du Monde the momentum to begin traveling outside Chico. In May of 2006 they received the News & Review’s CAMMIE award for best indie/experimental band. Many local shows and small tours saw them through the rest of the year and in January of 2007 they entered Prairie Sun Recording in Cotati, CA to record their first full length, Life As It Should Be. Released in April of 2007, the album’s eight songs encapsulate both the early and current stages of the bands’ sound. Many positive reviews for both the record and the live show helped the band keep its momentum, writing many new songs and traveling out of town consistently. The first full west coast tour was in January of 2008, and in September of the same year, they re-entered Prairie Sun to once again work with engineer “Lord Wainwright.” After a long period of overdubs, mixing, mastering, and creating artwork, Monolith came out amazingly. Released in July of 2009, the five-track record has already gained an immense amount of positive reviews. Throughout the course of this era, Chris and Mike started “Monolith Cabs,” a custom speaker cab company based out of Magalia, CA.

Over the years, La Fin Du Monde have performed over 160 shows in over 30 cities, and are proud to have shared the stage with the following bands: Helms Alee, Russian Circles, Giant Squid, Kylesa, PONTIAK, Intronaut, Giraffes? Giraffes!, Ninja Academy, Kayo Dot, Grayceon, Judgement Day, Lozen, We Be The Echo, Dredg, Armed For Apocalypse, Panther Attack!, 16, Young Widows, Silian Rail, Floater, Daughters, & Surrogate.

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