Friday, January 28, 2011

Album: Vanessa Van Basten - Closer To The Small Dark Door

Band: Vanessa Van Basten
Album: Closer To The Small Dark Door
Label: Robotic Empire Records
Year: 2010


01. Porzellangasse
02. Putana
03. L'Uomo Che Comprava il Tempo
04. Fuck the Best Take the Rest
05. Domia '95
06. La Selva dell'Orba
07. Scolopendra
08. Untitled
09. L'Affetto Non Serve

Vanessa Van Basten is a duo from Genoa, Italy with many guests and contributors from the alternative and extreme Italian underground. They make slow, heavy, metaphysic instrumental music. Formed in 2004. Their influences are the cosmic psychedelia, industrial rock like Swans or Godflesh, Neurot & Hydrahead catalog.

Band’s first full-length was "La Stanza di Swedenborg", a creature born out of Morgan Bellini’s genius, and differed in some ways from the band’s acclaimed debut EP. The music can still be described as heavy post-rock, but Vanessa Van Basten is nowadays a lot more than just that. A strongly emotional sonic magma absorbs and metabolizes different sonic influences, from the introspective metalcore of Jesu and Neurosis to the experimental metal drones of Sunn O))), from Lycia and Slowdive melancholy-driven soundscapes to the psychedelic and spacey atmospheres of Klaus Schulze to the cinematic melodies of Morricone and Badalamenti. And there you have Vanessa Van Basten.

"Closer To The Small Dark Door" is their second full-length album.


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