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Sampler: inFictions - Maps Of Revenge And Forgiveness

Band: inFictions
Album: Maps Of Revenge And Forgiveness
Label: Intersectional Records
Year: 2012

01. This Road Leads To The Village Of Informers
02. Frozen River
03. 1st Intersection
04. Line Drawings
05. Laughter Track
06. Orchards
07. The Silence Of The Sea
08. The Cell
09. 2nd Intersection
10. The Ghost Of Some Old Sin
11. Figurines
Download Sampler (after band's request the sampler contains tracks  3,7 & 10)

Sheffield-based Post-Progressive Rock band inFictions released their ambitious and dynamic debut album 'Maps of Revenge and Forgiveness' on Monday Feb 20th 2012. The album is available on digital retailers and also on limited edition, hand-packaged CD. 

3 years in the making, the album has benefited from collaborations with 5 studios, 8 drummers and a host of session musicians and arrangers. The album was completed on a microscopic budget for something of its scope and complexity.

The debut album (Maps of Revenge and Forgiveness) has been produced by inFictions with production and engineering support from Dave Sanderson (2Fly), Paul Harris (G2), John Sephton (G2), James Fosberry (Big Dog), Graeme Atkinson (The Vault), Alan Smyth (2Fly) and Brian Gray (Steel Works). Mastered by Eric James at Philosopher's Barn Mastering.

The band are currently developing 2 new EPs, at least one of which will be out before 2013. EP1 is a collaboration with learning disabled musicians in the city of Sheffield. EP2 is a sound track to a short narrative dance film.

inFictions collaborated with 10 local artists to produce 10 unique pieces of art, each of which is an artist's individual visual interpretation of a song from the album.

inFictions are:

Ed Cartledge (vocals, guitars)
Gareth Hughes (bass, double bass, synth, mandolin)
Tom Chaffer (guitars)

And the many drummers:

Recording: Heather Price, Paul Lawson, Marc Wallis, Fred Kennedy
Development: Taran Ali, Isaac Luxmoore, Tim Walker, Paul Richards

All music and lyrics by Ed Cartledge. All tracks arranged and performed by inFictions with additional arrangements by Sam Jones (strings) and Hannah Browne (brass and piano).

Additional musicians:

Ben Eckersley, Lucy Wallace, Liz Hanks - Cello
Bernadette Dales, Annie Rushworth, Becki Mancey - Violin
Becki Mancey, Anna Haigh - Backing Vocals
Alistair Beverley, Cameron Beverley - Brass

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