Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Video: Marriages - Promo

Marriages is a trio made up of Dave Clifford, Greg Burns and Emma Ruth Rundle, all of whom are also in post-rock quintet Red Sparowes. Though both acts are signed to Sargent House—and though Clifford has played with Rundle as part of the Nocturnes—these musicians have found, in the face of their own proximity, a degree of fresh sound together.

“Ten Tiny Fingers” is Marriages’ first single, off of Kitsune, the band’s upcoming May 1 release. As an offshoot of Red Sparowes—itself a group with ties to instrumetalists (no typo) Isis—“Fingers,” at five and a half minutes, could still seem like a shorter track to some. But, nevertheless, Marriages accomplishes its arc; more importantly, it does so while loosening its focus on structure, which allows for a more directly experimental vibe to creep in.

Kitsune was recorded with Toshi Kasai, who has previously worked with the Melvins and Tool, among others. You can stream and download “Ten Tiny Fingers”above is the teaser video of Marriages working in the studio.

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