Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Album: Good Weather For An Airstrike - Torpor

Band: Good Weather For An Airstrike
Album: Torpor
Label: Champion Version
Year: 2015

1. EIO (With Inachus)
2. You Mean The World To Me
3. You're Slipping Away
4. Sleep For A Minute
5. Ablation
6. We Are Here Again (Although We Never Left)
7. Until Next Time

Torpor' is the first Champion Version release from English drifters Good Weather For An Airstrike, a collective who are able to flirt with experimentation and sprawling compositions in ways that a lot of other bands really can't get away with. The sound across these tracks is beautifully modern, forward-thinking and often daring, drifting from low fidelity electronic textures at one moment to awe inspiring atmospherics the next. 

The opener 'EIO' warrants the magnificence of its finale by building up gracefully and steadily via a glorious drum fused ambient piano dialogue. Just a staggering arrangement. The following tracks find the scale slowly increasing while the intricate detail of the band's innermost performances never diminishes. There's a deep feeling of sensitivity and intimacy to these songs, something that’s certainly associated with a group who never shy away from making grand gestures. 'Torpor' is a truly fascinating sound document. Mind blowing.

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