Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Streaming: Tengil - Six

Band: Tengil
Album: Six
Label: Tokyo Jupiter Records
Year: 2015

1. Fermeture
2. A Box
3. My Gift To You // The Tunnel At The End Of The Light
4. Praise Be
5. Gehenna
6. All Paths // Qwoulrflpvoynvlrgkrt

Tengil is a constellation of musicians playing emotional, quasi-symphonic post-hardcore.With so many different influences to the band, a peculiar type of musical style has developed over the years,originating from raw and aggressive hardcore.Taking influences from not only the post-rock scene, but also a lot from musicals and classical symphonies, hence the genre written above.

The album is a concept album, a collection out of six paragraphs following a non-linear narrative.Following the release of the album, Tengil will be hitting the road as they currently planning shows in Europe and Japan.


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杨晨 said...

cooooooool! one of the best 2015 PR album ever!

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