Thursday, July 09, 2015

Album: NevBorn - Five Horizons

Band: NevBorn
Album: Five Horizons
Label: Hummus Records
Year: 2015

01. Sending A Message
02. From The Edge Of The Universe
03. For Seven Days
04. Beyond The Five Horizons
05. Between The Skies
06. For The King Of Kings
07. Ozymandias

NevBorn has a message to send, way beyond their five mysterious horizons. Could it be that post-hardcore still has a beating heart ? How do these 5 swiss youngsters dare to pretend to bring anything new to the table ? Heavy drums, massive simplistic riffs and screamed vocals interrupting melancholic spatial ambiances. We all heard this 20 years ago already - but this also means they're born with it ! This sad, violent and introspective music flows naturally through their veins and poisons matthieu hinderer's urgent and touching vocals. What could have been a well-educated stylistic homework reveals itself as a true physical journey. Sincere emotions transcripted in guitar distortion that are about to blast the last depressive remains of your adolescents frustrations.

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