Monday, July 06, 2015

Streaming: Final Days Society - Icebreaker

Band: Final Days Society
Album: Icebreaker
Label: Hit & Run Music
Year: 2015

01. Drowner
02. Drifter
03. Icebreaker
04. Overburdened Companions
05. At Peace, At Last
06. Debris

Final Days Society is the result of 5 guys from 5 different bands in the southern parts of Sweden joining forces to make music that they love, emotional powerful music. After the first rehearsal they all knew right away that the music they made was something worth fighting for, so promises were made. And so Final Days Society's story begins.

The band has been created music together since the fall of 2006. And after various incarnations the core of the band and the idea of creating emotional music with rich dynamics between hopefulness and despair with soft vocals from the heart are still intact. The promises they made were never broken and are still going strong. Over the years the band has done countless shows around Scandinavia/Europe and have been on tours where they shared stages with acts like Junius and God is an astronaut. 

As the years passed by, comes experience and growth. 2015 mark the 9th year of the bands existence and the release of Final Days Society’s third album Icebreaker. Because Final Days Society has always been a group of people with roots in the independent music scene with variety of styles such as punk/pop, hardcore and metal and with a strong ”do it yourself” mentalities they have this time recorded and produced Icebreaker all by themselves. The result is a very personal post-rock infused with the influences from their pass, a playground and the orchestra of the hearts of a group of musicians who call themselves Final Days Society.

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