Sunday, July 19, 2015

Streaming: -ghost island- - Destroyer

Band: -ghost island-
Album: Destroyer
Label: Self Released
Year: 2015

01. Tall Tears
02. What We Can And Cannot See
03. Mice On A Ship
04. Glacial
05. Flood Damage
06. In Time, In Roads
07. Utsuro-bune
08. Acherusia
09. The Last Star's Light

-ghost island- was initially formed by John Romero as an ambient solo project to toy around with song ideas when he wasn't working with his band at the time, Cassiopeia. After the dissolution of Cassiopeia, John had a few songs completed for an EP to be released early 2014. The itch to perform live again however, made him hold off releasing the EP and recruiting Roddy (Ursus Colossus) and Joseph (Underground Cities). They knew early on that they would like to switch up instruments to keep their live shows fresh and more fun, as well as challenging themselves to become more creative on instruments they weren't normally playing in their previous bands. So -ghost island- went to work on writing an album instead of an EP. After about 6 months of writing as a 3 piece, they were ready to begin recording their first full length album. John had recently bought a house so they tracked the album both there, and at their respective homes for overdubs. They enlisted the services of James Plotkin for mastering, and -ghost island- are very proud to present to everyone with their debut album entitled Destroyer. -ghost island- have plans to release the album on both CD and on LP, with a later date this year to be announced.

For fans of: Hammock, Explosion In The Sky, This Will Destroy You


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