Monday, September 15, 2008

Album: Canyonsofstatic - The Dissapearance

Band: Canyonsofstatic
Album: The Dissapearance
Label: Former Airline Records
Year: 2008

01. Maps And Mazes
02. The Disappearance
03. Blinding Cold, Casket Black
04. 1:17
05. Are We Still The Good Guys
06. Shelter
07. Slowly To Sea

In the midst of a desperately cold Wisconsin winter in 2005, canyonsofstatic formed in an unheated practice space. They wore hats and coats to keep warm and gloves with the tips cut off to keep their fingers from freezing during the long hours of rehearsal. By the time the cold became unbearable, it was spring and canyonsofstatic’s sound had already been born from those initial months of shivering together. canyonsofstatic started as an experiment between friends, a dusting off of instruments so to speak. The songs evolved from a collective process and what came out was a complete surprise to the group – epic instrumental music. Ross Severson on guitar and Nathan Gaffney on drums form walls of sound with reverb drenched noise and trailing delays, blanketed with crashing cymbals and driving beats. Chris Biertzer on bass navigates his way through the landscape of sound adding melody to the chaos, and Aggie Severson .. keys delicately keeps the balance and perspective. All this was wrapped into a live performance that adds homemade abstract films as a visual aspect to the music. It is truly an experience of sight and sound that allows the listener to imagine and interpret the music however they choose. canyonsofstatic previously self-released two EPs and has just released their first full-length album “The Disappearance” on Former Airline Records.


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