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Album: Stellardrive - Omega Point

Band: Stellardrive
Album: Omega Point
Label: Only4Stars Records, Le Sonotone, Dvs Records/Believe
Year: 2008


01. Departure
02. What Everyone Can See Through The Window
03. Magnetic Drum Calculator
04. Islandsix
05. Saggitarius A
06. Turbulences (A Nice Day To See All The Damages Done)
07. Turbulences (Post Damages Reconstruction - Sjukdom Remix)
08. Departure (The End Of All Things Part.1 - Sjukdom Remix)
09. Departure (The End Of All Things Part.2 - Nao Remix)

Stellardrive consists of three guitarists, a bass player and a drummer that also makes use of keyboards, machines and a clarinet. Almost automatically this means we have to deal with an instrumental post-rock band. This is true with this quintet (according to the biography. Strange thing is, the band picture consists of six guys, maybe the sixth guy is involved with the visuals) from France. Several members are known from Aside From A Day and Gantz. These bands have quit, so now their full attention goes out to Stellardrive. In 2005 and 2007 the band already recorded the EPs ‘ERS-1’ and ‘ERS-2’ and except for the track “Resonances” from ‘ERS-1’ ‘Omega Point’ is a compilation of these EPs with the addition of three remixes. Especially the tracks from the latest EP are the most outstanding on ‘Omega Point’. During the years they slightly shifted from melancholic post-rock in the vein of Mogwai and Red Sparowes to the energetic and the hopeful version of the likes of Maserati.

Although they do nothing new, the songs are high quality post-rock tunes with great hooks and melodies. The established names shouldn’t be ashamed if they have written these songs. The remixes included are shortened versions of the tracks “Turbulence” and “Departure” with electronic sounds woven into it, nothing special in contrary to the original songs. Nevertheless, the main part of this release are the regular songs of Stellardrive and these are an outstanding starting point for new things to come.

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