Sunday, September 14, 2008

Album: Einna - Les Angoisses D'arcadie (EP)

Band: Einna
Album: Les Angoisses D'arcadie (EP)
Label: Swarm Of Nails / Communication Is Not Words
Year: 2008

02.12 Livres De Chair
04.Il Ne Reste Que Des Épines

Einna born from the ashes of Stanley Millgram, a band who has shared the stage with formations such as : Cortez, Overmars, Coliseum, Lords, Amenra and well of others, return transfigured... They have released an EP called "Les angoisses d'Arcadie" recorded by Silvin Suquet (I Pilot Daemon, Plebeian Grandstand.).

No link, guys...Sorry!
We were asked kindly by their label to delete the download link and we respected their will.This blog usually does not post albums without a link for the visitors to try them out, but in the other hand we like to introduce new remarkable bands to more people. Einna surely belong to these bands.So listen to the tracks in their myspace and if you like them, order the CD. We believe, that you won't be dissapointed.

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