Sunday, September 28, 2008

Album: Thursday / Envy - Split

Band: Thursday / Envy
Album: Split
Label: Temporary Residence Limited
Year: 2008


01.As He Climbed The Dark Mountain
02.In Silence
03.An Absurd And Unrealistic Dream Of Peace
04.Appeared And Was Gone


05.An Umbrella Fallen Into Fiction
06.Isolation Of A Light Source
07.Pure Birth And Loneliness

More than two years after Thursday first put the idea in our heads, Temporary Residence Ltd. is proud to finally bring together two influential bands from two very different places. Recorded in Spring 2008, both bands turn in some of their most inspired work yet. In addition, Thursday invited Anthony Molina of Mercury Rev to remix the dark instrumental "In Silence" into the pitch-black closing track, "Appeared And Was Gone," providing the perfect transition into the massive dynamics of Envy. Beginning with the subtle electronics of the symphonic opener, "An Umbrella Fallen Into Fiction," Envy thrashes and burns through a trio of thoughtful face-melters. Also the artowrok was made by acclaimed poster artist, Dan Grzeca.

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Official Site

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