Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Album: Poetic DiZeaZe - ThiZiZPoeticDiZeaZe

Band: Poetic DiZeaZe
Album: ThiZiZPoeticDiZeaZe
Label: Self Released
Year: 2008

01.Hackle In EclipZe
02.LipZtick'Z Lilt
03.DiZZection Of Zomething
04.Z (Part I)
06.Z (Part II)
07.Decorated With Your Colorful Portrait

Poetic DiZeaZe is a prog-experimental rock/metal band, hailing from Iran, which was formed in the middle of 2007.The band lineup included Kiavash Kia and Alireza Saeidian on guitars and Kasra Saboktakin on bass guitar. The influences are in many different genres and styles such as prog-rock/metal, psychedelic, experimental, industrial, thrash metal, death metal, space rock, post-rock, ambient, electronic and....;overall Poetic DiZeaZe is completely subliminal and never wanted to be anything but their self the first album ThiZiZPoeticDiZeaZe already been recorded and will be out soon!

Thanx to Poetic DiZeaZe for giving us their demo for posting it! Good luck guys!
You can contact the band through this email: s.arasteh@gmail.com

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