Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Album: Sleepstream - A Waltz With The Seventh Crane

Band: Sleepstream
Album: A Waltz With The Seventh Crane
Label: Fluttery Records
Year: 2011

01. You Gave Me Butterflies, I Gave You Loss
02. The Spirit
03. Sunlight
04. A Waltz With The Seventh Crane
05. Blue (Ascension)
06. We Are But Divers In The Ember
07. The Light

Sleepstream are a post-rock band originating from Thessaloniki, Greece. They were formed by Steven (guitars and synths) and Nio (drums, percussion) during winter 2008, with Gus V. on the bass, as an experimental-progressive trio. By summer 2009 Nio and Gus left the band for occupational reasons, leaving Steven experimenting with different musicians, leading to a more polyphonic-atmospheric result. Nio’s return six months later closed any remaining gaps and the band’s music gradually got to today’s form. By December 2010 the band came to an agreement with Fluttery Records for releasing their debut album, and the “incomings” of Stratos on the violins, John on the bass and Kostas (ex-Intensity band) on the guitars finalized the core form of today’s band.

The debut album, called A Waltz With The Seventh Crane, is one of the best albums released in 2011, along with Barrows and Obscure Sphinx. From it's epic compositions and melodies, to the great production, is a solid release and has nothing to be jealous of released from well establish post bands.  From the very first note, 'till the end, it manages to fill the listener with emotions and carry him away.

Sleepstream have supported Tides From Nebula and Midas Fall, and will share the stage along with Long Distance Calling as co-headliners in Thessaloniki,

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decent, very nice album... hopeful band, with strong melodies... Greece is always good

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