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Album: Agrion Splendens - Agrion Splendens

Band: Agrion Splenders
Album: Agrion Splenders
Label: Braincrushing Records / A L'ombre De Cette Vie
Year: 2013

01. Nihil
02. Painkilling Rage
03. Children Of Darkness
04. Dystopia
05. Embrace The Lie

The band started in March 2011 after Sally and Vincent (guitars) met. They were soon joined by Damien (bass) and Colin (drums). Laurent and Mathieu (vocals) joined the band later. Due to bad timings, Laurent and Colin left the adventure, and Yoan (drums) joined the band. 

With this stabilized line-up the band started to compose its own music, mixing heavy and dirty riffs with powerful basslines and dark vocals. The idea is to keep the music simple and efficient. 

In September 2012 the band starts to make some gigs. First 5-tracks effort is has been recorded in November and released in early 2013.

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Video: The Red Paintings - You're Not One Of Them

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News: Rosetta (Don't worry they are not splitting up...)


We have two big announcements to make today.

First, our new album. The new Rosetta full length, titled The Anaesthete, will be available as a pay-what-you-wish digital download on August 8th. We are tracking this with Andrew Schneider at Studio G Brooklyn from July 1st-11th, and self-releasing it online in August. Artwork for the release is by Jordan Butcher/Work of Self (Thrice, Minus the Bear, Backstreet Boys) and Ryan Clark of Invisible Creature. We are not releasing this on CD. The download will be available in almost any format you can imagine, including high-definition.
We are partnering with different labels around the world for vinyl and other goodies. These will vary from continent to continent. Debemur Morti ( will handle the European physical release, Monolith ( will be covering Australia. In North America, we will self-release a vinyl version of the album once revenue from digital sales has reached critical mass to allow us to do that.
The album is being financed entirely by the band personally. The revenue from the digital download goes 100% back to helping us recoup that cost, and then toward pressing the North American vinyl. This is a big risk for us, but we feel that our listeners are a trustworthy bunch on the whole. Moreover, we want to find out whether releasing music completely independently is a sustainable way for a small band to operate. You get to decide what the album is worth to you, and pay that amount.
Our final EP for Translation Loss has already been recorded, and will be released in early 2014. This will still be a traditional release with a CD available.
Second, we are excited to be supporting Ken Mode on tour in August.
Dates are:
8/8 - Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter (w/ Weedeater)
8/9 - Brooklyn, NY @ Saint Vitus
8/10 - Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie (part of This Is Hardcore)
8/11 - Cambridge, MA @ Middle East Upstairs
8/14 - Rochester, NY @ Bug Jar
8/15 - Albany, NY @ Valentine’s
8/16 - Newark, DE @ Mojo Main
8/17 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Smiling Moose
8/18 - Columbus, OH @ Kobo Live
8/20 - Cleveland, OH @ Now That’s Class
8/21 - Milwaukee, WI @ Cactus Club
8/22 - Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock
8/23 - Joliet, IL @ Mojoes (w/ Grace the Damned, no Ken Mode)

Hope to see you at some of these shows.

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Video: ZENИTH - B&W Road

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Album: Anadelta - Vita Brevis

Band: Anadelta
Album: Vita Brevis
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

01. Where Are You Where Am I
02. Oceans
03. Looking For Gold In An Empty Soul
04. Silence Dancer
05. Patience
06. A Garden With No Colours
07. Together Bulletproof
08. The Light On My Right
09. For A Year
10. Finis.

Anadelta is a solo studio project from Athens, Greece. Created in 2011 and released his debut album "Vita Brevis", a combination of post-rock and ambient elements, in May 2013.

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EP: Black Sheep Wall - It Begins Again

Band: Black Sheep Wall
Album: It Begins Again EP
Label: Season Of Mist
Year: 2013

01. Ancient Fvck
02. Provider
03. Angelic Exorcism

Black Sheep Wall formed in early 2007 in San Francisco, California. They play down tempo music influenced by many bands focusing on more minimalistic approaches (post metal, sludge metal, drone doom bands). The band named themselves after one of the cheat codes for one of the most played computer games of all time, StarCraft. The band consists of Brandon Gillickbauer on bass guitar, Scott Turner on guitar and Jackson Thompson on drums. 

Thus far, the band has played with the likes of technical deathcore masters The Red Chord, sludge legends Baroness and math/metalcore legends Converge.

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News: Post-engineering Instagram account

I've started this Instagram account about vinyls, concert photos & tickets and bands' t-shirts if anyone is interested. Any comments, observations, criticism are welcome.
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Album: Mentat - Antagonistas

Band: Mentat
Album: Antagonistas
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

1. Antagonistas (XVII)
2. La Sangre Del Más Débil (XIX)
3. Sólo Humo (XVIII)
4. Una Senda
5. Nunca Se Fueron (XX)

Mentat it's a duo doom/post-metal band from Valencia, Spain.

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Video: Karnivool - We Are

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EP: Charun - De Ortu Solis

Band: Charun
Album: De Ortu EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2012

01. De Ortu Solis
02. De Profundis
03. De Brevitate Vitae
04. De Tranquillitate Animi

Started in 2012 as a solo-project by Nicola Olla (already guitarist in Curse This Ocean). In January 2013 Charun released the debut-EP "De Ortu Solis". Charun is now a band.

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Video: Mental Architects - Caves Of Keys

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EP: Tales Of Murder And Dust - Skeleton Flowers

Band: Tales Of Murder And Dust
Album: Skeleton Flowers EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

01. Tremblin'
02. Laid Bare
03. In Apathy
04. Like Young Gentle Beasts

Danish sextet, Tales Of Murder And Dust, was formed in 2007 with the desire to play noisy and cool rock music. Drawing on inspirations from especially surf music and film scores from classic Spaghetti Westerns, the band quickly gained the attention of the Danish press. When the band released their first EP in 2009, called Peyote, Tales Of Murder And Dust was critically praised for their slow and dreamy soundscapes with attention to folk-like details. 

Tales Of Murder And Dust have spend the years following Peyote honing its musical expression even further, approaching a much more shoegazing sound, while supporting artists such as The Black Angels, Crystal Stilts, Wooden Shjips, and The Blue Angel Lounge. 

On the 20th of March 2012 Tales Of Murder And Dust finally released their long awaited debut album: Hallucination of Beauty is an awesome thought-through record in the name of noise rock and shoegaze, yet with an increasingly obvious psychedelic touch, not least in the instrumentation, which often focuses on strings, percussion and sitar.

On June, 6th they released their second EP by the name Skeleton Flowers.

Tales Of Murder And Dust is Kathrine Kaspersen, Kasper Lund Resen, Jacob Korsgaard Jensen, Kristoffer Vilsgaard, Christian Sinding Soendergaard & Simon Toftdahl Olesen.

Official Site
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Band: Verma

Band: Verma
Album: Coltan
Label: Trouble In Mind
Year: 2013

01. Tantalite/Nobium
02. Cassiterite/Wolframite

Band: Verma
Album: EXU
Label: Self Released
Year: 2012

1. Ragnaraak
2. Moons
3. Drift
4. From Thunder
5. Saqqara
6. Voces Mysticae

Band: Verma
Album: S/T II
Label: Paramita Recordings
Year: 2011

01. Space Is Open
02. Deathsport
03. Not Even Time

Band: Verma
Album: Salted Earth
Label: Priority Male
Year: 2010

01. Salted Earth
02. White Heat 09:39
03. Unending Night
04. Lady or the Tiger
05. The Big Sleep

Band: Verma
Album: S/T
Label: Plus Tapes
Year: 2010

1. Dust Commander
2. Night Creeper
3. Exu
4. Coyote
5. Sarvanasa

Imagine, if you will, that something has gone terribly wrong. Beneath the incessant, howling wind from the barren terrain beyond, the only discernible sound, the rhythmic gasp for breath from your own parched throat. Scanning the distance, mirages dance like radiation on the horizon. Can you believe everything you see? Though prophets had long foretold, you cannot help but mourn the mark of time, the metronome of human history that shadowed your former existence. Now, with stumbling step you must unclench white-knuckled fists and begin to travel, never forgetting the shadowy night of the past but willing to risk this primal step into the light of day.

Bent equally on bristling psychedelic squall and driving motorik, Verma emerged in the wake of an experimental improvisational collective. Blending a wide range of influences from proto-metal, minimalism, electronic, space rock and drone, the group constructs and explores cinematic sonic landscapes. Verma is amoebic in nature, coexisting with the mechanical. The driving rhythm section creates a solid architecture for swirling guitars and haunting vocal melodies, all beneath a haze of sweeping synthesizers. This repetitive dervish of sound rises from dark roots to a meditative plane, at once the atmosphere of metamorphosis and cerebral introspection.

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Video: Steak Number Eight - Cryogenius

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EP: Hazards Of Swimming Naked - In The Studio

Band: Hazards Of Swimming Naked
Album: In The Studio EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013


01. Don't Cry For Me, Dario Argento (Live In Studio)
02. Requiem (Live In Studio)
03. Kip Keino (Live In Studio)

Hazards Of Swimming Naked are a Brisbane based 5 piece instrumental band originating from Queensland's tropical far north. The humidity and vibrancy of that region permeates their music and culminates in a sound which shares all the cinematic grandeur of artists such as Mogwai, godspeed you black emperor and Mono.

Official Site
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EP: Thursday Bloom - Halcyon

Band: Thursday Bloom
Album: Halcyon EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

01. Halcyon Song
02. Slow Descent
03. Through Inner Sorrow
04. Reprise

Thursday Bloom is an artist from Adelaide, Australia who uses sound to create vivid and emotional textures and imagery. His music looks to create imagery through the use of sound; taking sounds and weaving them together in a sonic tapestry. Contemplative headphone music for the individual to escape into.

Halcyon is his fifth of the twelve EPs planning to release for the 12EPs project and once again he successfully delivers a solid EP which helps you relax and mind travel.

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Video: Insect Ark - Long Arms

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EP: Enthralled - The Dance Of Lost Souls

Band: Enthralled
Album: The Dance Of Lost Souls EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

01. Intro
02. The Dance Of Lost Souls (Part I, II, III & IV)
03. To Follow The Moon, To Touch The Sun
04. Harmony Between Nature
05. Without Air (Bonus Track)
06. Atmosphere (Joy Division Cover)
 (Apparently this is a fake band (?) with same tracks as Tyler Krug and Solus)

Enthralled is a post-rock/shoegaze duo from Costa Rica.


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