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Album: Artificial Audio - Artificial Audio

Band: Artificial Audio
Album: Artificial Audio
Label: Glosoli Records
Year: 2009

01. Violkolora
02. Rugha
03. Flava
04. Purpura
05. Argxento
Download multiupload | bandcamp

Artificial Audio is a post-rock rock band from Amersfoort and The Hague, The Netherlands. After playing a lot of local shows and locking themselves up for three years, they now finished writing their debut album. The official releasedate of the selftitled album was May 30 2009. It’s downloadable for free, a hardcopy digipack cd can be bought via For fans op Explosions in the Sky, Mogway, Pink Floyd and Motorphysho.

Official Site
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Album: Various Artists - The Silent Ballet & Lost Children: Volume 15

Band: Various Artists
Album: The Silent Ballet & Lost Children: Volume 15
Label: Lost Children
Year: 2010

01. Across Tundras: Rainmaker - Floodreaper
02. Kodiak: By the Sea
03. Year Of No Light: Hiérophante
04. Aidan Baker: Turn Tail
05. Rosetta: Rain Falling on a Factory Roof (Redux)
06. Svartbag: Construct/Morse
07. Vanessa Van Basten: L’uomo Che Comprava il Tempo
08. No One Wished To Settle Hereafter: Scarce Christmas
09. SardoniS: It Walks the Mountain
10. Heirs: Mandril
11. Equus: VIII
12. Hellas Mounds: Movement II

The Silent Ballet e-zine and Lost Children Netlabel released their latest compilation which includes twelve post-metal bands. Among the tracks of the compilation there are two songs from the forthcoming highly anticipated new releases from Rosetta and Year Of No Light. Here is the press release of the compilation:

As is becoming tradition around these parts, Volume 14 and 15 will be released in close proximity to one another. Each compilation continues the website’s commitment to spotlighting emerging musicians, featuring upcoming releases, and providing rare tracks from our favorite artists to our readers. Our focus is always on the international level, and we’ll never tire of searching for the next best thing in the most unusual of places. Our goal of a seven continent split is almost within our grasp, we’re just awaiting news of the first penguin-led post-rock group.We’re also committed to our goal of providing quality music in a respectable format without charge. As one of life’s greatest pleasures, music should be freely available to all and resistant to commodification. As the Lost Children Netlabel looks ready to close in on its one hundredth release in 2010, we at The Silent Ballet are thankful that the label has stuck to its goals and continues to provide excellent music free of charge. Although it may seem like the music industry gets ragged on a lot, if there were more labels like Lost Children around, we think that the music climate would be a much more agreeable place for musicians.

A big thanks goes out to all the artists and labels who made this project possible. Relevant links can be found below; any support is greatly appreciated.

–Jordan Volz
The Silent Ballet
–Barry Rogers
Lost Children Net Label
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Album: Bue Nordström & Dag Rosenqvist - Replica Archipelago

Band: Bue Nordström & Dag Rosenqvist
Album: Replica Archipelago
Year: 2009
Label: BokBandet

01. De Første Ord
02. Tableau
03. For At Frelse En Rejsende
04. Fortryllende Sommer
05. De Sammensvorne
06. Famler I Mit Eget Mørke

Jasper TX's Dag Rosenqvist teams up with Danish writer Bue Nordstrom for this new project combining sublime cinematic textures with processed text readings. Rosenqvist's music here converges on a kind of motion-blurred shoegaze, slowed down almost to the point of droning imobility on beautiful tracks like 'Tableau' and 'For At Frelse En Rejsende', which somehow manage to feel organic and song-like despite the saturation of nebulous electronics.
The album builds up to a spine-tingling, epic closing track: 'Famler I Mit Eget Mørke', featuring a layered vocal by soprano Janne Korsager Sovang whose performance is enveloped beautifully by Rosenqvist's electronics and deeply muffled, almost Basinski-esque piano phrasings. A fittingly epic climax to a brilliant album - one that succeeds regardless of what languages you speak. Replica Archipelago comes recommended to fans of Max Richter, Tim Hecker and even Sigur Ros in their more abstract moments - a real find.

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Album: Arroyo - Individuum & Massen

Band: Arroyo
Album: Individuum & Massen
Year: 2009
Label: Self Released

01. Paranorm
02. Kanaan

The band has been founded late 2006. The music ranges between slow and epic post-rock and aggressive screamo with a very peculiar way of experimental music. The lyrics are all German and deal with all ways of a philosophically world view. The main musical influences are Cult Of Luna, Daturah and Envy. After two years of playing several shows with amazing bands they finally recorded their first EP “Individuum & Massen” and released it on 21th of January 2009.
In September (same year) Fabian Krämer (drummer), left the band because of personal reasons. But only two days after that, Tim Friedrich entered, to be the new one behind the drums. Since then the band works on new stuff, which possibly will be recorded in 2010 for a new EP/Album.

Buy: Unfortunately the EP is sold out.
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Video: Hammock - Breathturn

From the forthcoming album "Chasing After Shadows... Living with the Ghosts".

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Album: Filigram - La Victoire De L'Homme Sur L'Homme

Band: Filigram
Album: La Victoire De L'Homme Sur L'Homme
Year: 2009
Label: Self Released


01. Kaliayev
02. A L'Ouest
03. Sans Arrière Pensées
04. Plais De La Victoire
05. Cuillière

The group formed in 2004 under the name Asphyxie with Nico and Alex (vocals), Vinc' and Gaylord (guitars), Damien (bass) and Anthony (drums). In 2006, Nico alias NAES left Asphyxie. It was the opportunity to change their name. The combo now plays under the name Filigram.
Then, they recorded an eponymic house demo in order to promote their music. In 2007, Anthony was replaced by Franck (Holy Mind). Filigram is starting to play more concerts and plays notably with groups like Venosa, Scold for Wandering, Why Not, Concrete Knives,The Elecktrocution, Aussitôt Mort and In Memory Off.
In 2008, after several shows, the band won the musical springboard of the secondary school Mezeray in Argentan, and recorded their first EP thanks to Robin (Enjoy the Silence). Their music is a combination of different influences: French Screamo, new school Hardcore, Post-Rock and Dub. Filigram is a subtle combination of depressive metal, emotion and violence.

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Album: Our Ceasing Voice - Passenger Killed In Hit & Run (Single)

Band: Our Ceasing Voice
Album: Passenger Killed In Hit & Run (Single)
Year: 2010
Label: Wise Owl Records


01. Passenger Killed In Hit And Run
02. For Days On End (Bside)
03. Passenger Killed In Hit And Run (The Echelon Effect Remix)
04. Of Lives Once Lost (The Jakesperiment Remix)
05. Summer's Orange Haze (Acoustic)
06. Passenger Killed in Hit and Run (Magasit Remix)
Download Direct|Torrent

Gradually the lights of the city come to new life, while the random flickering of the large neon sign three blocks away lasts and glances are lost in the distance. The sun slowly descends behind the silhouettes of the skyscrapers, taken over from the approaching night. The orange haze on the horizon is reflected in the windshields of the passing cars, raising the dust, which has been accumulated on the street. Here, between loneliness and hope, at places, no one is supposed to seek, stories, which are able to change lives and guide our being exist. Soaking with melancholia Our Ceasing Voice tells these stories with their mix of hypnotic ambient and epic post-rock outburst and help the listener to catch the memories of long forgotten times, in order to save them from transience.

Amidst the Tyrolean Alps the band was founded in 2006 already, but only with their debut 'steadied stars in the morphium sky EP' they drafted a journey through the mystery of gloom. Based on the upcoming novel by Sebastian Obermeir, Our Ceasing Voice's new 2010 album pursues this concept, while the development to a darker, more dynamic sound is clearly noticeable. Beautiful and saddening at the same time, the Austrians draw attention to fragility, passionately making one's flesh creep and thereby portraying a dramatic story full of yearning and desperation.

Buy (limited to 100 copies)
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Album: On Histories Of Rosenberg - S/T EP

Band: On Histories Of Rosenberg
Album: S/T EP
Year: 2009
Label: Function Records

01. Am I Awake?
02. Danger Danger
03. A Calendar Year
04. Leave Us Here

On Histories Of Rosenberg can swell from a shimmering hush to full cinematic bloom in a matter of seconds, before arcing off on some other fractured, razor-edged tangent. Having recently changed their name from previous incarnation Caesura this new and exciting entity release their debut self-titled EP on Function Records. The record comes laden with cascading guitar lines and enveloping piano, set against an explosive rhythm section and richly harmonic vocal lines, conveying a deep, surreal and sometimes starkly honest lyricism.

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Album: Red Sparowes - The Fear Is Excruciating, But Therein Lies The Answer

Band: Red Sparowes
Album: The Fear Is Excruciating, But Therein Lies The Answer
Year: 2010
Label: Sargent House

01. Truths Arise
02. In Illusions of Order
03. A Hail of Bombs
04. Giving Birth to Imagined Saviors
05. A Swarm
06. In Every Mind
07. A Mutiny
08. As Each End Looms and Subsides

Red Sparowes is a Los Angeles based instrumental group known for its epic, heavy and sprawling sounds heard over the course of three full length albums -- At The Soundless Dawn (2005) and Every Red Heart Shines Toward the Red Sun (2006) both on Neurot Recordings and the forthcoming Sargent House release The Fear Is Excruciating, But Therein Lies The Answer (2010). The band has also issued three split discs and the Aphorisms EP (digital-only 2008, 12" 2009). Red Sparowes consists of current and former members of Isis, Halifax Pier, Pleasure Forever, Angel Hair and The VSS.

In August 2009, the band returned to the studio with engineer Toshi Kasai (Melvins, Big Business, Tool) to record its third album, The Fear Is Excruciating, But Therein Lies The Answer. The resulting 8-song disc is the first to feature guitarist Emma Ruth Rundle and finds the band's sound progressing ever onward in its balance of heft and melody.

Red Sparowes was formed in 2003 by guitarist Clifford Meyer (also of Isis), bassist/pedal steel player Greg Burns (ex-Halifax Pier), guitarist Josh Graham, bassist/guitarist Jeff Caxide (Isis) and drummer Dana Berkowitz. Caxide and Berkowitz relocated in 2004, leaving the band. Drummer David Clifford (ex-Pleasure Forever, ex-The VSS) and guitarist Andy Arahood (ex-Angel Hair) joined shortly thereafter in the fall of 2004. The band toured extensively in the U.S. and Europe following the release of At The Soundless Dawn. A split EP release with Gregor Samsa was released in 2005 on Robotic Empire and the Black Tar Prophecies Vol. 1 split EP with Grails followed in 2006 on the same label.

Red Sparowes' second full-length release, Every Red Heart Shines Toward the Red Sun, was recorded at Prairie Sun and Louder Studios in San Francisco with producer Tim Green (Comets On Fire, The Fucking Champs, The Melvins). The album was released in September 2006 and the band toured even more extensively throughout 2006-2007, including its first show in Moscow. Earlier in 2006, the quintet's van was broken into in Stockholm and much of their rented equipment and personal gear was stolen. The band released the limited edition live recording from the performance earlier that night, titled Oh Lord, God of Vengeance, Show Yourself! in order to help raise funds to pay for the rented equipment that had been stolen. After considerable touring, the band began working on material for its third album in late 2007.

In January 2008, Graham left the band and he was temporarily replaced by Made Out of Babies guitarist Brendan Tobin, who had already toured with the band several times as a fill-in guitarist. Red Sparowes went into the studio with engineer Toshi Kasai in May 2008 and the resulting 3-song EP Aphorisms was released digitally that July via Sargent House. A 12" vinyl version was later released in November 2009.

Official Site
Preorder from Sargent House | Conspiracy Records
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Album: My Own Private Alaska - Amen

Band: My Own Private Alaska
Album: Amen
Year: 2010
Label: I Am Recordings

01. Anchorage
02. After You
03. Die For Me
04. Broken Army
05. Where Did You Sleep Last Night?
06. I Am An Island
07. Amen
08. Kill Me Twice
09. Page Of A Dictionary
10. Just Like You And I
11. Ode To Silence

A trio that cannot be pigeonholed. Three sitting musicians. A pianist whose notes flow like lifeblood. A drummer whose nerves strike the beat as if today was the last day to live. And a singer whose brain is sentenced to overflow without respite... Sometimes violent, sometimes soothing, always redeeming, never free. Three different pieces of the human being finding their souls and leaving all these modern sacrificed landscapes far behind. Bass and guitar are left aside to create a brand new musical horizon : an unhappy medium between Chopin, Nirvana, Danny Elfman and Envy, somewhere in Alaska.

Official Site
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Album: Isles & Glaciers - Hearts Of Lonely People

Band: Isles & Glaciers
Album: Hearts Of Lonely People
Year: 2010
Label: Equal Vision Records

01. Kings and Chandeliers
02. Hills Like White Elephants
03. Clush
04. Empty Sighs & Wine
05. Oceans For Backyards
06. Viola Lion
07. Cemetery Weather

Isles & Glaciers—the supergroup featuring Craig Owens, Vic and Mike Fuentes of Pierce the Veil, Jonny Craig of Emarosa and ex Dance Gavin Dance, Matt Goddard of Chiodos, Brian Southall of the Receiving End of Sirens and Nick Martin of Underminded—will release their debut EP, The Hearts Of Lonely People on March 9. The EP was recorded in 10 days with producer Casey Bates in Seattle. The band have only performed together once—at AP’s 2009 South By Southwest showcase.

Martin had this to say about the EP: “We got together as friends and just did what was natural to us—we wrote and played music. Eventually it turned into songs that we were all really excited about and just wanted to share.”

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Album: The Deadlight Effect - Omniscience

Band: The Deadlight Effect
Album: Omniscience
Year: 2008
Label: Maritime Recordings

01. Inside
02. Waylaid
03. Dressed Like Saints
04. Meperidine Horizon
05. Clouded Hands
06. Solaris Reversus
07. Desolate Machine
08. Paralysis
09. Desvelado
10. Beneath the Water

The Deadlight Effect was formed in late 2006 when guitarist/keyboardist Ryan Hart relocated to Las Vegas, NV & came in contact with a group of three other musicians (Danny Barnett, Andy Swartz, & Ivan Mendoza) who had been playing together under a different name.

The band began practicing & writing on a full-time basis and recorded thier first 3-song demo in Febuary 2007. More song-writing & rehearsal followed and the band continued to evolve it's sound. Listeners began to take notice and the band started playing out around thier hometown, developing a loyal fan-base around the world.

In October 2007, the band made a 2-week trek to California to record thier debut full-length album,"Omniscience". The album consisted of 10 tracks, spanning over 55 minutes long. Tracks were posted for streaming online & an immediate surge of praise came from a national audience, including several record labels, promoters, & media outlets.

The album would eventually release January 2008 to an ever-growing fan-base. More shows followed, including several large, sold-out shows with well-known national acts. In Spring 2008, the band hit the road on a 2-month U.S tour, which spanned through out the west coast & surroundings and as far east as Eastern Texas.

Following the tour, musical direction, interests, outside commitments & personalities within the band started to drift apart and there would eventually be a split among band members. Determined to keep going, Ryan would continue on, recruiting various well-known musicians in attempts to create a stronger core.

Over the course of the following year, Ryan would work tediously on writing new material & focusing the band's sound. In late 2009, the band would resurface under a new moniker, A Terminal Sun. Currently the band is in the process of writing material for a new album to be released in the Summer of 2010. The band also plans on several shows & tour dates in support of the album.

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Video: Jeniferever - Green Meadow Island

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Album: Various Artists - Falling Down II Compilation

Band: Various Artists
Album: Falling Down II
Label: Falling Down
Year: 2010

01. Across Tundras - Final Breath Over Venom Falls (Unpublished Version)
02. Monachus (previously known as Icos) - Februari (Unpublished)
03. White Cells - Heads On Fire (Unpublished)
04. Ocoai - La Main Electrique (Unpublished)
05. Farflung - R-Complex (Unpublished)
06. Impure Wilhelmina - Cold Fever (Unpublished)
07. Time To Burn - Elena Djinn (Unpublished)
08. Gnaw Their Tongues - We Breath Hate And Spit Fire From Our Mouths (Unpublished)
09. The Poisoned Glass - Silent Vigil (Unpublished)
(with Stuart Dahlquist (Asva, Sunn O))), Burning Witch) & Edgy59 (Burning Witch))
10. Kalvria - .N (Unpublished)
11. U.S.Christmas - Lazarus (Live)
12. Kingdom - Ruina.Where Men Go To Die (Unpublished)
13. Kalkh-In(Joy) Erode - Xwck (Unpublished)

01. Kongh - Thunders Collide (Unpublished, 2006)
02. Tesa - Untitled (Unpublished)
03. Omega Massif - Am Abgrund (Unpublished)
04. Kodiak - By the Sea (Unpublished)
05. When Icarus Falls - Nyx (Unpublished)
06. The Ocean - Asslickers, Inc. (Unpublished)
07. Kehlvin - Who By Fire (Unreleased)
08. Jucifer - Marianas (Unpublished)
09. Ufomammut - Astrodronaut (Unpublished version)
10. God Is An Astronaut - Shining Trough (Unreleased)
11. СОЛЯРИС - Mirage (Unpublished)
12. Taint - Black Rain (Live)
13. Mumakil - Dawn Of Slugs (Unpublished)

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Album: Rinoa - An Age Among Them

Band: Rinoa
Album: An Age Among Them
Label: EyesOfSound
Year: 2010

01. Past Maidens
02. This Land Will Hold Their Wings
03. Sol Winds
04. Fires In The Distant North
05. An Empty Canvas
06. This Is Our View
07. Memory
08. The Gates

Formed in Essex in July 2007, Rinoa feature ex-members of Crydebris, Chariots and Symmetry. Some of their key influences include Envy, Mono and Devil Sold His Soul.

In the short time since their EP release in 2008 the band have created a massive buzz and wowed crowds across the UK with their passionate, attention grabbing live show. In 2009 they released a split EP with label mates Bossk.

'An Age Among Them' is both mellow and extremely heavy. Sublime melody and subtle guitar work give way to soaring expansive sections, crushingly heavy yet epic and extremely emotive.
Recorded and produced by Jonny Renshaw of Devil Sold His Soul.

Buy EyesOfSound | | HMV | Amazon
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Album: Mountains Among Us - Believer EP

Band: Mountains Aong Us
Album: Believer EP
Label: A Clearer Sky Recordings
Year: 2010

01. Banks Of Nazerath
02. Strength Through Passage
03. The Pilgrimage
04. Dreamer

Mountains Among Us (formerly From Oceans to Autumn) was formed in 2006. Featuring current and ex-members of Bled For Days, equanimity and Beneath Shattered Skies. Previously releasing a full length "Calmed By The Tide" in 2007, a split with Fire On The Horizon in mid 2008 and a second full length "True North" in A Clearer Sky Recordings, the first under the name Mountains Among Us.

Official Site
Buy (and soon enough on CD and vinyl)
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Album: Mother Susurrus - Mother Susurrus EP

Band: Mother Susurrus
Album: Mother Susurrus EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2010

01. Whoremonger
02. Apocatastasis
Download from Multiupload or Official Site.

Mother Susurrus is a five-piece sludge / post-metal band from Tampere, Finland. It was formed in late 2008 and they have released one self-titled EP, in February 2010.

Official Site
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Album: Stubborn Tiny Lights VS Clustering Darkness Forever OK? - OK?

Band: Stubborn Tiny Lights VS Clustering Darkness Forever OK?
Album: OK?
Label: Self Released
Year: 2009

01. Chapter I
02. Chapter II
03. Chapter III
04. Chapter IV

Stubborn Tiny Lights VS Clustering Darkness Forever OK? , first gathered in the basement of a commercial building in downtown Waterloo, IA in the fall of 2008. Several meetings occurred here where people of all different backgrounds would come together to make music.
Noise and inspiration from the first gatherings twisted into what is now, the 2009 EP: ‘OK?’ . Physical copy’s of the EP: ‘OK’ , are hand made by the band members and feature a cloth sleeve with unique paint splatter art work. Inside the sleeve is the disk and a typed insert with the basic info. The band has been playing shows upon request in the Midwest of The United States, and played a week tour through the 2009 to 2010 new year. Currently they are recording a new full length album, release date is yet to be announced. 2010 Summer tour is in the works! To contact, email them at:
Current members include Andy, David, Ethan, Tom, Jordan, Emilly, Kyle and Lindsay.

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Album: Kokomo - Mattehorn Bob And The Black Fair

Band: Kokomo
Album: Mattehorn Bob And The Black Fair
Label: Denovali Records
Year: 2009

01. Cmdr Cmdr
02. Rund Um Den Tegernsee
03. Krinoline
04. Suzi Symphony's Happy Harmonies
05. Star Of Nanchang
06. Up Up And Away

Kokomo is a post rock band from Duisburg, Germany, founded in mid of 2008.
They released an album called Matterhorn Bob And The Black Fair in 2009 with handmade package sold through Denovlai Records.
The current lineup of the band is:
Tobias, Benjamin, Rene and Oliver

Official Site
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Video: We Made God - Gizmo

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Album: Vulturum - Vineta

Band: Vulturum
Album: Vineta
Label: Sangue Dischi
Year: 2009

01. Mantide
02. Blckhlsfrys
03. R.Y.E
04. We Own The Stars

Vulturum is a three piece band, two of which are drummers, from Milan, Italy. Nicola Ferloni lies behind the vocals and all the stringed instruments, as Alessio Leone and Luca "Yety" Battaglia are behind the two drum sets.
Their debut album "Vineta" consist by 4 unique tracks, so delicious as an Italian menu.
"Mantide" acts like an appetizer and makes you to want to have the main menu consisting from "Blckhlsfrys" and "R.Y.E" and as a dessert "We Own The Stars" is a little bit heavier than expected, as it's the only metalcore track of the album. A post/sludge-core storm that leaves you wondering for what you just heard.
After such a debut album the only thing that comes to mind is their next move.
*Thanx to Soundholikz for their review.

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Album: What? - Whateverism EP

Band: What?
Album: Whateverism EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2009

01. Whateverism
02. Odium Of Being
03. Lost Beyond Recall
Download: Sorry, but as the EP is only in digital form, I thought it would be fair that everyone that is interested in the band to buy it.

A guitar sound changing from jazz-like chords into hard and complex riffs.A bass guitar playing high precision tempo runs accompanied by abstract drum rhythms. A voice showing emotions-sometimes with catchy melodies and sometimes with shouts running thru the megaphone.

What? are 4 guys from germany. All of them having made a long-lasting music experience they combine in their songs talent with competence and power with depth, but far away from the typical verse-chorus-verse-structure.

What? focuses on music and not any random image. Certainly What? also have their musical influences such as Helmet, Melvins and At the drive in. So, they can be categorized somewhere between rock, metal and hardcore, however they can’t be pigeonholed.

They have found their own style - but to grasp it, you have to listen to What?

Official Site
from iTunes or Amazon
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Track: Red Sparowes - Giving Birth To Imagined Saviours

This is a track from the forthcoming Red Sparowes album "The Fear Is Excruciating, But Therein Lies the Answer".

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Album: Capitalism Is Just Another Dying Breed - Self Titled

Band: Capitalism Is Just Another Dying Breed
Album: Self Titled
Label: Self Released
Year: 2010

01. (I) Öppen
02. (II) Stenen Framför Dina Fötter, Det Är Jag
03. (III) Meningar Är Bara Ord, Ord Bara Bokstäver, Bokstäver Bara Intalade Bilder Och Vi Stod Där Mitt I Gatan. Dina Händer Och Fötter Frös
04. (IIII) Om Det Var Sant Skulle Drömmen Vara Verklighet Och Verklighet En Dröm
05. (IIIII) Du Hör Skriken Om Du Bara Lyssnar
06. (IIIIII) Fotspåren Är Tydliga, Men Det är Storlek 42

Capitalism Is Just Another Dying Breed is a one man band hailin from Södermanlands län, Sweden. The only band member, Victor Soldéus, gives this EP for free downloading noticing that "Today is all about making money and being someone. Companies and humans are killing each other for a name, for profit and land. Someone else are trying just to make a living, because they do not "fit in", in this moneymaking-drowning world. This music is about people, oppression and beings who are themselves.. And not tries to be someone else or manipulating for fame."
Recently he signed in a polish record label called 49Mannaquins and it's going to release his EP.

Record Label

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