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Band: Transit (Revisited)

Here we are again, posting about Transit once more, as they recorded their new EP called "Broadleaves Vs Conifers". This is an awesome post-rock EP and I wonder why this band can't get an distribution label...

Transit are four Belgian post-rocking ornithologists, Jeroen (guitar), Toon (bass), Koen (drums) and Nick (guitar), with a passion for nature, emotions and all kinds of music. This is more or less the essence of Transit; more words about us would just be tiresome; so we just hope you enjoy our music as much as we enjoy playing it!

You can download their new EP here.

This is the first EP release and if you wish to purchase a physical copy of the EP please contact the band at for further instructions. Currently playing lives shows around Belgium, you can get a preview of the show with a video here.
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Band: Time.Space.Repeat

We lived in the country for many years, learning to live from the land, by our own means, relying on a small and tight-knit community. The coast was nearby, and many was the evening the young people would gather at the top of the cliffs and just watch the waves roll in, and the stars twinkle in the night sky. In time, as we all grew older, thoughts turned to leaving this idyllic English version of paradise and seeing what the big wide world had to offer. Upon arrival in London, we found ourselves a small hotel, and checked in under the name of Time. Space. Repeat. a fictional band that had existed in our heads. If we were to make this new life in the city last, the one thing we all knew was that we'd need to make this fiction into fact and use music as a means of communicating our beautiful homeland to others.

Currently we have played one gig, at the Montague Arms in New Cross Gate which was very well received, though there weren't the floods of tears we had been naively expecting.
We have others planned, though October is being devoted to reading up on modern life. Included in this bundle are the some of the songs, hymns, chants and yelps that Sonic used to persuade his fellows to join him. We thought you might like to listen as well… Make of them what you will.

Our members are as follows:
Sonic James Doom
Rev. Sachin Patel
Ken Chu
Ania Borsuk
Sometimes we are joined by a local friend of ours, Ms JK.

Download "Early Transmissions" for free.
Once again thanx to Lost Children :D
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Band: Stellardrive

Formed during summer 2005 with a new line up during summer 2006, Stellardrive is an instrumental noisy post-rock band from France. Their first EP was recorded during December 2005 at "le Pavillon".

Here is their EP free for download.

Enjoy thanx to Lost Children!!! :)
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Band: Milhaven


Christoph Freudenberg - guitar
Jens Reichelt - drums
Hannes Zagermann - bass
Andreas Fanter - guitar

Formed in 2001 in Bochum, Germany, Milhaven's three original members waited three years to finally perform live in early 2004. After spending three years writing those first songs, Christoph Freudenberg, Jens Reichelt, and Hannes Zagermann began to play club shows around Bochum, located in the Ruhr Area. A second guitarist, Andreas Fanter, joined the band that summer. The band then recorded their debut full-length, Bars Closing Down, with local DIY label over the winter of 2004/2005 on a 4-track tape-recorder. The album is an instrumental culmination of several things. Taking aspects from post rock, 80s dark wave and metal, they create soundscapes that are equally as dark as they are beautifully atmospheric. The post rock instrumentalists name their influences as Godspeed!, Mogwai, and Explosions in the Sky.

check them myspace, site and their record company.

Very worth listening band!!! :D

Download their first ep
Download their new ep

We hope you'll enjoy these!!!

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Post -rock compilation....

This is a compilation made by Jordan aka ChaosResolved for the Silent Ballet post-rock community. This compilation includes tracks by: Magyar Posse, God Is An Astronaut, International Karate, The Ascent Of Everest, All Angels Gone, Sweek, From The Sky, Atlantis, You.May.Die.In.The.Desert, Gifts From Enola and Capulet.
You can see the full tracklist and download this compilation here.
This is a free compilation so don't be afraid to spread it and share it!!

Thanx again to ChaosResolved and Silent Ballet for a great fall compilation ... Enjoy!!!!
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"....and the acts of unspeakable just formed before our eyes"

"Just a thought away from the fading light, visions of darkness and hope shine though our spirits and gave birth to thee" (translation: we found this cool direct links with some really great videos from Isis, Pelican, Mono and stuff, free to download! Enjoy!)

Credits to Afformance for the inspiration...
Thanx also for the visuals...
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Album: Motionless - The Windmill EP

Motionless is: Chris McTarnaghan, Jay Penman, Matt Reed, and Adam Tedeschi

Motionless is also occasionally accompanied by violinist Katie Fortier.

Motionless was formed in the summer of 2001 in Mansfield, MA. Although the name has stuck, Motionless is very much a different band today then it was then. Several members have come and gone since that summer, Matt Reed (guitar) and Chris McTarnaghan (drums) being the only original members of the band today. Since its birth Motionless has seen many different faces, and has gone through many different forms. Slowly morphing from one sound to the next the band has never made it a point to restrict themselves to one certain sound.

Motionless encourage you to download all of their music and show it to friends, friends of friends, close relatives, distant relatives, and strangers. They strongly support filesharing, and gladly make their music available for free, but if you really do enjoy the recordings and there's a bit of small change in your pocket maybe you can throw it in their collective guitar case!

Motionless - The Windmill EP

1. The Politics of Resignation (7:31 14.1MB)
2. United States of Amnesia (9:36 18.2MB)
3. Please Keep War Stories to a Minimum (12:45 23.9MB)
4. The Windmill (9:11 17.1MB)

Enjoy! Windmill

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Band: I Am Jack

'I am Jack' formed in York in early 2002. The band - Alistair Hay (drums), Ewan Fisher (guitar), Matthew James (bass) and Matt Langham (vocals / guitar) - came together through a series of mutual friends and adverts, putting together a collection of original songs to make their live debut in the summer of that year. Subsequent reaction to this show brought about a change in attitude and priorities - the consensus being that this was a band greater than the sum of its parts; a band that had a chance of becoming something special.
The period that followed saw the band taking time to hone their material, expanding their sound by pushing more abstract leanings onto their current song templates. To accommodate their perfectionist approach - the band's maxim being never to repeat themselves - existing songs were painstakingly scrutinised, pulled apart and pieced back together. This culminated with the release of a self-titled EP in the Spring of 2004.
Recorded and mixed in a bedroom over the preceding five month period, the sessions for these four tracks saw the band embracing any technology available to them to refine and expand their sound whilst being careful to retain a simple warmth and realism in the songs.

In August 2004, Alistair Hay amicably left the group to follow other pursuits, prompting the arrival of Jan Minx on drums in September of that year.

The band's second CD, "Stockholm/Subside" was released in February 2005.

The band is currently back in the studio working on further recordings - no release date is confirmed.

You can download their EP's here...Awesome post-rock music with vocals...Check them out!!!

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Band: A Beautiful Machine (Revisited)

If you liked their album "Home", then check their other albums too here. This band it's just amazing!!!!!Thanx Embryo Recordings !!!!
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Album: Transit - Harmattan

Transit are four Belgian post-rocking guys , Jeroen (guitar), Toon (bass), Koen (drums) and Nick (guitar), with a passion for nature, emotions and all kinds of music. This is more or less the essence of Transit.

"˜Harmattan"™ is no more than a demo they recorded in their rehearsal room using only 6 mics (lo-fi, old school; and actually broke at that moment :), but more will come in November when they'll release their first EP.

02.Long Song

Their demo can be downloaded here.Cheers to Lost Children music label!!!!!
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Band: Loss Of A Child

Loss Of A Child are an instrumental rock band from London, England. They use pianos,string sections,guitars and drums to create their post-rock noise.With their ambient elements, distorted guitars and crashing drums they achieve to produce an epic sound, clearly influenced by Explosions In The Sky and Godspeed You Black Emperor!

Loss Of A Child have two full length albums : "The Future Symphony" & "Caught And Lost". A third album is in the making at the moment.

You can download "The Future Symphony" here and " Caught And Loss" here, from the net label Lost Children.
Listen to them carefully and enjoy!!!!
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Album: Explosions In The Sky - The Rescue (part of the TRL Travels In Constants series)

Post Rock at it's greatest! Following the steps of bands like Mogwai, Mono etc.
One of best bands out there with 6 albums already.

I can't really find the words to describe them, imagine driving in your car at a country side at a sad spring sun falling afternoon and it's about to rain with your heart ready to burst out for something. ( or something like that)

The Rescue is available for download, from their official website.

"The Rescue finds EITS tapped by their label, Temporary Residence, to record eight songs in eight days for the label’s mail-order only Travels in Constants series. Each song is listed accordingly—“Day One” Day Two”, etc."

Please enjoy.
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Movie: Stay

This movie focuses on the attempts of a psychiatrist to prevent one of his patients from committing suicide, while trying to maintain his own grip on reality. It's different than other movies of this kind. It confuses the audience by mixing reality with fiction and the end is not expected!!!! Also director Marc Forster has done an amazing job for this movie. The soundtrack contributes to the feeling of this film, it's made by Asche & Spencer and it's kind of ambient & post-rock. It worths to listen to it too...
Cast: Ewan McGregor, Naomi Watts & Ryan Gosling
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Album: Ana Never - Ana Never

Ana Never, a band from Subotica, (Serbia), Yugoslavia, exists since spring 2002. They released their first album with 4 tracks:

2.dnevnik jednog morfiniste
3.30 seconds of my past life
4.future wife (2004 live in mini club)

They sound like Godspeed You Black Emperor! & Explosions In The Sky...The first track "Streetlights" is one of the saddest songs ever...."Regret!!!"

Their album can be downloaded here....
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Album: A Beautiful Machine - Home

A Beautiful Machine is a great band we recently discovered...They play a mix of sludge-ambient and post-rock! The album's title is "Home" and the tracklist goes like this:
2.Empty Space, Points Of Light
3.Attack Ships On Fire Off The Shoulder Of Orion
4.Whats On Your Mind
5.Crowded Skies
6.Six Point Two Billion Light Years

You can download the whole album for free from Internet Archives... Enjoy!
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Prepare for the "Red Sparowes" invasion...

Every Red Heart Shines Toward the Red Sun is the new forthcoming album by Red Sparowes to be released on 19th September 2006. The album follows the story of the Great Leap Forward, more specifically recounting the Great sparrow campaign - mass killing of sparrows (along with rats, flies and mosquitos), that were seen as pests, and fed on a portion of the harvest. Peasants were encouraged to bang pots and pans to scare sparrows into continuing flight, and eventually dying from exhaustion. Whilst the harvest of the year after the campaign was larger, there was a massive rise in locust numbers in the late 50s, as a result of the significantly lower population of sparrows, a major predator of the locust. This caused a widespread famine where, between 1959 and 1961, 30 million people died of starvation.

You can hear the track "Like The Howling Glory Of The Darkest Winds, This Voice Was Thunderous And The Words Holy, Tangling Their Way Around Our Hearts And Clutching Our Innocent Awe"
as a sample from their new job...
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Isis New Song!

Hello folks,
So Ipecac has released a track from the new Isis album :
In The Absence of Truth to be released at 31 October , the track is called Dulcinea.
Stay tuned for more infos about the upcoming release.
Enjoy Dulcinea...
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Creation of this blog

This blog created today, from two post-rock fans from Greece...This blogs effort is to write some reviews for forthcoming albums and discover some underappreciated bands.Enjoy!

Also check