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Album: Johnnytwentythree - JXXIII

Artist: Johnnytwentythree
Label: Self Released

01. Red Bird
02 .Ghost Soldier
03. Into The Depths
04. Last Exit
05. Fall Of Swords
06. A Minute's Warning

Others combine sound and cinema to dramatic effect, but few scratch so deeply and seek out bare nerves as j23. Replacing words with visuals is a defining choice for a band. There will never be any arena sing-alongs, and most will dismiss you with, "They need a singer." But the ability to inspire feelings so powerfully without words is surely it's own reward.

Reverb and delay-drenched guitar delirium, precision ambient-to-pounding rhythmic building and gorgeous siren-song violin are the tools they use to create instrumental swells.

The video projections, a large part of j23's appeal, only began in earnest recently. Stephen Imwalle (who played drums for Halo, a taproot of the j23 tree) has an ever-expanding collection of homemade films that he projects, usually simultaneously, behind the band. Watching him run between his four projectors and frantically feeding tape is more entertaining than the work of most frontmen.
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Album: The Pax Cecilia - Blessed Are the Bonds

Artist: The Pax Cecilia
Album: Blessed Are The Bonds
Label: Self Released

01. the Tragedy
02. the Tomb Song
03. the Progress
04. the Machine
05. the Wasteland
06. the Water Song
07. the Tree
08. the Hymn

Ever since bands like Neurosis, ISIS, and Pelican became popular in underground and indie scenes across the globe, the newly coined “post-metal” genre has grown into a musical fad, increasingly oversaturated with bland, tasteless imitators. Despite the style’s tendencies towards subtlety and intellect, “post-metal” has become more of a competition for volume and fancy effects than the artistic experimentation that its founders possessed. But while so many long for days past, an ambitious group called the Pax Cecilia is taking bold new strides for the genre. Combining ambient metal with various flavors of post-hardcore, indie rock and classical instruments, these boys from Brookville, Pennsylvania are here to prove that the future is still bright for “heady metal.”

After nearly four years since their first release Nouveau: A Theater of Air, the Pax Cecilia are back at it and hoping to gain some recognition. Just last month, the group released their second full-length album Blessed are the Bonds. Completely self-produced and self-released by the band, the disc contains eight captivating tracks of musical exploration through a wide array of styles and instrumentation. From chillingly beautiful piano and violin melodies to pummeling guitar riffs and guttural screams, the album covers an impressive amount of ground while managing to maintain one cohesive identity.

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that which can not die, can not progress.... (The Machine)
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Album: Lifestory: Monologue - Ballad Of The Maida Vale

Artist: Lifestory: Monologue
Album: Ballad Of The Maida Vale
Label: Self Released

01.Red Sky At Morning, Sailor Take Warning
02.Of Dreamers And Dead Men
03.Hallelujah! Our God Will Be A Snare To Us
04.Save Our Sinking Souls!
05.Greed Is The Advent
06.A Raven's Conviction
07.Rejoice! Rejoice!

A singer who doesn’t sing, but rather a theatrical magnet, who passionately speaks and yells. A guitarist who plays with a bow, another who sings so high. Cymbals, snares, bass, keys and a DIY light-board attached to a guitar strap. An art-rock collective. A visual display and a musical experience.

Lifestory: Monologue have created something beautiful and captivating in the last few years. Blending artistic value with the indie components of havey and ambient rock. Upon their latest full-length release, "Ballad of The Maida Vale". Not only are they a recorded band, but the boys of Lifestory: Monologue have worked hard to please crowds ad have created quite a name for themselves around Southern Ontario. Expect big things for these guys in the near future!

Band members:
Richard Nutall
- Lead Vocals
Jordan McLean
- Guitars
Jason Gromley - Guitars
Zac TenWesteneind - Keyboards
Jay Reid - Bass
Brett Banks - Drums
Samuel Rodgers - Lights/Tambourine

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Album: Omega Massif - Geisterstadt

Artist: Omega Massif
Album: Geisterstadt
Label: Radar Swarm Records


o1. In Der Mine
o2. Geisterstadt
o3. Nebelwand
o4. Unter Null
o5. Arcanum
o6. Exodus

*Credit to Tequesta for the link

The album "Geisterstadt" is a sequel to the demo "Kalt", which described a cold, dangerous but beautiful landscape of stone and ice.
In "Geisterstadt" the auditor takes refuge in an old silvermine and the song "In Der Mine" describes the way through the dangerous caves inside of the mountain.
The journey continues in a forsaken boom town. Songs 2-6 describe the impressions, such an old mountain town ewokes.
Recorded and mastered by Roland WIEGNER in Oldenburg at Die Tonmeisterei (Men In Search of the Perfect Weapon, Perth Express, Tephra...), December 2006.
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Band: Vidavox

Carlos Vega - Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Physics of the Universe
Chris Salazar - Guitar, Pedals, Controlled Noise Pollution
Arnaldo Gonzalez - Bass, Guitar, Random Noises
Jim Miller - Drums, Lookin' Good

Vidavox isn't a jazz or jam band. Nor is it electronica, though the group does borrow certain strategies from IDM. Vidavox is a swirling amalgamation of exploratory music culled from the recesses of South Florida's underground. The outfit cranks out boundless, genre-defying sound that captures bits of classical, punk, and surf music to construct strangely captivating and melodious extended instrumental numbers. Vidavox has been playing together since 2002 and is composed of former members of Faller, Milkshed, and Lose the Rookie. They have a reputation for reaching across party lines; their performances have enthralled hardcore kids, punkers, rockers, and hip-hop backpackers alike. One demo, thirtysome-odd local shows, a finished album, no tour, and three years later they are done. This is their last show for now, as guitarist Carlos Vega heads out of town to pursue a Ph.D. in mathematics. This farewell performance is also serving as a release party for their finally completed full-length album, a project that has been in the works for more than a year.

Artist: Vidavox
Album: Vidavox
Label: Self Released


o1. Hightide
o2. Last Prominence
o3. Preoccupation With Syncopation
o4. Kinematics
o5. The Movement
o6. Lowtide
o7. The Threat Of Camraderie
o8. The Rise Of Geometry
o9. Light To Lead
1o. Time Remaining
11. Sumo

Florida's Vidavox is some kind of perfectly coherent mixture of El Ten Eleven and Pelican. The band has the totally enchanting bass akin to El Ten Eleven that fluttering, ambience presence that repeatedly lulls you into a tranquil state. But also, Vidavox progresses in a way similar to Pelican, navigating through quick-paced passages to approach the heavy breakdown at the end of the tunnel. The songs on much shorter on average, generally falling between the 4-6 minute mark, but that striking sound is undeniably present. This anomaly of sounds is a smart addition to the post rock world. Its aggressive without being too heavy-handed, and artistic without being overly pretentious. By taking an intersection of two sounds that are already highly popular, maybe Vidavox can attract a cult following. The bass is the leading component of the band, with a strong drumming support that adds its own jazz flair to the mix, sometimes a strange addition to the sonic adventure. However, it is all pulled together almost effortlessly in Lowtide, which Im tempted to dub one of the best instrumental songs in recent history. A simple bass line sets the foundation while guitar support flutters in the background to a wide open sonic landscape. The drums proceed cautiously, carefully not to disrupt the harmonious build-up taking place. During the first three minutes, it becomes evident that the band is aware of the genius they are creating, and the tease is so extreme that it cannot last for long, or else they run the risk of alienating the listener. Around the half way point the pace picks up and slowly begins to accelerate the rate at which the tension is heightened. Bass lines quickly let loose a deep yawn, firing off bright flares into the night to forewarn of the coming devastation. The scene has been perfectly set and at long last the guitars begin to strike with furious passion and intensity, recalling a devout epic composition known only to Caspian. However, as soon as the realization of the songs own value is reached, it is gone receding back into the landscape with a jazzy finale that caps off the performance with an enchanting exit. For a song that doesn't even break the five minute mark, Vidavox sure packs quite a punch into Lowtide. Its thats good, just put it on repeat and enjoy.

The rest of the bands self-titled debut album offers varying forms of songwriting and the feeling of the band does change quite a bit from track to track. Although several other are stellar, such as The Threat of Comraderie, Kinematic, and Sumo, none of them offer the dramatic feeling of Lowtide. However, Vidavox shows that it is able to convincingly pull off several different types of songwriting, write one amazing song, and somehow keep everything cohesive. With a little bit of growth, this bands sophomore release is going to be monumental; its best to jump on the bandwagon now. ~ Jordan Volz
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Album: Hjarnidaudi - Pain:Noise:March

Artist: Hjarnidaudi
Album: Pain: Noise: March
Label: Paradigms Recordings


Hjarnidaudi come from Norway and is old icelandic for "Braindeath". Heavy drone/doom and funeral doom mixture with powerful and loud chords. It was created from the ashes of dark ambient pioneers Hlidolf by the man also behind that project (Vidar Ermesjø). The debut release "Pain:Noise:March", forty two minutes of thundering drone reverberations, propelled into endless voids by warm layers of suffocating astral funeral doom. Colossal, epic, mind-altering power. Music for fans of Jesu, Esoteric, Uncertainty Principle,Hlidolf & The Angelic Process.

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