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Album: Closure In Moscow - First Temple

Band: Closure In Moscow
Album: First Temple
Label: Equal Vision Records
Year: 2009

01. Kissing Cousins
02. Reindeer Age
03. Sweet#hart
04. Vanguard
05. A Night At The Spleen
06. I'm A Ghost Of Twilight
07. Permafrost
08. Deluge
09. Afterbirth
10. Arecibo Message
11. Couldn't Let You Love Me
12. Had To Put It In The Soil
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Closure in Moscow is an Australian progressive rock band from Melbourne, Victoria, formed in 2006. The band comprises lead vocalist Chris De Cinque, drummer Beau McKee, guitarist and vocalist Mansur Zennelli, bassist Brad Kimber and guitarist Michael Barrett.

Only 18 months after first forming, Closure in Moscow signed to Taperjean Records and released their debut EP (self-proclaimed 'albumette') in 2008, titled The Penance and the Patience.They have established a name for themselves with an array of shows in their home country alongside international acts such as Saosin,Coheed and Cambria, Aiden, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, A Static Lullaby, Street Drum Corps and Unwritten Law.The band's debut studio album, First Temple, is scheduled for release in May 2009.

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