Friday, May 08, 2009

Album : Blackwaves - 0130

Band: Blackwaves
Album: 0130
Label: Forgotten Empire
Year: 2009

01 . 0131 BQ
02 . 0132 H7
03 . 0133 6C
04 . 0134 E9
05 . 0135 8P
06 . 0136 FF
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Blackwaves is an instrumental band from Bielefeld/Münster, Germany (feature ex-members of Kinetic Crash Cooperation, Junes Tragic Drive, Lovesong Company, Cheerleaders Of The Apocalypse) and playing epic instrumental menacing wall of sound derived from percussion, guitar, bass and synthesizer, massive riffs and driving rhythms - crushing, hypnotic soundscapes in the brotherhood of bands like Cult Of Luna or even Torche. "0130" contains 6 tracks of devastating power and emotion that will destroy you with its beautiful, black heaviness. Blackwaves will soon be a name that will not be forgotten!

Limited, handnumbered tour-edition of just 300 copies on clear vinyl with a nice screen-printed cover!

To buying the LP, contact the band through their Myspace page

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