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Video: Red Sparowes new album trailer

Red Sparowes have revealed info for their long-awaited new album entitled "The Fear Is Excruciating, But Therein Lies The Answer" along with a video trailer. The album will be released on April 6th via Sargent House.

New album's cover and tracklist:

01. Truths Arise
02. In Illusions of Order
03. A Hail of Bombs
04. Giving Birth to Imagined Saviors
05. A Swarm
06. In Every Mind
07. A Mutiny
08. As Each End Looms and Subsides

Official Site
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Album: Atlantis - San Diablo (EP)

Band: Atlantis
Album: San Diablo (EP)
Label: Vinyl-Over-Dose
Year: 2009

01. Welcome home San Diablo
02. This is our time of death
03. I'm your addict little miss Cocaine
04. Mongoose vs. Cobra

Gilson Started writing songs under the name ‘ATLANTIS’ in de winter of 2005/2006. Under the influence of act’s like Massive Attack, Nine Inch Nails, Neurosis, Portishead, SWANS, Clint Mansell, etc,....the songs became more and more filmscore like, but with a undertone layerd with heavy guitars noisy synth’s and samples. After a while Gilson teamed up with Field Records from the U.K. to release the first ‘ATLANTIS’ album titled ; “Carpe Omnium” (Field Records 009)and Cargo Records for it’s distribution. This album is mostly instrumental and tells a story of a journey trough loss and decay. Live ‘ATLANTIS’ will sound diffrent than on the album with whole new incarnations of the songs. In the first year of ATLANTIS in it’s Live form they supported acts as 65daysofstatic(U.K.), Oceansize(U.K.), Motek(BE), ‘EF’(SWE), Pure Reason Revolution(U.K.)... and played the Dutch ZXZW Festival, and Belgian Dunk! festival with This Will Destroy you. As well as playing small club shows in their home country of the Netherlands, they also played shows in the United Kingdom and Belgium. May 2009 will see the combined release of ''Carpe Omnium'' and the new EP ''San Diablo''in a special limited edittion double gatefold LP. This release was presented during the live band's first European tour in April and May 2009 during this tour they played as support for Envy(JAP), Church Of Misery(JAP), as headline shows, which were very succesfull! The ATLANTIS Live shows are reviewd as being very intens, taking you on a trip and only letting you go after the last note has been played. You just have to sit back, and enjoy the ride.

Buy from here or here
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Album: These Monsters... - Call Me Dragon

Band: These Monsters...
Album: Call Me Dragon
Label: Brew Records / Function Records
Year: 2010

01. Call Me Dragon
02. Dirty Messages
03. Tall Sick Man
04. Biggie And Tupac
05. Harry Paton
06. Space Ritual
07. Deaf Machine

*Link removed after request.

"Call Me Dragon" is the band’s debut album, soon to be released with Brew Records and Function Records on March 1st 2010.

"Call Me Dragon" demonstrates the freaked out, riff driven prog-force that the respected four-piece have become. With their love of large vintage amplifiers, big drums and high energy, passionate performances, These Monsters... deliver a huge live sound and are developing a reputation as one of the loudest and most exciting underground bands in the UK.

This Leeds quartet will kick off 2010 with shitloads of idiosyncratic style. Creating largely instrumental, frequently cacophonous and consistently transfixing songs, they rock like proper nut-jobs in a manner that’s willfully experimental but never pretentious. Their growing reputation for putting on one hell of a live show is richly deserved, too.

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Video: Blueneck - Lilitu

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Album: Afformance - A Glimpse To The Days That Pass

Band: Afformance
Album: A Glimpse To The Days That Pass
Label: CTS Prods/Catch The Soap
Year: 2010

01. Will Teasle Hopes
02. Countryside Somnambulance
03. A Tide Before The Flickering Sun
04. Riding Tigers-Taming Waves
05. Zgy-Kix
06. Lugano
07. Do
08. Self-killing Intruders

In April 2005 John, CV and Petros formed Afformance. Instrumental soundscapes inspired by post rock, alternative, ambient and postcore scenes, began to take form. Sometime later Dennis and Fotis completed the line-up and the band started to rehearse, record and work on their own music.
In January 2010 finally they released their first full album in 500 unique handmade copies.
They play post rock and they are influenced by bands like Sigur Ros and Explosions In The Sky but also, they include parts that reminds of doom music to parts with double kick drumming that sound like metal outbursts.

Official Site
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Album: Rosa Parks - Rosa Parks EP

Band: Rosa Parks
Album: Rosa Parks EP
Label: Chromechoes Productions
Year: 2009

01. Fanum
02. XX
03. God Spent The Weekend On Earth

Rosa Park is a four-piece group hailing from Győr, Hungary (formed in 2007), and creates instrumental tracks with a strong post-rock / experimental influence. They took their name from Rosa Lee Parks, a civil rights activist who was born and lived in the U.S.
They are inspired by underground clubs, friends, hunger, history of injustice, melancholic moments. This 3 songs-EP is the ending of the first two years, from the first steps together.
Influences range from the likes of Explosions In The Sky, This Will Destroy You, Caspian, God Is An Astronaut, Scraps Of Tape and many more.
The band consists of:
Ádám: guitar
Laci: drums
Flo: bass

As Chromechoes Productions is a netlabel and the EP is free for download there is no buy option, except from their gigs.

We would like to thank Gergő for the message.

Official Site
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Album: Concentric - Immeasurable

Band: Concentric
Album: Immeasurable
Label: Self-released
Year: 2009

01. Sedatephobia
02. Balance
03. Counterbalance
04. Ghosts
05. Familiarity
06. Sleep Therapy
07. The Colossus
08. Verdiend
09. Immeasurable
10. Inspiration
11. Rock Island, 1931
12. Monument
13. Opaque

Concentric began as a therapeutic vacation from musical boundaries, and a year later is still expanding on that theme. Jim Becker and Jerry Hauppa were growing weary of the cliches that plague the extreme metal genre when they discovered that both of them had acoustic side projects that were keeping their sanity. Though their styles were very different, what they had in common was an ear for the more progressive side of music and its ability to challenge the listener. By combining their efforts the two released a demo in 2004 and later one epic 16 minute track in the Mosaic EP, which depicted a vast array of emotions and themes using only layered acoustic guitars. After finding a drummer in Brad O'Malley, Concentric fully fleshed out their sound and furthered the progressive themes hinted at in previous recordings. The group is determined to perform instrumental acoustic music in a way that hasn't been heard before, and judging by the response received at shows played both at home and abroad, Concentric is definitely achieving that goal.

We would like to thank Brad for the email.

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Video: Rosetta - Song From The New Album (Live)

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Video: These Monsters - Call Me Dragon

The video for the new track from the forthcoming debut album, which
will be released in March 1st.

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Album: The Waters Deep Here - Sunden

Band: The Waters Deep Here
Album: Sunden
Label: Self Released
Year: 2009

01. Acedia
02. Super Bia
03. Gula
04. Mammon
05. Envy
06. Ira
07. Asmodeus

The Waters Deep Here is a small, instrumental band from Salt Lake City, UT that consists of Derk Brown on bass, Nathan Johnson on drums, and Zachary Alvey on guitar. Their first album, Sunden, exhibits an array of musical talent that crosses from dark metal to progressive to mellow and back again, but they’re able to blend the sound in such a way that the listener is never felt confused or lost. In all their tracks, whether dark or light, there always seems to be something just under the surface, as if lying in wait, and this similarity connects the songs so that the listener can have his or her own personal experience. Without vocals or lyrics, each song is only referenced by a title, so they’re completely up to the listener to interpret. Musically, they sound like a combination of Tool, ISIS and Coheed and Cambria. If you’re a fan of prog rock or metal, you should give The Waters Deep Here a try.

Official Site
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Album: oaqk - München

Band: oaqk
Album: München
Label: Penguinmarket Records
Year: 2009

01. Inferno Paradiso
02. Belarus
03. I Hope
04. Cold Hands
05. Dead Horse Running
06. Silver Snow Fall
07. Omen She Brings
08. 6 Years
09. Purgatrio

oaqk is a japanese post-rock band consisting by:
Tetsuya Suzuki: Drums
Makoto Nagai: Guitar
Yusuke Horita: Guitar
Takanori Komaki: Bass

Official Site
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Album: The Unwinding Hours - The Unwinding Hours

Band: The Unwinding Hours
Album: The Unwinding Hours
Label: Chemikal Undergrounds Records
Year: 2010

01. Knut
02. Tightrope
03. Little One
04. There Are Worse Things Than Being Alone
05. Solstice
06. Peaceful Liquid Shell
07. Child
08. Traces
09. Annie Jane
10. The Final Hour

Iain Cook and Craig B., former members of Aereogramme( a Scottish alternative/post-rock rock band from Glasgow) have formed another band, The Unwinding Hours.

They have been slowly writing, playing, programming and recording demos since 2008 and now they have 10 songs.
The drums have been recorded by Paul Savage at Chem. 19. The rest of the album have been recorded at Iain Cook’s studio starting on the 24th of August.The album will be released at February.

Buy sometime in the future here.
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Album: Kerretta - Vilayer

Band: Kerretta
Album: Vilayer
Label: Midium Records
Year: 2009

01. Sleepers
02. Maven Fade
03. The Secret Is Momentum
04. Dinshah
05. The Square Outside
06. Nest Of Spies
07. White Lie
08. Bone Amber Reigns

For those who have seen their blistering live show, Kerretta will no doubt be high on the "to see" gig agenda. Those yet to experience the propulsive, driving rock from this instrumental three-piece have a chance to see them push the envelope of tone and dynamics in an intense set.

Their catchy, sometimes ambient brand of molten-core will appeal to fans of The Swans and Isis, but discerning listeners will know the trio peddle a uniquely atmospheric take on angular rock. From influences that range from Wu Tang-esque drum patterns to Bailterspace style bass hooks, Kerretta released their debut 7" "Death In The Future" in 2007, and have since shared stages with the likes of Explosions In The Sky, The Breeders, Mono and Trail Of Dead. They continued to release the "Antient" EP on 12" vinyl in 2008 and finally, scattered with catchy hooks throughout, 2009 was the year their longplayer "Vilayer" was noted by reviewers in making Kerretta stand well apart from the paint by numbers delay pedal abuse bands of the past.

Buy at Saki or SmokeCDs
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Video: Cecilia::Eyes - Here Dead We Lie Teaser

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Album: Peacecreature by Panzer, Dormia, Generation Of Vipers & Ocoai

Bands: Panzer,
Generation Of Vipers,
Album: Peacecreature
Label: Missing Words Records
Year: 2009

01. Bakanawu
02. Intro
03. Beware The Minotaur
Generation Of Vipers
04. Intro
05. Pure
06. Le Démon Sur La Colline (L'attente)
07. Le Démon Sur La Colline (L'attaque)
The 4 way split is limited in 200 copies and hand numbered.



Generation Of Vipers
They formed in April of 2004 and solidified a permanent line-up in September of 2004. They began performing their music in a live setting in the early months of 2005. They composed and constructed an audio recording in July of 2005 titled "Grace" that was then released in February 2006 on their own Red Witch Recordings. In October 2007, they released the album titled "Dead Circle" which was also released under the Red Witch imprint. In December 2009 they recorded 2 tracks for the 4 way split CD titled "Peacecreature"
Official Site

Formed in the summer of 2006, Ocoai have quickly garnered the praise of their peers as well as a devoted following of fans.
Guitarist (and engineer/producer ) Travis Kammeyer and drummer, Tim Smith met in the small but immensely talented music scene of Johnson City, TN. Upon discovering similar interests, the two formed their first band together, 24 Hour Front Desk in early 2005. After 24HFD dissolved, Kammeyer and Smith wanted to try something different. Kammeyer who had shared guitar and vocal duties in 24HFD, wanted to shift focus from vocals all together. Thus Ocoai was born with one mission: to be the loudest and heaviest band around.
Without a vocalist or for that matter a lyricist, the table was wide open for musical development. To complete the line up, guitarist Joe Armstrong and bassist Bo Dugger were brought on board. The varying musical influences of the individuals serve as a catalyst for developing songs that have a sort of push-and-pull effect on the audience. Ambient guitars swell into crunching riffs while sparse back beat rhythms develop into a tsunami-like driving force, until every accent is pounded into your brain.
After a year and half of playing shows and recording more than an albums worth of songs that were passed amongst friends, shared on social networking sites or self-packaged and sold at shows, Ocoai decided it was time to deliver a proper record. Recording in the winter and spring of 2008, Ocoai would assemble the seven songs that make up their first full-length record, Breatherman (comprising over 50 minutes worth of music).

Buy and preview Peacecreature
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Video: Midwinter

This is a video shot with an RC helicopter by a swedish photographer called Henning S. Truly beautiful.

Midwinter in Sweden from Henning S on Vimeo.

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Album: Rubycone - Pictures For Susceptible Housewives

Band: Rubycone
Album: Pictures For Susceptible Housewives
Label: Mals Ltd.
Year: 2009

01. It's All About Fashion
02. And The Perfect Yellow Walls Would Show You The Magic
03. Midnight Broken Heat
04. Children And Funny Earthquake
05. Fisherman's Story
06. Vikings Love Horses
07. Cry, Baby, You Are A Machine
08. Porcupine Tree Alone
09. Don't Stop, Michael
10. Downhill On The Bike
11. When The Rain Is Over I'll Say To You - Hasta La Vista

Rubycone is a river in italy which was crossed by Julius Caesar. Since then the word has been popularized to mean the ultimate boundary. In this case, though, it is comprised of two words - ruby & cone (which’s nothing but a play on words).

Rubycone are Roma "Romones" (guitar), Nikita "Primus man"(drums), Stas "VStas"(bass) and Stas "Norfeus"(guitar). Troubles with vocals raised the idea of changing the guitar lines so that they should also perform some functions of vocals, and music became more complex and more abstract. First four songs were changed, new stuff in a new style was written and then Rubycone had their first gig in Odessa on 16 February 2008. Within 7 months Rubycone played in Chisinau (twice supported Russian bands and held several local split concerts) and participated on a fest in Ukraine.

In August due to the circumstances the money met the Rubycone and in some time they made an album together. The album linked the songs together under the idea of a sequence of pictures, designed to melt any susceptible my-life-became-better-after-I-bought-a-new-fridge housewife in each of us. Now, while the guys are struggling with the housewives in their own minds, the wheel of time makes its turn and soon we'll find out what's next on the TV of life.

Buy: Write to
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Album: A Cold Dead Body - Promo EP

Band: A Cold Dead Body
Album: Promo EP
Label: Earthache Artlab
Year: 2009

01. Collapse
02. The Chosen Ones
03. Divinity Pt.1

A Cold Dead Body is a band from the North-east of Italy. Everything started in 2005 as a one-man-band of lead singer Sten (ex-singer of the Metal-hardcore band Zune). After Zune's dissolution, this project finally became a real band starting the activity in 2007.

In 2009, they released a Promo EP of 3 tracks – the preview of the forthcoming debut album (spring 2010) – which is the very first publication of Earthache ArtLab - an art collective founded by Lorenzo Cercelletta, Lucia Violetta Gasti and Cristiano Perin (members of the band).
Being realised in a limited number of copies (#150), each piece is handmade and hand-numbered, thus unique, and almost entirely made of natural and recycled materials.
The 100 Promo copies issued for the sale went sold out in about 48 hours.

Their first release promise big things to come, it remains to see them fulfilling our expectations.

Current Lineup
Sten - Vocals, Synth, Piano, Horn, Guitar
Lorenz - Guitar, Vocals, Art & Graphics
Cris - Guitar, Pads, Graphics
Max - Bass
Shizu - Drums, Percussions
Luci - Violin, Vocals, Graphics
Suck Hetty - Spirit, Punches, Servus!

*Thanx to Lorenzo and the band for giving us their permission to post this.

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Video: The American Dollar - Second Sight

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Album: Flies Are Spies From Hell – Red Eyes Unravelling

Band: Flies Are Spies From Hell
Album: Red Eyes Unravelling
Label: Friend of Mine
Year: 2009

01. Swimming In Streets
02. Wallow In Threat
03. Glass Light Shatters
04. Mountain Language
05. Welcome Wolves
06. King Sly
07. Great Deadener

The Southern English band have been slowly building up a reputation with their consistent playing and their self released demos/singles, and all the time the instrumental post rock thing has been building to a point now where the whole idea is almost stagnating – too many bands all following the same blueprint. Are Flies Are Spies are almost in danger of missing the whole boat with this long overdue debut album...?
Almost but not quite because their take on euphoric anthemic instrumental post rock does have a little extra in there. Sure they do all that epic building up until things touch the sky and explode like a black emperor thing like all the others, but Flies Are Spies From Hell have a little sense of classical Englishness in there with their piano and their dramatic time and space - a healthy hint of early Genesis in those melodies, a more than welcome touch of proper prog and there goes a bit that sounds like something off The Lamb and there’s a bit of a nursery crime (nothing TOO obvious). These Flies are a little less predictable with their refined melodic instrumental post rock adventures. There may not be any groundbreaking musical revolutions here, there is some rather healthy meat on the bones though and some positively adventurous foundations to build on. This is a more than satisfying debut album, something a little more for you post-rock flavoured progheads – more than challenging some of the bigger names associated with the whole scene - and with gorgeous things like the rather subtle, rather strident King Sly, more than enough to hold on to. Flies Are Spies From Hell have made a fine fine debut album, a bit more than just another instrumental post rock band here, no boats missed, no great deadeners, all good and growing with every new listen. -Recommended

Flies Are Spies From Hell's previous album here

Buy the cd from the band's Official Site
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Video: Pelican - Final Breath

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Album: pg.lost - In Never Out

Band: pg.lost
Album: In Nevr Out
Label: Black Star Foundation
Year: 2009

01. Prahanien
02. Jura
03. Heart Of Hearts
04. Still Alright
05. Crystalline
06. Gomez

pg.lost is a four-piece post-rock band from Norrköping, Sweden formed in year 2004. The band was initially called Before You Give In but after numerous changes in the lineup the band took on the current name.

They have released three studio records - a debut EP Yes I Am EP in year 2007, and their first full length record called It’s Not Me, It’s You! in year 2008, and In never out arrived in year 2009.

Current lineup:
Mattias Bhatt - guitar
Gustav Almberg - guitar / key boards
Kristian Karlsson - bass guitar / vocal
Martin Hjertstedt - drums

Official Site

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