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Album: Albinobeach - Albinobeach EP

Band: Albinobeach
Album: Albinobeach EP
Label: Forgotten Empire Records
Year: 2008

01.Okavango Delta
04.Cathedral Peak

Republic of South Africa, January 22, 2008 - Albinobeach, an instrumental mantric-rock trio hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa, have released their long-awaited debut self-titled EP on the 22nd of January 2008, through US Indie label Forgotten Empire Records. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Forgotten Empire is a fledgling, but rapidly expanding music label which is the spiritual home to a diverse roster of bands ranging from metal and hardcore to experimental, post-rock and ambient styles- including Texas’ The Grasshopper Lies Heavy, Italy’s The Dead Elephant, and UK’s GP-00. Although a little more subdued than the majority of Forgotten Empire’s catalogue, albinobeach’s debut is a worthy addition to their line-up in that it shares in a like-minded pursuit of emotional depth and originality.

The initial impression of albinobeach’s EP is this of how truly polished the sound is. Although a debut recording, it is light-years away from a mere demo. The drummer Garrick Van Der Tuin, who also doubles as a sound engineer/producer (Hugh Masekela, Zamajobe, Mpemba Effect, 340ml), has created a crisp soundscape immersed in layers of sampling which provide a constant ambient dimension to the EP’s sound. In sacrificing vocals for an exclusively instrumental approach, the trio have drawn heavily from their different musical backgrounds and influences in search of a unique sound.

All five tracks included in the Albinobeach's EP maintain a uniformity of style – heavily reverberated guitar (Ian Finch), slow-core drumming, and lateral bass (Kalin Pashaliev) reminiscent of a number of contemporary and retro hard rock bands, and yet, the overall sound of the EP ultimately comes across as if it was bred in isolation. The elemental and serpentine quality of the majority of song structures stand as a testament to Albinobeach’s preoccupation with dynamic progression, as opposed to more traditional hook-based rock structures. Such an approach to songwriting, however, would be in danger of quickly wearing thin if it wasn’t for the wealth of Albinobeach’s musicianship, as anyone who has witnessed their hypnotic live sets would attest to. - Free Press Release

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Album: We Made God - As We Sleep

Band: We Made God
Album: As We Sleep
Label: Kimi Records
Year: 2008

03.Sub Rosa
04.Deir Yassin
05.Theory Of Progress
06.The Color
Download *Thanx to Stanislaw for the link

A big noise in their native Iceland, We Made God deserve a wider audience for their self financed , self-released debut. Referencing the otherworldly ambient atmospherics of Sigur Rós and Deftones’ driving, muscular riffs, the quartet’s epic widescreen soundscapes and frontman Maggi’s keening vocals are by turns beautiful and harrowing.
An audacious debut. - Q Magazine

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Album: Russian Circles - Station

Band: Russian Circles
Album: Station
Label: Suicide Squeeze Records
Year: 2008

02.Harper Lewis

Download link deleted as requested, though the post-enigneering crew thinks this is mostly promotion rather than stealing.The album is worth it to buy, so if you have the money buy it! :)

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Band: Daturah

Band: Daturah
Album: Daturah
Label: Graveface Records
Year: 2005



Band: Daturah
Album: Reverie
Label: Golden Antenna
Year: 2008

01.Ghost Track
04.Deep B Flat

Band Members
Mathias - guitar
Flo - guitar
Patrick - drums
Benni - bass
Seb - samples, synth
Additional Members
Raul - live visuals

Daturah (Frankfurt, Germany) present five monumental, but dynamically warm and dreamy songs. Daturah exist since December 2003 and released their debut feature in May 2005 on their own. This self-titled record was released half a year later on the american label Graveface Records. In the next year the band played nearly a hundred shows with e.g. Mono, Gregor Samsa, Do Make Say Think or The Thermals. In spring of 2007 the band decided to back out of doing live performances in order to devote themselves on their work for the second full-length.
„Reverie“ is the title of their new record. Hardly superior the title could be, describing in one word and gasp what the record accounts for: musical musing, where the listener finds himself for sixty minutes in five long songs engrossed from reality and sempiternal reexperienced. The warm, harmonic atmosphere of Daturahs music enwraps the listener and with intensive determination they wont let him escape that quick from their smoothly woven soundweb. The assembled samples let the harmonious cocoon of sound, entitled “Reverie”, appear somewhat more direct and human.
On the one hand the listener gets drawn by capillary walls of guitars, gyrating far to the top like a griffon in the warm summer wind above the sea. Thermal winds. Calm and majestic rotarying, in puissant orbits. A major, overlooking view confesses. On the other hand one gets pulled under in a maelstrom with captivating power through the hushed and silent moments. You immerse in the sea, slump slowly and land suave on the ground.
Sand disperses. Counterpoints are set discreet. Suddenly and abrupt you climb up. Newly awoken the listener gets pulled up in a mighty swirl. Resistance seems pointless, but maybe someone is rescuing the listener from an apocalyptical, stormy sea…

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