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Video: La Dispute - Rose Quartz / Fulton Street I

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Streaming: Le Temps Du Loup - Cardinal

Band: Le Temps Du Loup
Album: Cardinal
Label: dunk!records, Aloud Music, Pundonor Records, The Braves Records
Year: 2018

01. Zilch
02. Eulerian
03. Agartha
04. Karellen I - Contact
05. Karellen II - Ascension
06. Plague Fort

In many ways, the Madrid post-metal trio Le Temps Du Loup ,displaying an ability to confidently engage more melodic terrain but propelled primarily by a heavy hammer that is primed to drop on listeners’ skulls at any moment. Their journey is one of grim determination to ascend the heights suggested by the weighty thematic content breached in their song titles, which explore cosmic encounters, grandiose cities lost within the Earth and numerous references to apocalyptic events.

Cardinal is a major step in the compositional advancement of Le Temps Du Loup. As their moniker itself indicates, their music is not as much about the calm before the storm as it is the sonic representation of the moment at which one sees the maelstrom encroach upon their doorstep, and the tempestuous experience of becoming enveloped by that instant. There are occasions of understated beauty and more nuanced delivery (“Agartha”), of probing, careful curiosity (“Karellen I – Contact”), and even occurrences of upbeat groove hurtling into space rock territory (“Eulerian”). But be always aware, as every track finds its way to crushing crescendos that favor a bruising rhythm section and crushing riffs that pull zero punches.

Produced by Carlos Santos (Toundra, Jardin De La Croix) and mastered by Brad Boatright (Converge, Mutoid Man), Cardinal feels and sounds gigantic, embodying numerous beloved hallmarks of post-metal. From vitriolic power riffing to contemplative melodic explorations, from deliberate, forceful, low end-driven builds to dizzying climactic heights, this is a record that places Le Temps Du Loup in the conversation with modern giants of the form.

buy dunk!records (BE) | Aloud Music (ES) | Punodor Records (ES) | The Braves Records (ES)
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Video: The Ocean - Cambrian II: Eternal Recurrence

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Recommendation: Movement Of Static - Naegleria

Band: Movement Of Static
Album: Naegleria
Label: Self Released
Year: 2018

01. Slowlly We Are...
02. 57 084 INICIAL' 76 16 56 79
03. The Passage
04. 77 56 01 51 AGGRADACIYA 05 51 55 97
05. Mountain Of Life
06. 6EQUJ5
07. 80 516 GANOMATIT 21 23 86 25
08. Diaspasis
09. 93-882-NAIMINA-74-14-35-74
10. ...Fading From Our Existence
Streaming / Buy

Movement Of Static is a post-rock band based in Thessaloniki. In October 16’ they released their debut EP titled “Novelty Seekers”, an almost complete DIY work with exceptions in the recordings of drums and master. Their purpose is to make interactive live performances and to collaborate with various artists without labels nor limits, yet with a common purpose…Creation.

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Video: Architects - Hereafter

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Recommendation: Mass Culture - Primal | Ephemeral

Band: Mass Culture
Album: Primal | Ephemeral
Label: Self Released
Year: 2018

01. Του Φόβου Η Φωνή
02. The Tower Turned Into Strength
03. Dismantling The Knots
04. Binaural Phase Infection
05. Π
06. Harvest
07. The Lord To The Living One's Mountain
08. What Remains Of Grace

Mass Culture, formed in 2011, is composed from four individuals, coming from Tripolis-Sparti-Athens, Greece.

Each member has had its own musical path and identity, but having common components and a wide appreciation for the music of bands such as Isis, Neurosis, Cult Of Luna, they decided to start up a band somewhere along those lines.They started, however, experimenting and incorporating further elements into their music, varying from the post-hardcore outfits of Time To Burn and Buried Inside, to the doomy sound of Yob, with a Fall Of Efrafa/ Downfall Of Gaia dark neocrust feel, retaining the ambient/post-metal Omega Massif-like sound and, of course, many more.

Mass Culture released an EP and a split with Fields Of Locust.

In August 2018, their first full length album "Primal | Ephemeral" was released, with the help of Nothing to Harvest records and Sweetohm recordings.

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Video: Féroces — Qu'est-ce Qu'on Va Devenir Nous Deux?

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Recommendation: stonefromthesky - Spirals

Band: stonefromthesky
Album: Spirals
Label: Low Five
Year: 2018

01. Chasm
02. Hangover Rover
03. Fractals
04. Black Swan
05. Eclipse
06. The Mire
07. Aurora
08. In A Grove
09. Relief
Streaming / Buy

Spirals is the first full-length album by Kyiv-based electronic music artist and composer stonefromthesky.

Eclectic and unapologetic, it collides heavy guitar music with psychedelic electronica in attempt to build a cohesive, almost tactile soundscape, a descend into the spirals of consciousness. Powered by sophisticated and intricate artwork, this album is a chaotic system with its elements bonded tightly together and playing off of each other.

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Streaming: Whale Fall - Sondersongs

Band: Whale Fall
Album: Sondersongs
Label: Self Released
Year: 2018

01. True Places
02. Decades
03. Asunder
04. Holarctica
05. Cast Against Type
06. Reservoirs
07. El Llanto En Llamas
08. The Sondersong
09. This Cat Has No Moral Compass
10. Blue Hour
Streaming / Buy

On the third album from Los Angeles-based Whale Fall, the band's sound continues to evolve, embracing tonalities familiar to listeners of their previous work, as well as nods to a wider array of genres and shades of decades past. The tracks on "Sondersongs" — the band's first single LP following two double albums — feature elements of post-rock, dream pop, new wave, psych, folk, indie, solo piano, and classic rock, colliding across 10 cinematic instrumental tracks. 

Recorded in El Sereno with engineer/producer Eric Palmquist (who manned the boards for their debut), "Sondersongs" considers the difference and similarities between each of us: strangers until we aren't; extras in one another's lives or perfect soulmates; the unknown depth of each of us barely sensed until it comes to light unexpectedly. 

As defined by The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows, the word "sonder" means: "the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own — populated with their own ambitions, friends, routines, worries, and inherited craziness — an epic story that continues invisibly around you like an anthill sprawling deep underground, with elaborate passageways to thousands of other lives that you’ll never know existed, in which you might appear only once, as an extra sipping coffee in the background, as a blur of traffic passing on the highway, as a lighted window at dusk"

The ethos of these Sondersongs encompasses stability and change, union and dissolution, each of us holding our own story within us as they collide with the stories of those around us — joining, supporting, breaking away, or tearing apart. The emotional arc of the album evokes the structure, bonds, and divisions between all of us, and ultimately the realization that we all share the same human story at the depth of ourselves. 

official site
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Recommendation: Raum Kingdom - Everything & Nothing

Band: Raum Kingdom
Album: Everything & Nothing
Label: Self Released
Year: 2018

01. Summon
02. Dig
03. Winter (feat. Mia Govoni)
04. Walk With Reality
05. Rebuilding The Bridge
06. Hidden Pain
07. Struggle
Streaming / Buy

Raum Kingdom is a post-metal band from Ireland."Everything & Nothing" is their fantastic third release after their self titled debut and their split with All We Expected. They were also feautured on post-engineering's vol. 3 compilation. For fans of Amenra.

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Throwback Thrusday: I Hear Sirens - I Hear Sirens EP

Band: I Hear Sirens
Album: I Hear Sirens EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2008

01. This Is The Last Time I'll Say Goodbye
02. Like A Leaf From A Tree In Its Dying Season
03. September Isn't Too Far And I'm Not Sure I'll Return
04. Everything Was Black And White Except The City Lights
05. Ashes Fall Like Snowflakes, Burying The Sea
Streaming / Buy

I Hear Sirens is an American post-rock band that formed in the fall of 2005. Drawing inspiration from indie rock, post-hardcore and ambient genres their sound seamlessly drifts between haunting melodies and climactic crescendos. Despite shifting lineups early in the project, their DIY attitude and strong appeal to fans have remained intact.

For its 10th year anniversary, this post-rock landmark release, is finally pressed on vinyl by Whiskey + Wax Records.

official site
buy 10th anniversary vinyl
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Video Premiere: Islets - Won't Go

"Won't go"  is the result of the collaboration between Islets and videomaker Eric Nyberg. With stunning visuals and eccentric sounds, "Won't go" creates an unique and exciting musical dream-scape. The video illustrates a journey from safety to something new with a soundtrack that expresses the feelings of being out of reach from oneself. Islets is the solo-project of Swedish musician and producer Robert Holm. All sounds have been recorded, mixed and mastered by Islets and it's released by Sad Turtle Records.

A great debut track and video that makes us eager for a full album or EP release!

More info:
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Video: Modern Life Is War - Feels Like End Times

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Recommendation: Spurv - Myra

Band: Spurv
Album: Myra
Label: Self Released
Year: 2018

01. Et Løfte I Fall
02. Og Ny Skog Bæres Frem
03. Fra Dypet Under Stenen
04. Hviler Bekkenes Sang
05. Et Blekt Lys Lyder
06. Fra Myrtempelet
07. Den Gamles Stemme Brister
08. Allting Får Sin Ende, Også Natten
Streaming / Buy

There is only one thing that came in my mind when I heard "Myra" for the first time: "Faith in post-rock restored!"

It's one of those albums that you hear and you think that there is still life in post-rock music, there are still bands with originality and make you continue the search of great bands...

Spurv saw the light of day in the beginning of 2011 through a shared will to explore new musical terrains by the three friends Gustav Jørgen Pedersen (guitar, main composer), Herman Otterlei (guitar) and Hans-Jakob Jeremiassen (bass). Initially intended to be a platform for creating instrumental music in addition to other band projects, Spurv soon became the main focus of the three, who after a few months released the first demo Med enormt håp, complete with handmade cardboard covers. 

Since their first live appearance at Rakels grotte (18.11.11), Spurv has earned their reputation for being an intense and emotional live act. Being particularly fond of underground scenes, the band performed a series of concerts in living rooms, art galleries and in Torpedo bookshop - including a legendary gig in their own flat, in which an audience of around 100 people packed inside the tight space. 

In 2012, the band recorded and released their four-track EP "Blader som faller til jorden og blir til nye trær", which was distributed by Diger, and later released on 12” vinyl by Doognad Records. Except from the drums, which were recorded with the aid of Sjur Lyseid, the EP was recorded in Hocus Focus studio by the band and Erik Ringdal. Mix and master by Lyseid. 

The EP was very well received, and got an astounding 96/100 on postrockstar.com: “The level of craftsmanship in Spurv‘s music is simply off the charts and the way the band is able to draw the listener in with their deep thought provoking and emotional music is something that we rarely see from young bands, let alone on debut releases. I have big expectations for these Norway Post-rockers in the future. This is a must listen to EP of 2012.”

Over the years, the band has had a changing line-up, but in 2013 Simon Ljung (drums) joined as a the fourth cornerstone of the band, contributing with an aggressive, yet detailed style of playing. After appearances at the Fjellpark Festival and the Øya Festival’s club program (John Dee), in addition to venues in Oslo, Trondheim and Porsgrunn, the band started working on their first full-length album, Skarntyde. 

This time, drums were recorded by Rolf-Arne Strandjord, while the rest of the recording process was done by the band themselves in their rehearsal space. The album was mixed by Strandjord, mastered by Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna) and released by No Forevers records, 11.05.15. Artwork by Linda K. Røed. 

After a sold out release concert at Internasjonalen in Oslo, the album brought the band to Vivid: A post rock festival, live appearance on national radio (P3 Ruben), shows all over Norway and Sweden, and in 2016, to Dark Bombastic Evening in Transylvania, Romania. The show at DBE was cancelled midway due to heavy rain and hale, but the band later went on stage and performed a final song for the enthusiastic crowd. 

Since 2016, the line-up of the band also includes Eirik Ørevik Aadland (guitar) and Simen Eifring (trombone), adding new energy and enthusiasm to the band. In 2017, while writing and recording their second album, Myra, the band performed at the renowned Dunk! Festival in Belgium and returned once again to Dark Bombastic Evening in Romania in order to perform a full set. 

In the first months of 2017, Spurv entered Malabar studio in Oslo and recorded their entire second full length album, Myra, there. The album was engineered by Martin Bowitz in collaboration with Emil Nikolaisen, mixed by Bowitz and Jørgen Smådal Larsen, and mastered by Magnus Lindberg. It includes musical contributions by Ole-Henrik Moe (picoletto, violin, viola, cello), Kari Rønnekleiv (violin), Cathy Donnelly (cello), Tore Ylvisaker (synth) and Ole Aleksander Halstensgård (fx and synth). The album cover is adorned by the paintings ”Monarch” and ”Sighting” by Christer Karlstad. Graphic design by Gaute Terjesson​.

In the beginning of 2018, the band signed with Fysisk Format who released Myra on 12” vinyl and CD 01.06.18.

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Streaming: Realm Of Wolves - Shores Of Nothingness EP

Band: Realm Of Wolves
Album: Shores Of Nothingness EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2018

01. Laurentia
02. Shores Of Nothingness
03. Fragments Of The Self
Streaming / Buy

Realm Of Wolves was formed early in 2018 by the members of vvilderness, Silent Island and other projects. It's the manifestation of their dark side - they intended to make music that is somber and sad but also melodic and beautiful. 

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Video: Jesse Woolston - Piano Form

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Streaming: This World Has Bees - Nearer EP

Band: This World Has Bees
Album: Nearer EP
Label: Soniphone Records
Year: 2018

01. The Thousand Yard Stare
02. July
03. Nearer
Streaming / Buy

This World Has Bees is a post-rock/metal band from Maine, USA.

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Recommendation: Red Apollo - The Laurels Of Serenity

Band: Red Apollo
Album: The Laurels Of Serenity
Label: Moment Of Collapse
Year: 2018

01. The Laurels Of Serenity
02. Anguish & Purgatory
03. The Ides Of March
04. Deathwaters Of Acheron
05. The Mist We All Saw Coming
06. Rituals & Repulsion
07. Unyielding Void
08. A Sacred Kingdom Come
Streaming / Buy

The modern world increasingly lacks of steadiness and becomes an epitome of movement and change. Music as an art is already affected by these recent trends resulting in a growing number of artists that embrace a fl eeting lifespan and play by the rules of a volatile industry. Red Apollo are different in this aspect. Seeing the seventh year of existence after several physical releases and almost 150 lives shows including touring with Black Tusk and Heaven In Her Arms, the members do not have any plans to slow down. Instead, Red Apollo released their third full–length ‘The Laurels of Serenity’ on the 27th of April 2018 via Moment of Collapse Records. The album merges eight songs that were created and recorded throughout the past two years thematising the band’s confrontation with the full spectrum of pathological fears. Music-wise, Red Apollo once again wander with diligence and aspiration in the realms of atmospheric post-metal that draws on influences ranging from progressive metal to post-rock. With such a rich background, ‘The Laurels of Serenity’ sounds thick and massive with a precision and clarity that serves as glue between the soundscapes that every single song evokes. From this vantage point ‚The Laurels of Serenity‘ was released as a special instrumental version as well. The songs were recorded by Falk Andreas at Tonmeisterei in Oldenburg and Dominic Paraskevopoulos at Level3Entertainment Studios in Essen. Mix and Master were also done by Dominic Paraskevopoulos.

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Recommendation: Lòdz - Time Doesn't Heal Anything

Band: Lòdz
Album: Time Doesn't Heal Anything
Label: Klonosphere
Year: 2017

01. Negligence
02. Time Doesn't Heal Anything
03. The Sound Of Deceit
04. Time Of Grace
05. Nothing Else To Do
06. Cataract
07. This Feeling
08. Everything Is Fine
Streaming / Buy

Lòdz is a French post-rock/metal band from Lyon founded in 2010. They released their first EP, "And Then Emptiness", in 2012 and an album entitled "Something In Us Died" in 2013. "Time Doesn't Heal Anything" is their latest album released in 2017.

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Recommendation: Platonick Dive - Social Habits

Band: Platonick Dive
Album: Social Habit
Label: Self Released
Year: 2018

01. Waxfall
02. Habit
03. Maple
04. Less Is More
05. Polaroids
06. Doug-Fir
07. Flannel
08. Private Room
09. Cure
10. Lago
Streaming / Buy

"Social Habits" is the third studio album from Italian electronic trio Platonick Dive. It marks a turning point in the sound and the artistic path of the band. A decidedly more ambitious album, where the electronics, the beats and the dreaming sounds of guitars and synths are now supporting the lead voice for a complete therapeutic immersion. It's the natural consequence of the therapeutic journey they started with the first album, where the band has as its main objective to use music as self-therapy and then spread it to its listeners. Despite this artistic growth, the sound remains extremely recognizable but even more personal and contemporary. "Social Habits" is composed by ten tracks. Ten different stories of lived lives, ten fragments where you can identify yourself and get lost at the same time, but also find hope and new energies.

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Recommendation: Tengil - shouldhavebeens

Band: Tengil
Album: shouldhavebeens
Label: Prophecy Records
Year: 2018

01. I dreamt I Was Old
02. And The Best Was Yet To Come
03. With A Song For Dead Darlings
04. A Lifetime Of White Noise
05. It's All For Springtime
06. All For Your Myth
07. In Murmu
Streaming / Buy

Swedish post-hardcore band Tengil is a constellation of musicians playing atmospheric, experimental heavy music that is at once nostalgic, quasi-symphonic and spiritually violent. The band tabs itself as "a spiritual task, an impulsion to through music tell the story of moments passing you by, the longing to live and die at the same time, to always be both among and in flames." Despite its young age, Tengil as a collective has already performed over 50 concerts across Europe and released the full-length album "Six" (2015) as well as a slew of EPs and singles. The band's Prophecy debut is titled "shouldhavebeens".

'shouldhavebeens' tells the story of two friends, three New Year's Eves and one longing greater than life," says the band. The record aims to speak about nostalgia, saudade, mental illness, decadence, the promise of tomorrow, and how our collective views of future themselves determine who we turn out to be.

Tengil's eye-opening musical style has developed from raw hardcore to an almost heavenly wall of aggressive sound which takes center stage on "shouldhavebeens". Commanding a mind-bending and dynamic meld of hardcore, rock, blackgaze and melody, Tengil wields its wide-reaching range over varied tempos, electronics, and occasional pop moments executed with a raw energy that suggests a mash up of Dillinger Escape Plan and Explosions in the Sky. Although its delivery and musical approach is very different, the inherent self-confidence and captivating creativity that Tengil shows on 'shouldhavebeens', calls for comparison to Alcest and its legendary debut "Souvenirs D'un Autre Monde".

With flowing grace and force of conviction, Tengil's lush layers of sound crush and caress in equal measure. Explosive, angular, powerful and enlightening, "shouldhavebeens" propels the listener across multiple musical boundaries.

buy EU | US
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Recommendation: Aesthesys - Achromata

Band: Aesthesys
Album: Achromata
Label: Narshardaa Records
Year: 2018

01. Grauer Wald
02. Filis Aureis
03. Marea
04. Himmelbarn
05. Melanocardia
06. Sapatha
07. Apogeion
08. Eosfyllon

Aesthesys is an instrumental outfit hailing from Moscow, Russia, performing a mixture of post-rock, ambient, neoclassical and progressive music.

official site
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Streaming: Six Steps Above The Earth - Step 3: A Study On Human Nature

Band: Six Steps Above The Earth
Album: Step 3: A Study On Human Nature
Label: Aza Records
Year: 2018

01. A Passage Through Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal Axis
02. Maladaptive Schemata
03. Earth Gazing
Streaming / Buy

"Sometimes music just happens. You turn the volume up and it fills the room up to the ceiling. You have written nothing beforehand and still it pours out like it was waiting for you to plug in. That’s what happened with this record. Me and Sakis just plugged in and “A Passage Through Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal Axis” came out almost in one go. There is an interesting concept behind that song. I like paying tribute to artists that inspire me but I don’t like doing cover songs. I like taking art and spitting it out as my own. That’s what all the vocals and spoken word are. They are lyrics from bands I like and poems from writers I love. 

We need to thank Kostas Kofinas for helping us record and mix this album, Post_Black_Punk for being our spiritual guide, Morphine Social Club and Wyatt E. for sharing the stage with us, Ypogeio for being our live home, John Simandiras and 666MrDoom for supporting us and promoting our music." - Six Steps Above The Earth

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Recommendation: Rolo Tomassi - Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It

Band: Rolo Tomassi
Album: Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It
Label: Holy Roar Records
Year: 2018

01. Towards Dawn
02. Aftermath
03. Rituals
04. The Hollow Hour
05. Balancing The Dark
06. Alma Mater
07. A Flood Of Light
08. Whispers Among Us
09. Contretemps
10. Risen
Streaming / Buy

Rolo Tomassi are an experimental extreme punk band from Sheffield, England. Their name is taken from the fictional character Rollo Tomasi in the film LA Confidential. The band formed in 2005 and set their local scene alight by playing a synth driven technical mix of styles and genres difficult to define in a single word. 

The band self-released their first demo shortly after forming. Shortly after the band pursued a tape release via danger!laser!phaser!razor! where only 200 copies were made. After a split EP with Mirror! Mirror! the band signed to Holy Roar records after building up a reputation for a fearsome, energetic live show. 

With Holy Roar the band released their self titled EP. This EP featured re-recorded songs from previous demo's and EP's amongst newer songs. To support this EP the band toured up and down the country numerous times, mainly supporting bigger bands such as I Was A Cub Scout and 65daysofstatic.

In June 2008, Rolo played a very well received show at Download Festival. The band signed to Hassle Records, and released their debut album, entitled 'Hysterics', on 22nd September 2008. 

In August 2009, Rolo played at Underage Festival, which on the whole was received well by the audience. 

On May 24th, 2010, Rolo Tomassi released their second album, Cosmology. The first single from the album; Party Wounds, was released on the bands MySpace a few weeks prior to Cosmology's release.

In conjunction with World Record Store Day 2011, the band released an anthology entitled Eternal Youth. The first release on their own record label named, Destination Moon. This album compiled vinyl only singles released through a yearly subscription club, b-sides, pre-Hysterics material and remixes in order to make as much as their material as possible available to all. 

From 2012 until today they released 2 more albums "Astrea" and "Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It" and a BBC Sessions EP.

official site
buy EU | US
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Recommendation: Man Mountain - Inifinity Mirror

Band: Man Mountain
Album: Infinity Mirror
Label: Spartan Records
Year: 2018

01. Illumination Rings
02. Memory Trace
03. Elysian
04. To Be Made As New
05. No Man Needs Nothing
06. Peripheral Drift
Streaming / Buy

Man Mountain is a band of brothers and friends from the southeast corner of Michigan, playing epic and emotive instrumental rock music. What started in the beginning of 2012 as two people jamming songs by The Appleseed Cast in a basement, turned into four people playing a full set of original songs in someone else’s basement later that summer. That first set of music was later polished up, recorded, and released in the spring of the following year as an EP titled “To Call Each Thing By Its Right Name”. Since then we’ve played all over Michigan (and eight other states), and have written and recorded our first full length album "Infinity Mirror", which was released today on Spartan Records.

Thursday, March 15, 2018 0 Engineers

Recommendation: Lethvm - This Fall Shall Cease

Band: Lethvm
Album: This Fall Shall Cease
Label: dunk! Records, A Thousand Arms Records
Year: 2017

01. Impetius
02. Wandering At Dawn
03. The Last Grave
04. Winter's Journey
05. The Shades Of Minerva
06. An Encounter With The Sun
07. Ejla
Streaming / Buy

Lêtum, i, n : Dead, defund, erosion, ruined, destruction.

Belgian band formed in 2015 evolves in a heavy and torn atmosphere, between devastation and candor. The four members draw their influences in the darkness of life by inserting beauty, rage and melancholy.

For fans of Amenra.

Buy: dunk! Records | A Thousand Arms Records
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Streaming: le_mol - Heads Heads Heads

Band: le_mol
Album: Heads Heads Heads
Label: Self Released
Year: 2018

01. Inside Your
02. The Waltz King
03. le_mol Fear Mogwai
04. Temperatures Will Drop - Pekoppa
05. 7udud Lurati Ta3ni 7udud 3alami
06. Chameleon
07. The Sun Like A Sneaky Keyhole View Of Hell
Streaming / Buy

"Heads Heads Heads" convinces through catchy yet subtle instrumentals, which – played in loops – create a tremendous dynamic. 

Riff after riff is carved into polyvinylchloride and disk, all made possible through the excessive use of loop technology. Right from the beginning, with the smooth entering of the piano that equally marks the end, the listeners mind is inspired to create its own images. In between, the duo delivers both enchantingly soft and bizarre soundscapes that are formed by the versatile and playful use of guitars (played with the bow of a stringed instrument), synthesizers, piano, and drums. 

Further the music is understood in context: le_mol celebrate the harmonic disharmony. Their unconventional loop layers and overlapping song structures reflect a social life that is shaken in its foundations and which is threatened to fall into pieces. Without lyrics, using only instruments the duo creates a feeling of tightness, oppression and hopelessness in a society that is divided by populism and capitalism. The audience is invited to lose themselves in thoughts while reflecting and, as a result, experiencing the music even more intense – all while le_mol try to anchor “Heads Heads Heads” in our minds – in our heads, heads, heads.

official site
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Video: This Patch Of Sky - Bella Muerte

Wednesday, February 28, 2018 0 Engineers

Recommendation: KATAXNIA - Κρεσέντο Απελπισίας (Crescendo Of Despair)

Album: Κρεσέντο Απελπισίας (Crescendo Of Despair)
Label: Self Released
Year: 2018

01. Η Σκόνη Που Έγινε Αρρώστια (Dust That Became Disease)
02. Χθόνιος Τρόμος (Infernal Terror)
03. Σκοτεινιά (Darkness)
04. Γκάλιες (Magpies)
05. Ερωτικό Πρός... (Erotic To...)
06. Βήχας Σα Νύχτα (Soar Throat Like The Night)
07. Εζμαχάλ (Esmahal)
08. Κρεσέντο Απελπισίας (Crescendo Of Despair)
Streaming / Buy

KATAXNIA is a punk / crust band from Thessaloniki, Greece. Κρεσέντο Απελπισίας (Crescendo Of Despair) is their third album and personally I was surprised that I didn't knew this band in my own city! Okay crust is not one of my favorite genres, but this album is definitely one of the best I've heard! Great production, great melodies and vocals! Don't let the language barrier keep you from listening to this, it's a real gem!

buy: send an email to kataxnia_band@espiv.net
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Recommendation: Charun - Mundus Cereris

Band: Charun
Album: Mundus Cereris
Label: Third I Rex
Year: 2018

01. Malacoda
02. Mae
03. Laran
04. Nethuns
05. Menvra
06. Vanth
Streaming / Buy

Charun's new album is not your average post-metal record. The band has been working on this new release for quite some time and we are not lying when we say that this record has got the potential to become one of the most impressive instrumental post-metal albums of the year. Titled "Mundus Cereris", the band's new opus will take you through over 40 minutes of emotions in music. 

The album has been recorded and mixed in Sardinia at the infamous DIY Studios (Second Youth, Scornthroats, Ubiquity) and Blacktooth Studios (Drought, December Hung Himself). The mastering of it has been taken care of by James Plotkin (Isis, Sunn O))), Earth, Amenra and many more). 

official site
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Recommendation: Once Upon A Winter - .existence

Band: Once Upon A Winter
Album: .existence
Label: Aza Records
Year: 2018

01. I've Seen The Skies Shatter
02. In The Chronicles Of Mediocre Egos
03. Cognitive Dissonance
04. Unsettling Minds Climax In The Darkest Hours
05. Purple Midas
06. .existence

Once Upon A Winter is a post-rock solo project from Greece. Created by Ilias Kakanis in 2012, Once Upon A Winter has released an EP in 2014, in 2017 his debut album "Selective Depression In Chase Of The Big Bang" and in early 2018 his second one.

“..A man finds himself, to his great astonishment, suddenly existing, after thousands and thousands of years of non-existence…”

"There are stories of life, stories of love and passion, stories of anticipation. In these stories, just like in music, you seek resolution to any tension. Learn to embrace the tension, for you’ll find your real self in it. Tension is the creative period for all the stories you’ll tell. Thank you everybody for the support." - Ilias

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Compilation: post-engineered vol.4

Band: Various Artists
Album: post-engineered vol.4
Label: Self Released
Year: 2018

01. Lights & Motion - Reborn
02. I Am Sonic Rain - Aurora
03. Floating In Space - Timeless Horizon
04. To Destroy A City - Beholder
05. Thot - Duna
06. Man Mountain - Memory Trace
07. GrimLake - The Reality Of The Naive (previously unreleased)
08. Dirge - Red Dawn Tibesti
09. No Metal In This Battle - Alaska Beach
10. Collapse Under The Empire - A Place Beyond
11. Teller - Baton Rouge
12. Outlander - Six
13. Krane - III : Tactical Level
14. Lost In Kiev - Nuit Noire
15. Spoiwo - FLN (live) (previously unreleased)
16. Mountaineer - Womb
17. Ravena - Valta (Remastered)
18. Health - Hurt Yourself (Almeeva Remix)
19. Toundra - Cielo Negro
20. Caves Of Steel - Zorgh
21. In Lights - Search
22. Meniscus - Head Rush
23. Spook By Horses - Crude Shrines & Blessed Veins (previously unreleased combined)
24. VVilderness - Devour The Sun_ (instrumental)
25. Zaius - Seirenes
26. Far Behind The Sun - ARP244
27. GlerAkur - Strings
28. NevBorn - Daídalos (feat. Loïc Rossetti)
29. All Shall Be Well (And All Shall Be Well And All Manner Of Things Shall Be Well) - Beethoven’s ‘Moonlight Sonata’, Reimagined
30. Diary Of My Misanthropy - Are You Dreaming
31. Sagor Som Leder Mot Slutet - Avfärd
32. Autism - Brittle Bones
33. Cataya - Vis-à-vis (previously unreleased)
34. Six Steps Above The Earth - Earth Gazing (previously unreleased)
35. A Light Within - Page #35 (An Educated Gentleman)
36. Once Upon A Winter - Purple Midas (previously unreleased)
37. Përl - Jhomo Langma (Deval, part. II)
38. musicformessier - Ursa Major
39. We Stood Like Kings - Grand Illusion
40. Pillars - Finalita
41. Lavinia - Drop (Red House Painters Cover) (previously unreleased)
Download from bandcamp | Google Drive: mp3 / flac | Mega: mp3 / flac

Artwork by our long time blog partner Kapiller Ferenc.
You can see more of his work here:
Official Site

41 tracks and nearly 5 hours of music! It took a while to assemble this enormous compilation, but in the end it came out as imagined!
I want to thank all the bands who participated in this and their labels for giving permission to use the tracks and their patience! Enjoy and share!

P.S.: If you need a code to add it to your collection, just hit me up!
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The Inquisition: 095.Jack Maniak

1. How did you came up with the name of the band?

"Maniac" is a famous song of the 80s. Jack Maniak came to me pretty quickly. Jack is the hero of my albums; a teenager who have special abilities.

2. Do you have a standard procedure of creating a song? Do you just jam around or is there a main riff and the track is build up on it?

It depends, I usually start with a powerful melody; then i construct around this. Or I start with an introduction and I find riffs or melodies to go on. I try to adapt sounds for each story of my songs.

3. What are your influences and what kind of music do you hear when you are at home?

I have metal roots, I play in 2 other bands Idensity (death metal) and Område (avant-garde); my main instrument is drumming but I play more keyboards now. My drumming experience gives me what I need to find good grooves (even for the bass which is very important in synthwave). I don't listen to metal anymore (or just a few), I am back in the 80s for the moment.

4. Which is the one album you can't live without?

Queen - Greatest Hits II

5. What's the first record you've ever bought?

It was Megadeth "youthanasia", Iron Maiden "Live After Death" the same day!, great visual and powerful sound.

6. Name a band that you would like to share the stage or tour with?

Probably Carpenter Brut or Volkor X; I like the approach of Carpenter with live instrument (including drums), it merges the metal and electro world.

7. Did the internet and specially the blogs helped to spread your music around the world? Name a place (country) that you were surprised to know your music has reached to?

Yeah we need a good support to spread our name, I have the chance to have Jet Set Trash as a label but we always need more and more visibility; Jack Maniak just started few weeks ago but my other bands had reviews in Peru or Mexico for example.

8. Do you support the idea of bandcamp where fans can decide the price or services like spotify?

Well it depends, there are good and bad points on it; digital release are the future and you can discover a lot of bands with it and at a lower price; the key is to do music for passion,if you have to earn your life with music, it is definitely not the good way.

9. Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

Well the only thing I know is that I will always do music. I don't know in which terms but I could do it alone in my room if I have not enough money to spread it.
10. Is the artwork of an album important nowadays in the digital era?
Yeah it is very important, the artwork has to fit with the spirit of the project, well I should say it is better because not everyone can afford to pay professional artworks.

11. What is you favorite album cover?

Mine of course, Jack Maniak - Code 403 cover done by Julian Gamella :)

I like Jeff Grimal's art too, he made impressive paintings for Område project.

12. It seems that a lot of people are turning on vinyl again. Why do you think that is and which is your preferable media format?

I think vinyl replace temporally Cd's but it is a small market. Digital and "spotify(s)" are probably the future.Cd's will be dead soon, only few labels want to work with this media

13. What's the most vivid story or moment as a band?

Jack Maniak is a one man band, so it's very special because you have to manage everything (including the costs). It's a good feeling to decide but sometimes it is hard to think of everything.I try to have joy as much as i can on what i do, but being alone make the project really alive because you have to be everywhere.

More info:
official site
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Recommendation: A Light Within - Epilogue EP

Band: A Light Within
Album: Epilogue EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2018

01. Page #9 (Shells)
02. Page #54 (Chemical Drive)
03. Page #27 (Surrounded By Astronauts)
04. Page #35 (An Educated Gentleman)
Streaming / Buy

A Light Within is set to release “Epilogue”, the final conceptual installment in a three-part series containing transcribed diary entries written from the perspective of a reflective mind. Throughout the pages be prepared to hit an emotional remembrance of life experiences, love scenarios, and a metaphorical loss of it all.

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Video: le_mol - The Waltz King

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Recommendation: Far Behind The Sun - Story Of Collapsing Galaxies

Band: Far Behind The Sun
Album: Story Of Collapsing Galaxies
Label: Ghost City Recordings
Year: 2017

01. VCC1316
02. ESO128EN013
03. NGC1068
04. IC1318
05. GCG53517
06. ARP244
07. PGC12651
Streaming / Buy

Far Behind The Sun – The young, instrumental post-rock/metal band from Kempten (Germany) consists of 4 musicians. Their sound reels in the audience from their daily routine and takes them on an extraordinary listening experience. The band’s songwriting is characterized by various musical components, such as impelling and complex rhythms, harmonic and melancholy melodies, atmospheric sound surfaces, and intense metal elements. This diverse arrangement inspires the audience to dream, to meditate and to lose themselves in the “here and now”. At the same time it incites to headbang and shoegaze, as insiders of the genre would put it. The band’s light show formidably accentuates the auditory ambience, and thus makes an attendance of FTBS’s live show definitely worthwhile.

Since 2015, the band’s first album has thrilled more and more fans who have supported numerously a successful crowd-funding project and thus have made possible the second album (released 17.11.17).

official site
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Album: Morrow - Fallow

Band: Morrow
Album: Fallow
Label: Alerta Antifascista, Halo Of Flies Records
Year: 2017

01. Auguries Of Menace
02. Beyond The Cleaved Land
03. The Hunt
04. A City Of Gristle
05. Crown In Red
Download | Mirror | Mirror 2

Morrow are a violin and cello driven atmospheric crust band, in the vein of Ictus, Fall of Efrafa and Remains of the day. They began their post civilisation odyssey in 2016’s “Covenant of Teeth” the somber string laden D beat, seated in the forests and ice scapes of future primitive cultures. “Fallow” picks up where their debut ended; following the same protagonists as they leave the safety of the forests in search of knowledge amongst the sweltering, vibrant and violent carcass cities in the desert south. It is a far more raucous record; a pandemonium of drums and throaty cello as our characters face a chaotic, terrifying and majestic landscape, one of bared teeth amongst the sand storms and screaming voices. Fallow features guest vocals from members of Gattaca, Monachus, Autarch, Wildspeaker, Hyena, Sol and Fall of Efrafa.

buy Alerta Antifacista (EU) | Halo Of Flies Records (US)
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Video: Kiasmos - Blurred (Bonobo Remix - Official Music Video)

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Album: Locktender - Friedrich

Band: Locktender
Album: Friedrich
Label: i.Corrupt.Records, Deadwood Records, Middle Man Records, Zegema Beach Records
Year: 2018

01. The Monk By The Sea
02. View Of A Harbour
03. Wreck In The Sea Of Ice
04. Seashore With Shipwreck By Moonlight
05. The Chasseur In The Forest
06. Morning Fog In The Mountains
07. Winter Landscape
08. The Abbey In The Oakwood
Download | Mirror | Mirror 2

After taking a two year hiatus to pursue family/travel/school/work, the members of ‘Men As Trees’ have relocated and reformed as Locktender in Cleveland, OH. Locktender is a concept focused hardcore band concentrating on artists and their works interpreted through music, lyrics & art. Every album is an artist, every song is a different work. 

Our first three songs took quick looks at individual works by William Blake, Earl Nightingale & Raphael Gleitsmann. Our first full length LP, Kafka, was released in 2013 and focused on five short works by Franz Kafka. This was followed by another split for which a Herman Melville short story was used. Our second LP, Rodin, based on four sculptures, was released in 2014 and was supported by a second European Tour. Our third LP is based on the works of Caspar David Friedrich, was released in 2018.

official site
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Compilation: Various Artists - Hemispheres Vol.II

Band: Various Artists
Album: Hemispheres Vol.II (Side A)
Label: A Thousand Arms
Year: 2018

01. Wess Meets West - Skylar, There's Rot
02. And So I Watch You From Afar - I'll Share A Life
03. Pillars - Subtract/Submerge
04. Staghorn - Trins Chado Ocho Rio
05. You.May.Die.In.The.Desert - Patient Glaciers
06. Kalouv - Depois Do Escuro
07. Gullwing - Eris
08. Wozniak - Ghosting
09. Outlander - Downtime
10. Through A Glass, Darkly - Until Light Failed Me
11. Shy, Low - Dissension
12. Girih - Eigengrau
13. Hallowed - Malak
14. Vyctoria - Ascenso-Descenso
15. In Lights - Memory
16. Oldernar - Universal Language
17. Forgotten In The Woods Again - This Is What Happens When People Have Ideas
18. Glories - As Walls Keep Shifting

Band: Various Artists
Album: Hemispheres Vol.II (Side B)
Label: A Thousand Arms
Year: 2018

01. Violet Cold - Brave New Void
02. The Last Sighs Of The Wind - New Horizons
03. hubris. - Beyond Styx
04. Bear The Mammoth - Decembering
05. Dumbsaint - Another Scene
06. Sagor Som Leder Mot Slutet - Ovisshet
07. All We Expected - Nomad
08. OVUM - The Light Illuminates My Heart
09. Hiboux - From The Good Mountain
10. Echotide - Into The Half Light
11. Ayden - What if?
12. Shipwrecks - Haven
13. Burning Bones - Soft Like Silk; Bright Like Gold
14. MMTH - Tidal Waves
15. Synopsys - A Whisper In The Evening
16. Teller - The Wary and Watchful
17. Archaique Smile - The Glow Of A Days
18. iiah - Kintsugi

A Thousand Arms Presents: "Hemispheres: Volume I". A compilation featuring post-rock bands from the Western (Side A) and Eastern (Side B) Hemisphere.

To add "Hemispheres: Volume II [Side A+B]" to your Bandcamp Collection click the following link and redeem an unused download code: www.athousandarms.com/compilation-download-codes

More info:
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The Inquisition: 094.Dirge (answered by Stéphane L.)

1. How did you came up with the name of the band? 

Marc T. came up with this name back in 1994. The relation between the meaning of this word (« funeral chant/music ») and the very nature of the music seems pretty obvious.

2. Do you have a standard procedure of creating a song? Do you just jam around or is there a main riff and the track is build up on it? 

At the time of the And Shall The Sky Descend / Wings Of Lead Over Dormant Seas albums, we used to improvise some parts during rehearsals, generally the most abstract and atmospheric ones. Because it was the most interesting way for us to explore certain moods and certain non-structured pieces. But beside this very specific era, we never jam. Even the most primitive structures or riffs are worked at home, then reworked, modified, transformed, adapted later with the whole band. Our songs are 80% finished when we finally bring them in the rehearsal room. Most of the time, tracks start then develop with one or two or three guitar riffs, in some other (rare) cases with a sample but I won't say there's a recurring modus operandi while creating a Dirge's song. We let things flow. Same goes for the lyrics, even though, and that's the only real standard procedure for us, words always come to life once the track is fully completed.

3. What are your influences and what kind of music do you hear when you are at home? 

Our primordial roots are quite obvious : Godflesh, Neurosis, Godspeed! You Black Emperor, The Cure... But all these structuring influences have been absorbed and digested for a long time now. The four of us have really different and various musical preferences. It goes from industrial to dub, passing by movie soundtracks, blues, classical, death metal, french songs, psychedelic, post punk/goth, electro... To give you an insight (and talking just for myself), I've been listening these last months to stuffs like Dälek, Lea Porcelain, Tropic Of Cancer, Death, Emma Ruth Rundle, Marissa Nadler, Throane, Myrkur, Butthole Surfers plus a bunch of old favourites (Cocteau Twins, Einstürzende Neubauten, Death In June, And Also The Trees etc).

4. Which is the one album you can't live without? 

Too many to name it. Let's say Pornography by The Cure.

5. What's the first record you've ever bought? 

October by U2. On tape.

6. Name a band that you would like to share the stage or tour with? 

To stay in a realistic world, and in order to have a package connected with the same spirit, but different enough to avoid any common field, I would name artists like Lycia, SubRosa, Anna von Hausswolff or Wardruna.

7. Did the internet and specially the blogs helped to spread your music around the world? Name a place (country) that you were surprised to know your music has reached to? 

Of course all these blogs and webzines, from the smallest to the biggest ones, do help bands like us to spread their music across the world. And therefore reaching countries we'd never have thought about, like Iran, India or United Arab Emirates...

8. Do you support the idea of bandcamp where fans can decide the price or services like Spotify?

We have to adapt to our times and, unfortunately I don't think we have other real alternatives concerning this new way to grasp music. These days, music is often seen as a « consumer product », something to burn off quickly, something to skim through rather diving into. The time spent downloading, listening, storing or throwing and so on and so forth, has became wealthier than a simple CD or LP. But in another hand, despite these changes, despite the dematerialization, I know that a lot of people, young or old, give to Art the value its deserves. So we have to trust these people (especially with the kind of music we're doing), trust their faith in artists' « handcraft », trust their will to support music and musicians. Bandcamp, Spotify or Deezer are not my ideal, but it is the way things are today. But I also know that piece of art's lovers will always prefer a beautiful vinyl than a simple 320ko mp3. And these people will always exist.

9. Is the artwork of an album important nowadays in the digital era?

Yes of course. Artwork, as well as the songs themselves, the production and even the tracklist are significant parts of a whole called « piece of art » (regardless of the quality of this piece). Yesterday, the cover was often the first interaction you had with an album, even before the music. And I still like this idea of visual incarnation of the sound.

10. What is you favorite album cover?

I'd say all the graphic works of Vaughan Oliver for the English cult label 4AD, especially Treasure (Cocteau Twins), Medusa (Clan Of Xymox), Tocsin (Xmal Deutschland), Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun (Dead Can Dance) among others. 

I also really appreciate Peter Saville's work for the Factory label like Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures & Closer albums or New Order's Brotherhood. 

I also really love the Wildhoney cover by Tiamat, Sympathy For The Devil by Laibach, the Sumerland 12'' by Fields Of The Nephilim, Icon by Paradise Lost, All The Pretty Little Hoses by Current 93 and so many others I forgot. All these artworks have a lot to say, far beyond their graphic nature...

11. It seems that a lot of people are turning on vinyl again. Why do you think that is and which is your preferable media format?

Because vinyl seems to be the most aesthetic response, the most graceful rebellion against our modern and disincarnate world, against the very-compact, the very-easy-to-get, the very-quick-to-listen. And it is also our favorite format, both aesthetically and sonically.

More info:
official site
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Streaming: Doppälgängär - Melencholia

Band: Doppälgängär
Album: Melencholia
Label: Self Released
Year: 2018

01. Inexorable Pain
02. In This World, Not Of It
03. Aokigahara (Sea Of Trees)
04. Dreams In Dysthymia
Streaming / Buy

Doppälgängär is a post-metal band from Sweden. For fans of Cult Of Luna, Omega Massif.

official site
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Post-engineering's TOP 20 for 2017

Label: Self Released
Genre: Post-Metal

The Ascensionist
Label: A Thousand Arms, dunk! Records
Genre: Post-Rock

Label: Self Released
Genre: Post-Metal

Of Salt And Sea
Label: Self Released
Genre: Post-Rock

In Lights
This Is How We Exist
Label: Self Released
Genre: Post-Rock

Collapse Under The Empire
The Fallen Ones
Label: Moment Of Collapse
Genre: Post-Rock

To Destroy A City
Go Mirage
Label: n5MD
Genre: Post-Rock

Of Adoration
Label: Prosthetic Records
Genre: Post-Rock / Post-Metal

Label: Aloud Music Ltd
Genre: Post-Rock

Label: Czar Of Crickets
Genre: Post-Rock / Post-Metal

Le Temps Du Rêve
Label: Self Released
Genre: Post-Metal

Chalice Hymnal
Label: Temporary Residence Limited
Genre: Post-Rock / Psychedelic

Label: Relapse Records
Genre: Black Metal / Folk

Music For Imaginery Film #1
Label: United We Fly
Genre: Post-Rock

Chelsea Wolfe
Hiss Spun
Label: Sargent House
Genre: Alternative / Folk / Goth

Our Ceasing Voice
Free Like Tonight
Label: Self Released
Genre: Alternative / Indie / Post-Rock

Silent Whale Becomes A° Dream
Label: Elusive Sound
Genre: Post-Rock

Label: City Slang
Genre: Ambient / Modern Classical / Electronic

Label: Sargent House / Hassle Records
Genre: Post-Punk

Mass VI
Label: Neurot Recordings / Consouling Sounds
Genre: Post-Metal / Ritual

Also check