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Album: Dextro - Winded

Band: Dextro
Album: Winded
Label: 16k Records
Year: 2009

01. Closer
02. The Pacifist
03. Momentary
04. The Unknown
05. Ilm
06. Sanna
07. Ring Cycle
08. Pillar
09. Distance

Dextro is the music production alias of Scottish artist Ewan Mackenzie. Under the Dextro moniker he has released a number of works, most notably to date the album Consequence Music and the 12” single Do You Need Help. The new album, entitled ‘Winded’, has now been released on 16K records.

Official Site
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Album: Latitudes - Agonist

Band: Latitudes
Album: Agonist
Label: Shelsmusic
Year: 2009

01. Myth Cathexis
02. Antechamber
03. Fluxes Of The Womb
04. Steppe & Veld
05. Braille
06. Hunting Dance
07. Agonist

If you’re not already familiar with UK post-metal five piece Latitudes, then the only question should be, why not? Their tunes are dark, dreamy, beautiful and monumentally heavy, a combination that leaves you haunted but joyous at the same time and like label mates *shels the ear battering might be awe inspiring but it is not relentless and overpowering, instead it leaves you gagging for more.

They’ve only previously had one EP released, but it’s hard to believe based on this record that they are such a young band. “Agonist” only takes moments to show you that Latitudes can seduce you slowly with gentle, swirling eddies of melody and distortion before blowing you away with wave after wave of intense noise, the crescendos are built so skilfully that you can’t stop listening even though you know where it will end.

The record begins in suitably doom-laden style with ‘Myth Cathexis’ a low, dirty grind fest of a track, instrumental but not lacking in emotional punch and seriously heavy, with several moments of spine tingling chord changes and quirky, quiet interludes where the guitars are given time to pick out and show off nice little riffs. And that’s just the opening track. The album isn’t lacking great tracks but if you have to pick, ‘Antechamber’ is a real gem, with almost ethereal guest vocals from Adam Symonds (Eden Maine), it soars and pounds in equal measure and is just brilliant. Also up there as an immediate favourite is ‘Braille’ which has some fantastic and really memorable riffs and it’s impossible to leave out a mention of ‘Hunting Dance’ which has a dreamy start, a main riff so catchy you can’t forget it without having your memory erased and more of those lovely vocals from Symonds.

A brilliant debut full-length from Latitudes and well worth waiting for, we can’t recommend it enough, easily a contender for post-metal album of the year. -R13

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Album: Ayurveda - Veda EP

Band: Ayurveda
Album: Veda EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2009

01. Army Of Me (Bjork Cover)
02. Climbing Up The Walls (Radiohead Cover)
03. Polyphagia
04. Down The Staircase
05. Taxman (Beattles Cover)
06. Into Earth

Ayurveda are five guys from around the globe who found each other in the smallish artist-commune/college-town of Ithaca, NY. Between their memberspersons, they represent life from Nepal to Arizona.

"Ayurveda" is a sanskrit word that literally translates as "the knowledge of life," and it represents their outlook on the life, music, and world they create. It is an interconnected art of being, and a symbol they adopted for theirselves. For them, life is all about growth, enrichment, and connection.

True to the roots of Ayurveda, they play their music to progress forward. And they hope it helps us do the same.

If you dig it, please sign the e-mail list and/or join the Ayurveda Street Team or simply let them in to your world through listening.

Official Site
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Album: Glass America - Redivivus

Band: Glass America
Album: Redivivus
Label: Driven Records
Year: 2009

01. We Hung Our Harps
02. ...And Then The Sun
03. Harbinger (Sought After,
04. If I Forget, You O Jerusalem
05. Gomer (Returning Home)
06. A Voice From Behind
07. Sinai
08. The City No Longer Deserted)

Glass America began in 2008 with a vision of rejecting the formulaic structures and textures that typify much of post-rock. Members John Mirisola, Micah Wilson, Michael Foye, and Jared Deame wanted to create an original sound that encapsulated the best of ambient, instrumental music without succumbing to its clichés or being limited by what has come to be expected. Hailing from Wenham, Massachusetts - a small seaside town just north of Boston - Glass America is a mostly instrumental band that relies heavily on the sonic demeanor of the music to push the motifs of their sound.

“We try to limit the use of vocals because lyrics often times dictate to the listener how they’re supposed to feel,” says guitarist and lead vocalist, Jared Deame. “I think that one of the most important aspects of good art is engaging the listener to the point where they will have a very difficult time taking a passive role in the process.”

Glass America signed with Boston-based Driven Records in 2008 and has recently released their debut album, Redivivus, on the label. The record focuses on hope in the midst of darkness and pain. Says guitarist John Mirisola, “The biggest theme to the album, and indeed, the biggest theme in any of our lives, is that there is hope, whatever the circumstance. There is a major chord, even after a whole song in a minor key.”

Redivivus is a solid and melodic album and it's structure seems to climb up a mountain, reaching the top and then walking down again, starting calmly, evolves into an emotional brainstorm and closing in the same way it started. Redivivus is perfect for the times the you want to just sit back and dream.

And we will sing Hallelujah...

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Album: worriedaboutsatan - Arrivals

Band: worriedaboutsatan
Album: Arrivals
Label: Gizeh Records
Year: 2009

01. One Down
02. Evil Dogs
03. .
04. I Am A Crooked Man
05. Pissing About
06. ..
07. History Is Made At Night
08. You're In My Thoughts
09. ...
10. All Things But You Are Silent
11. Arrivals

worriedaboutsatan are an electronica band from Leeds, UK. Their music has been tipped as the future of post-rock, as a result of their combination of guitars with IDM flavoured beats and beautiful ambient music.

The band started out using a desktop PC with the software package Reason to run the electronic elements, whilst the two members either played guitar or controlled the PC via a MIDI controller. This has recently changed to using an iMac with the software package Ableton Live.
Earlier shows found the band performing on the floor directly in front of the audience, giving Ragsdale the ability to walk out into the crowd whilst playing guitar. However, recent performances have seen the role of guitarist given solely to Miller, whilst Ragsdale takes control of the computer and electronic elements.

Amongst the many bands that worriedaboutsatan have performed with include 65daysofstatic. iLiKETRAiNS, Dälek, Yndi Halda, Ólafur Arnalds and Maybeshewill.

The band have so far released one album, two EPs and one single. The first EP, self-titled but known as EP1, was released in 2006 and is now out of print. It is currently available online on the worriedaboutsatan page. The single, 'An Infinity of Oncoming Lights' was released in 2006, and is also available on

The second EP, entitled EP02, was released in late 2007 to a largely positive critical response, with solid recommendation from Traffic Magazine (March 2008) and The Silent Ballet. The track 'Relative Minors', features the vocals of local singer-songwriter, Paul Marshall. It was mastered at Transition Studios, who have also worked with Burial and Kode9.

The debut album Arrivals was released on May 25th 2009, through Gizeh Records. It has received good critical response, including a 7.6 score on Pitchfork.

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Album: OM - God Is Good

Band: OM
Album: God Is Good
Label: Drag City
Year: 2009

01. Thebes
02. Meditation Is The Practice Of Death
03. Cremation Ghat I
04. Cremation Ghat II

OM is a psychedelic rock/metal duo from San Francisco, CA formed in 2003 by the rhythm section of the disbanded stoner-doom metal band Sleep. The band’s first three albums feature Al Cisneros on vocals and bass and Chris Hakius on drums.

Their music is similar in structure to Tibetan chanting and is rich in rhythm and melody. Their music and lyrics lift off at the beginning and slowly mutate giving a feeling of evolution inside each song. The vocals have a monotone quality, producing, on some tracks, a noticeable hypnotic effect of the sort that tends to be appealing to the devotees of the many various genres of druggishly-bent, “space” music—but which not all music calling itself “stoner rock” necessarily is able to cause.

On the 31st of January 2008, Hakius left the band. In March 2008 OM recorded a 7” for Sub Pop records. The song “Gebel Barkal” was the first release to feature new drummer Emil Amos.

Official Site
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Album: Clermont Ferrand - Single

Band: Clermont Ferrand
Album: Single
Label: N/A
Year: 2009

01. Intro
02. Time For Free Will
03. Jonny D.JonnyD

Sadly, we couldn't find other links for this artist and their myspace has no information. If anyone knows anything for Clermont Ferrand, please just let us know. Thank you!

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Album: Come Across Trachimbrod - Eclarion EP

Band: Come Across Trachimbrod
Album: Eclarion EP
Label: Tokyo Jupiter Records
Year: 2009

01. Me, I Am Chaos
02. This Woman Doesn't Even Know Us
03. Escaping From A Vulcanic Eruption
04. Lumos! Crystalline Water Ice

Come Across Trachimbrod is a swedish band which released their first demo Eclarion in Asia by a japanese label Tokyo Jupiter Records on June 9th. It has a new design but still the same material as their earlier self released demo. Among this they are in the middle of a new recording process and in a few months they hopefully will be ready with their first album/ep.

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Album: - Time And Timing

Album: Time And Timing
Label: Poeta Negra
Year: 2003


01. Evolve
02. Freq's House
03. U
04. Sink
05. MpT
06. As Is
07. Jasmine

S.Ink was a band from Thessaloniki, Greece. Their music is experimental and hard to describe. It contains elements from jazz, ambient, post-rock (gy!be) outbursts and more.

Band members were:
Dani Joss - guitar
Vassilis Karkavitsas - guitar
Panos Papazoglou - keyboards, guitar
Christos Pappas - bass
Stathis Portaritis - drums

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Album: Junius - The Martyrdom Of A Catastrophist

Band: Junius
Album: The Martyrdom Of A Catastrophist
Label: Make My Day Records/The Mylene Sheath
Year: 2009

01. Birth Rites By Torchlight
02. The Antediluvian Fire
03. (turning to the spirits of the hours...)
04. The Dramatist Plays Catastrophist
05. Ten Year Librarian
06. Stargazers And Gravediggers
07. (...he fell before her)
08. Elishiva, I Love You
09. Letters From Saint Angelica
10. The Mourning Eulogy

The tireless and ever-touring bearded men of Junius are releasing their new record, The Martyrdom of a Catastrophist, on The Mylene Sheath (North America / UK) and Make My Day Records (Europe). Preparation for the long-awaited album began in 2006, with month-long writing/recording sessions in such unconventional locales as a bank vault in California, a warehouse in Texas, a farmhouse in Vermont, and a shack in the swamps of Louisiana. The result is a full-fledged concept album, inspired by the life and theories of controversial scholar Immanuel Velikovsky.

From birth to death, The Martyrdom of A Catastrophist chronicles a man whose progressive theories on ancient history and the cosmos were widely challenged by mainstream academia during his lifetime. The album's ten songs are both cinematic and accessible, building to crescendos which echo some of Post Rock's most epic moments, but with vocals, hooks, and lyrics creating focus throughout. Actual quotes from Velikovsky's interviews and lectures are interspersed between songs, providing a sense of narrative to the proceedings.

Junius produced The Martyrdom at the legendary A&M Records studios in Hollywood (now known as Henson Recording) over the course of a year, somewhat guerilla-style, during off-hours when the studio wasn't booked (the band has joked that they were bumped out by everyone from Akon to Bruce Springsteen—literally). The album was recorded by Kevin Mills and Tom Syrowski (Weezer, AFI) and mastered by Dave Collins (Danny Elfman, Black Sabbath). It also includes a 24-page book featuring art by Drew Speziale (Circle Takes The Square) and illustrator Matt Gauck.

While Junius' sound is sometimes tough to categorize, they have cited such artists as Bedhead (Junius singer/guitarist Joseph E. Martinez's uncle Trini was their drummer), Philip Glass, Hum, and M83 among a long list of inspirations. The band has been electrifying rapt audiences with their spellbinding walls of reverb-drenched guitars, haunting vocals and self-made lights since 2004.

Shortly after releasing their first EP, Forcing Out The Silence, Junius began a tireless touring regimen to fan the flames of an already blazing press. Among its accolades, Disclosure Magazine declared the debut "one of the most engaging Dark Rock albums to come out since Joy Division last graced a stage." Junius toured for over 9 months and played over 200 shows in their first year alone, embracing a DIY ethic which remains at the core of the band's ideology.

Both the debut EP and its 2006 follow-up, Blood Is Bright (later released as a self-titled full-length), were recorded by Will Benoit (of Constants), and mastered by Nick Zampiello (Isis, Converge, Torche). Hailed as a “darkly lush epic” by Alternative Press and “genius” by The Big Takeover, Junius’ work is borne of experiments in isolation and asceticism. It’s this austere approach from one of America's hardest working bands that adds a weighty sense of purpose and intrigue to their output.

Buy from The Mylene Sheath or Make My Day Records

*Junius' previous albums here
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Album: Sad Breakfast - Sad Breakfast

Band: Sad Breakfast
Album: Sad Breakfast
Label: BYR Records
Year: 2009

1. Atahualpa Yuyeti
2. Antlia
3. Aldeano
4. Camaleon & Andromeda
5. Enloquece Rabino, Enloquece
6. Munaf
7. Rompiendo Cosas

Sad Breakfast is a post-rock band from Mexico City. The group consists of three members and plays instrumental post-rock/metal. Their heavy riffs refer to bands like Pelican and Russian Circles...

Official Site
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Album: The Mire - Volume: I

Band: The Mire
Album: Volume: I
Label: Eyes Of Sound
Year: 2009

01. Wheelwalker
02. Fear

Mire: noun, verb, mired, mir-ing.
1. slimy soil of depth or deep mud.
2. to sink in mire or mud; stick.
3. to involve; entangle.

In these times of pre-packaged, finessed and finished products it is of all too rare occasion to unearth a new band whose musical nuance and lyrical message stands for something broader in scope, something larger than life.

Having honed their musical compass in the ranks of celebrated UK underground acts Bossk and Centurion, the members of The Mire – guitarist/vocalist Robin Urbino, bassist Tom Begley, guitarist Ben Cupidi and drummer Eugene Economou - have now found their true calling. Though really it matters not how they got here, only that they are here, for The Mire is a band whose craft is outweighed only by their own potential to become even more devastating.

With debut release Demos: Volume I, recorded and mixed by Urbino at his home studio, The Mire have begun to unveil the plentiful depths of their creation. Featuring the sombre crush of ‘Wheelwalker’ and the progressive soar of ‘Fears’, Volume I is an involving first step for both band and listener."

Volume: I is available October 19th 2009 on CD and digital download from


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