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Album: Sights & Sounds - Monolith

Band: Sights & Sounds
Album: Monolith
Label: Smallman Records
Year: 2009

01. Sorrows
02. Shudder St.Kilda
03. Storm And The Sun
04. The Clutter
05. Neighbours
06. The Furthest Truth
07. Pedal Against The Wind
08. Night Train
09. Reconcile
10. Borderlines
11. Subtle Severe
12. Sorrows II
13. Pillars
14. Hidden Track
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On new years weekend 2006, 2 brothers and 2 friends got together to record a song that had been written. That weekend Sights & Sounds was created. With members spanning across Canada, they would get together as often as they could in between tours and commitments with their other projects ( Comeback Kid, Sick City, Company X Audio) writing and recording their songs. Over the last year they have worked on their craft and recorded a 6 song demo… now set to take on the world with their full album. Sights and Sounds is about more than just music. It is a celebration of friendship and passion. Don’t stop…

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Album: Oceana - Birth.Eater

Band: Oceana
Album: Birth.Eater
Label: Rise Records
Year: 2009

01. Breather II.
02. The Family Disease
03. The Constrictor
04. Dead Speaker
05. Mother Love
06. In Birth
07. Boneworks
08. The Abortion Plan
09. Boa
10. I Came As Dust, I Left As Dust
11. The Spine Collection
12. Devil Walk, God Walk (Heaven Walk, Hell Walk)
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BirthEater is the second full-length album from post-hardcore band Oceana and first impressions are it’s fucking creepy, dark and melodic. Going in a completely different direction and experimenting with different time signatures and unconventional chord progressions, it’s hard to believe this is the band that brought out The Tide.

BirthEater sees the addition of a new vocalist Brennan Taulbee (taking over from Keith Jones the ex-vocalist who did vocals on The Tide) and drummer Denny - although opinions seem to be mixed on the new replacement members.

All of the songs on BirthEater paint the picture of abandonment, sadness, pro-life, miscarriages and abortions - but Brennan seems to make this theme work for the album as it is his story (he was supposedly meant to be aborted when his mother was pregnant with him). BirthEater is so amazing that it sounds like Oceana are a completely new band, they sound completely different.

I think a lot of people are only saying that BirthEater is less technical than The Tide is because they don’t sound like the same band as they used too, I think change is good. There’s no point in being a band if you’re not going to step out of your comfort zone every once in a while. Thrice seem to accomplish this feat with ease.

Lyrics such as “something didn’t want you to live in me, my body rejected you, you don’t belong to me and after the body’s clean they have to make room, for me to sleep” sung in ‘Dead Speaker’ give you an uneasy feeling, they sound creepy, Brennan passionately sings every single word with a slight tremor in his voice.

Brennan obviously has a talent for writing lyrics that appease to the ears and also manage to hit you right in the heart at the same time, songs with meaning are far more pleasing to listen to than songs with no originality or message in them.

Buy from: MerchNOW | SmartPunk | Interpunk
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Album: Bird From The Abyss - I

Band: Bird From The Abyss
Album: I
Label: Self Released
Year: 2009

01. Intro / Beginning At The Center Of Chaos / Azathoth And Flute
02. Song To The Great Black Fox
03. Ways Of Slaughter
04. Abdul Alhazred's Anxiety

Times are a-changing. Even evil music is changing. Remember 80’s and 90’s black metal imagery. Most of them seem hella gimmicky these days. Yet a new breed of evil music makes rounds these days, whether it’s KTL’s black noise, Sunn)))O’s sludge, Grails’ unholy stoner rock or Funeral Folk, there’s some sinister music brewing around the world with images of alchemy and sorcery.

I, debut EP from Finnish composer Bird From The Abyss is one of the most sinister & unholy ritual music you’ll be hearing these days. "Music from the unknown depths according to Gods long forgotten. One man anti-band playing instruments identified as classical guitar, flute, zither, synths, percussion, electric guitar and more". It’s released for free on but you can also buy a limited CDR.

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Album: Collapse Under The Empire - Systembreakdown

Band: Collapse Under The Empire
Album: Systembreakdown
Label: Self Released
Year: 2009

01. Monumental Sequence
02. Sky Falling
03. Innocence
04. The Taste Of Last Summer
05. Quiet Dimension
06. Environmental Obsession
07. Turn
08. Depending On You
09. Further Than The End Of The World
10. Buried In Pieces
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Thank you Rene for this one!

Collapse Under The Empire is an instrumental/post-rock band. They formed 2007 and released their debut album Systembreakdown (2009) on their own.
Systembreakdown displays acute instrumental sensibility, using pianos and synths with guitar-battering crescendos. You’ll find no nine minute epic. Sometimes there’s oddly reminiscent of bands like “God is an Astronaut” or “Mogwai”. Most of the songs are alternating between electro-bleeps and powerful guitar explosions; it’s both disturbing and seductive.
As with Collapse Under The Empire’s debut EP Paintball they have succeeded their specific post rock sound, combining epic guitars with chilled electronic elements and a portion melancholic mood.

Official Site
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Album: French Teen Idol - El Siete Es La Luz

Band: French Teen Idol
Album: El Siete Es La Luz
Label: Self Released
Year: 2009

01. Rome Shrugged
02. I Want George Soros
03. War Is Kind
04. Fragile Chords
05. The Constant
06. Last Train To Santiago
07. El Siete Es La Luz
08. Prendre Son Temps
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French Teen Idol is an instrumental solo-project run by the Roman artist Andrea Di Carlo, offering layers of strings and piano melodies, pseudo-glitch drum beats, wanna-be post-rock crescendos and weird vocal samples.

Lovers of Sigur Rós, M83, God Is An Astronaut and The Album Leaf may appreciate FTI's musical proposal.

On May 29, 2005, "French Teen Idol"'s self-titled debut album has been released by the Canadian netlabel Nishi, soon becoming the catalogue's most downloaded release. On October 2005, the song Shouting can have different meanings has appeared on Losing Today's compilation (Italian version).

"Enlightened False Consciousness", French Teen Idol's second full length album, has been released on April 5, 2007 by the post-rock netlabel Lost Children. On September 7, 2007, a limited cd edition (500 copies) of Enlightened False Consciousness has been released.

June 1st, 2009 is the release date of "El Siete Es La Luz", the third album by Andrea Di Carlo. Slightly more guitar-oriented, the 8 songs confirm FTI's proposal and invite you to a unique musical journey.

Official Site
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Album: GIfts From Enola - From Fathoms

Band: Gifts From Enola
Album: From Fathoms
Label: The Mylene Sheath
Year: 2009


01. Benthos
02. Weightless Frame
03. Weightless Thought
04. Trieste
05. Resurface
06. Melted Wings
07. Thawed Horizon
08. Aves
Download (pw:

Gifts From Enola is a post-rock band from Virginia, USA. The band received the Silent Ballet title of "release of the month" in September 2006 for their album "Loyal Eyes Betrayed The Mind." Their musical style has been described as a "mathy post-rock sound...nuanced clean guitars with the bombast of distortion and a driving hard-rock vibe", and has been compared with other influential post rock bands such as Mogwai and Explosions In the Sky.

From Fathoms, which has been meticulously tweaked and worked on for the past two years, is the mature and natural follow-up to the band's 2006 debut. Drawing on influences as diverse as Botch, Deftones, and Converge as much as their post-rock contemporaries, From Fathoms is a journey directly into the depths of unspoken pathos and Paleolithic barbarism.

Opening with an ambient guitar and shaking cymbols and ending with harmonious and hopeful shouts to heaven seven songs later, From Fathoms plays end to end almost seamlessly.

While Gifts From Enola incorporates two guitar players on From Fathoms (a third was added after the recording), a bass player and a drummer, their arsenal of sound and noise is unrelenting and daunting. As the conclusion of one song bleeds into the next, it coagulates into something substantial before flowing elsewhere. “Weightless Frame” turns a dying symbol smash into a lonesome harmonica as the song fades to a wall of noise, until the next song, “Weightless Thought,” opens with an alarm clock and completely new tempo.

From Fathoms is full of moments of inspiration and beauty, most notably in “Melted Wings,” as the ethereal tapping of drum sticks and airy chords toy with climax until the sky eventually opens up. However, Gifts From Enola are at their best when their music unleashes pent up hell – vocals muddled and yelled to complete oblivion, bass and guitar forming an uncontested cataclysm. “Trieste” waits six minutes before exploding into the most terrifying and deafening wall of sound on the album, and although the band can rely too heavily on primitively smashing on cymbals, their capability of destruction is thoroughly impressive.

At its core, From Fathoms is an album of past regrets and frustrations being exorcised and washed away, with the realization that tomorrow brings change. As the post-rock machine rusts and crumbles under its own weight, that change is necessary. From Fathoms has taken the genre and redefined it, pushing boundaries and setting new precedents for what post-rock can accomplish it in the future.

Official Site
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Album: Anduin & Jasper TX - The Bending Of Light (Split)

Band: Anduin & Jasper TX
Album: The Bending Of Light (Split)
Label: SMTG Limited
Year: 2009

01. A Beam of Light Folds Back Upon Itself…
02. …Producing Great Jets of Radiation
03. Everything Disappears in a Tunnel of Light…
04. …Where a Star Once Was
05. Like the Foot Prints of an Invisible Man…
06. …Walking in the Snow

The Bending Of Light is a collaboration between Gothenburg Sweden's Jasper TX (aka Dag Rosenqvist) and Richmond Virginia's Anduin (aka Jonathan Lee). These six tracks, titled with quotes from Carl Sagan about the formation of a black hole, are monstrous vacuums of darkness broken apart by rays of light. The deep guitar tones and wavering synthesizers layered over waves of textured sound creates electronica that's totally subtle yet strikingly beautiful. A wonderful addition to both artist's growing catalog of music. Artwork by Dan Owen. Mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate). LP version is limited 300 copies in silkscreened jackets with both the vinyl and the CD inside.

Anduin is the solo project of Souvenir’s Young America’s Jonathan Lee. He constructs dense ambient/drone sounds with a collage of found sounds and rupturing static. Named in honour of Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings


Jasper TX
Jasper TX is Dag Rosenqvist, a now grown man who started studying double bass and participated in bands from an early age. When he discovered recording through a borrowed 4-track cassette recorder Jasper TX was born. His music is mainly guitar driven but when a layer of drums, voices, organs, toy pianos, field recordings and effects are added it becomes something quite special and unique.

So far Jasper TX has released an album called ‘I’ll be long gone before my light reaches you’ on the label Lampse and a limited edition 3” on Kning Disk called ‘So now we’re ghosts no more’.

His music can be compared to artists such as Fennesz, Sigur Ros, múm and Tape but is really something of its own.


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Album: eaststrikewest - demo

Band: eaststrikewest
Album: 3-track demo
Label: self-released
Year: 2009

01. Stumble
02. The Architect
03. Electricity
Download (pw:

eaststrikewest are a six piece band from Essex that formed in late 2007 following the fragmentation of previous project threemovements. Drawing influences from a multitude of genres, their sound is a collage of epic soundscapes, soaring melodies and ambient electronica coupled with layered guitars, pounding rhythmic drums and an anthemic orchestral backing. Frequent comparisons have been made with acts such as Sigur Ros, Spiritualized, My Bloody Valentine, Doves and Elbow. Having already played sold out shows across the UK with Cult of Luna, The Ghost of a Thousand, Devil Sold His Soul and countless other established acts, eaststrikewest will continue touring extensively around the UK in the coming months, due to a strong following and growing interest from within the industry.

* eaststrikewest's first demo here

Buy (This 3-track demo is given for free if you buy the band's t-shirt. So, support the band they really deserve it!)
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Album: Sleeping In Gethsemane - Burrows

Band: Sleeping In Gethsemane
Album: Burrows
Label: Init Records
Year: 2009

01. Always A Triumph
02. Tempereance
03. Love As An Expression Of Gravity
04. Chokecherries
05. Survival
06. Interlude
07. Applauding Arrival Of The End
08. We Refuse To Envy Mars
Download (pw:

In the ocean of droning, doomy instrumental post-hardcore bands, Sleeping In Gethsemane breathes a fresh breath of air with their instrumental music, full of energy and life (and even the occasional non-mic’ed vocal scream here and there). Formed at the end of 2005 and influenced by their desolate surroundings of North Dakota’s Great Plains, Sleeping In Gethsemane also took hints from bands like Russian Circles and Explosions In The Sky while maintaining a level of energy and excitement, especially during their live performances, often lacking in instrumental bands today. Sleeping In Gethsemane transcends genres and fans, sharing stages with both the likely and unlikely. After achieving praise from regional press for their self-released debut CD, The Great White North, the band decided it was time to look for a label and focus on touring. Their follow-up album, Burrows, is a well polished collection of eight songs clocking in at 48 minutes, recorded in Minneapolis, MN at the Devil’s Workshop (Battlefields, Off With Their Heads).

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Album: Tides From Nebula - Aura

Band: Tides From Nebula
Album: Aura
Label: Rockers Publishing
Year: 2009

01. Shall We?
02. Sleepmonster
03. Higgs Boson
04. Svalbard
05. Tragedy Of Joseph Merrick
06. Purr
07. It Takes More Than One Kind Of Telescope To See The Light
08. When There Were No Connections
09. Apricot
Download (pw:

Tides From Nebula were created in January 2008. They have been playing music for a long time, but now they decided to join the forces to create something a little different, than their root-bands. Tides from Nebula just released their debut album ‘Aura’. Stay tuned and check out their blog, which will be some kind of ’studio diary’ for some time.

Official Site
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Album: Gordon's Tsunami Week - Dropped By Branches (EP)

Band: Gordon's Tsunami Week
Album: Dropped By Branches (EP)
Label: Self-released
Year: 2009


01. Aereotsunami
02. Bleeding Walls
03. Angel Is Your Friend
04. Passing Through
05. Band Of The Story

Founded in 2001 by Sebastian Ziegler(piano, guitar, samples) and Tobias Engler(guitar) as an instrumental project, gordon’s tsunami week tries to unify soulful melodies and brute walls of sound. Influenced by bands like mono, explosions in the sky, envy, mogwai, 65daysofstatic, sigur rós, bohren & der club of gore, russian circles, deftones, dredg and aereogramme, they’re trying to catch atmosphere and express it experimentally. Different instruments (among others: violin, lapsteel guitar and spherical samples) are assisting to set courses and to achieve a dreamy, gloomily character. Additional members of gordon’s tsunami week are: Jörg Schmaus(drums), Christian Bachmann(violin), Nepomuk Zettl(guitar), Florian Popp(bass)

Dropped by Branches is the band's second ep. You can find their first ep, A Place For Nowhere (2007), here

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Album : Blackwaves - 0130

Band: Blackwaves
Album: 0130
Label: Forgotten Empire
Year: 2009

01 . 0131 BQ
02 . 0132 H7
03 . 0133 6C
04 . 0134 E9
05 . 0135 8P
06 . 0136 FF
Download (pw:

Blackwaves is an instrumental band from Bielefeld/Münster, Germany (feature ex-members of Kinetic Crash Cooperation, Junes Tragic Drive, Lovesong Company, Cheerleaders Of The Apocalypse) and playing epic instrumental menacing wall of sound derived from percussion, guitar, bass and synthesizer, massive riffs and driving rhythms - crushing, hypnotic soundscapes in the brotherhood of bands like Cult Of Luna or even Torche. "0130" contains 6 tracks of devastating power and emotion that will destroy you with its beautiful, black heaviness. Blackwaves will soon be a name that will not be forgotten!

Limited, handnumbered tour-edition of just 300 copies on clear vinyl with a nice screen-printed cover!

To buying the LP, contact the band through their Myspace page
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Album: Closure In Moscow - First Temple

Band: Closure In Moscow
Album: First Temple
Label: Equal Vision Records
Year: 2009

01. Kissing Cousins
02. Reindeer Age
03. Sweet#hart
04. Vanguard
05. A Night At The Spleen
06. I'm A Ghost Of Twilight
07. Permafrost
08. Deluge
09. Afterbirth
10. Arecibo Message
11. Couldn't Let You Love Me
12. Had To Put It In The Soil
Download (pw:

Closure in Moscow is an Australian progressive rock band from Melbourne, Victoria, formed in 2006. The band comprises lead vocalist Chris De Cinque, drummer Beau McKee, guitarist and vocalist Mansur Zennelli, bassist Brad Kimber and guitarist Michael Barrett.

Only 18 months after first forming, Closure in Moscow signed to Taperjean Records and released their debut EP (self-proclaimed 'albumette') in 2008, titled The Penance and the Patience.They have established a name for themselves with an array of shows in their home country alongside international acts such as Saosin,Coheed and Cambria, Aiden, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, A Static Lullaby, Street Drum Corps and Unwritten Law.The band's debut studio album, First Temple, is scheduled for release in May 2009.

Official Site
Buy: Australia | U.S.
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Album: Maybeshewill - Sing The Word Hope In Four-Part Harmony

Band: Maybeshewill
Album: Sing The Word Hope In Four-Part Harmony
Label: Field (UK/EU), XTAL (JP)
Year: 2009

01. You Can't Shake Hands With A Clenched Fist
02. Co-Conspirators
03. This Time Last Year
04. Accept And Embrace
05. How To Have Sex With A Ghost
06. Our History Will Be What We Make Of It
07. Last Time This Year
08. Sing The Word Hope In Four-Part Harmony
Download (pw:

Maybeshewill is spelt with a capital M and no spaces - It's one word, not three. Maybeshewill like the way the name sounds, not the meanings of its constituent parts.

Maybeshewill don't really like the way the music 'industry' works and so they try to do as much as they can in a 'DIY' Fashion. They record, mix and master their records themselves, book their own shows and run their own label which releases music by bands that they think deserve more attention.

If you want to talk to them about anything (at all) you can send them a message through Myspace or use the email over there <--. They will usually reply. In the past three years Maybeshewill has...

Released an EP, album, single, split 7" and split 12" in the UK, Europe and Japan, toured the UK with Fight Fire With Water, Worriedaboutsatan and And So I Watch You From Afar (though not at the same time), toured Japan with Ovum, been Huw Stephens' album of the week, played with the likes of Foals, Johnny Truant, 65daysofststic and Amusement Parks On Fire (as well as several hundred others), started their own record label, played the Dot To Dot, Hockley Hustle, Summer Sundae and Brainwash Festivals and been very bored in vans and on aeroplanes for a large proportion of their lives.

On 1st June 2009 Maybeshewill will release their second full-length record, entitled 'Sing The Word Hope In Four-Part Harmony'.

There are more plans afoot, but then there always is...

Official Site
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Album: Blindead - Impulse EP

Band: Blindead
Album: Impulse EP
Label: Foreshadow Music
Year: 2009

01. Impulse
02. Between
03. Distant Earths
Download (pw:

Blindead was founded in 1999 by Michal Zimorski (Zima) - bass and Mateusz Smierzchalski (Havoc) - guitar. Few months later, Marek Zielinski (Deadman) - guitar, Konrad Ciesielski - drums and Patryk Adamczyk - vocals, joined the band. It was a casual project made for pleasure rather than a professional band. Besides, in the same time, Havoc became the guitarist of Behemoth and it was his priority.

Initially, the group under the name of Incorrect Personality recorded a demo material. In 2002, the band decided to record their first album with Arek “Malta” Malczewski in Hendrix studio and in Tower studio in the city of Wroclaw. However, session wasnt finished because the singer Patryk Adamczyk decided to leave I.P.

Searching of new frontman took over one year. Finally, in the middle of 2003 Patryk Zwolinski (Nick) showed up. By that time he was a member of Neolithic. Due to his voice tone and excellent contact with the rest of the line up, he turned out to be perfect for the frontman position. Definitely, it was a breakthrough for them. Two months later, the group under new name, recorded demo material, titled Dig for me.

After his farewell tour in United States, Havoc left Behemoth, inter alia to devote playing in Blindead. From this moment, the band was playing regular rehersals. The outcomes came immediately, as the style of the group developed.

Official Site

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