Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Album: Sleeping In Gethsemane - Burrows

Band: Sleeping In Gethsemane
Album: Burrows
Label: Init Records
Year: 2009

01. Always A Triumph
02. Tempereance
03. Love As An Expression Of Gravity
04. Chokecherries
05. Survival
06. Interlude
07. Applauding Arrival Of The End
08. We Refuse To Envy Mars
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In the ocean of droning, doomy instrumental post-hardcore bands, Sleeping In Gethsemane breathes a fresh breath of air with their instrumental music, full of energy and life (and even the occasional non-mic’ed vocal scream here and there). Formed at the end of 2005 and influenced by their desolate surroundings of North Dakota’s Great Plains, Sleeping In Gethsemane also took hints from bands like Russian Circles and Explosions In The Sky while maintaining a level of energy and excitement, especially during their live performances, often lacking in instrumental bands today. Sleeping In Gethsemane transcends genres and fans, sharing stages with both the likely and unlikely. After achieving praise from regional press for their self-released debut CD, The Great White North, the band decided it was time to look for a label and focus on touring. Their follow-up album, Burrows, is a well polished collection of eight songs clocking in at 48 minutes, recorded in Minneapolis, MN at the Devil’s Workshop (Battlefields, Off With Their Heads).


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Mikey said...

I know these guys personally. their band is crazy good live. see them if possible!

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