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Album: We Lost The Sea - Crimea

Band: We Lost The Sea
Album: Crimea
Label: Self Released
Year: 2010

01. The Vessel
02. Hail! Star Of The Sea
03. Balaklava Cold
04. Siege Of Sevastapol
05. March To Scutari

We Lost The Sea are an experimental / post-metal nine-piece from Sydney, Australia that incorporate relentless sludge with post-rock atmospherics to sculpt their sound.
They are currently touring for the release of their debut album Crimea.

"The fog set in, this early morning voyage to an unknown. The only thing that stood between us and the torrents below was the vessel in which we lay the very lives whose meaning is yet to be determined. As we sleep in the heart of the sea. I speak of a voyage in which I know nothing but what we are sent to do, to achieve. I often wonder if the reality of this life will come close to the pictures in my mind, a new beginning, a chance to help, an adventure. Now with naval supremacy hanging in the balance, the monarch must retain her ruling hand, instructed to trust the man by your side, and I question my willingness to take part.

While I sleep on her back, this night prevails as the bow reaches unfamiliar seas, the darkness speaks only whispers, and I am compelled to listen. And through this uncertainty I find my solace, the one shining light that will guide me through, and even while I sleep I pray to find meaning in the darkest of nights…and she whispers Hail! Star of the Sea. And with her voice nothing but an echo in a dream I will obey…

A cold I cannot describe, a feeling I cannot shake, it’s been weeks as an unforgiving winter grips the very thing that keeps us going. When my mind is clear I think back to our voyage, the serenity, the calm and now all I can feel is an unwillingness to proceed. I’m losing myself, my friends and the worst thing about Balaklava is the nature of her night takes more lives than the hailing gunfire I was taught to elude.

I feel lost, wrapped in whirlwinds…I find myself losing grip and the ever growing silence of my allies overwhelms me and I ask myself is this how I pictured the end of the world? And right there I lose myself, finding myself again, asleep in the heart of sea, and though I am forced, I will not take part.

The vast landscapes of decaying flesh echoed by the cannon fire that lights the night sky red, takes over, it engulfs me and the solace I had once found escapes me.

Sevastopol, a city asleep…. An unwilling participant, the fight she now owns. The men are quiet and as this bear paw rests our chance is clear, we must fight. An imminent battle approaches and we rally together allied as one. Our final instruction and we were told;

“You must die where you stand”

Now with the last marching orders repeating in my mind I feel I have fallen, I lie motionless, I can’t speak, the muffled sound of gunfire and weary voices is fading and all I can see are the faces, the forlorn stares of the men I trusted with my life, the men that trusted me. I feel defeated, and right there I am taken back to the vessel from which we came, maybe now I can finally rest, maybe now I can once again sleep in the heart of the sea. Is this the part where I am set free from a burden I tried to revolt? And with that thought I am sailing, no longer asleep and I witness a decaying horizon, the most amazing thing I’ve seen, in part this final journey to a once blinding light releases me, and gives me the strength to leave, and to follow those who have fallen before me.

And as Scutari nears, soldiers appear. They said to trust the man by your side, and now I know why… the men that lived and the men that died will hold your hand while you sleep, forever sailing, her calming touch relaxes me

And these soldiers sing “we will forever roam this land, living an eternal life”

For now I live as a king, an immortal. And you will remember me, but most of all I will never forget Crimea."

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Album: 65daysofstatic - We Were Exploding Anyway

Band: 65daysofstatic
Album: We Were Exploding Anyway
Label: Hassle Records
Year: 2010

01. Mountainhead
02. Crash Tactics
03. Dance Dance Dance
04. Piano Fights
05. Weak4
06. Come To Me
07. Go Complex
08. Debutante
09. Tiger Girl

65daysofstatic began in Sheffield, United Kingdom in 2001 as Iain Armstrong, Paul Wolinski and Joe Shrewsbury. Contrary to popular belief, they did not originally form to try to write music to fit the unreleased and little known John Carpenter film, ‘Stealth Bomber’ (starring Kurt Russell). Instead, they took their name from the 1954 CIA-backed coup d’etat in Guatemala. There, the CIA disabled Guatemalan communication systems while spreading propaganda, leading to the overthrow of the government.

65daysofstatic (also known by the abbreviation 65dos or 65days) are an instrumental electronic and post-rock band from Sheffield, UK. Their debut album, The Fall of Math (2004), was released to critical acclaim.

The band intersperses heavy, progressive, guitar-driven instrumental sections with both idm-esque programmed and live drums. Their albums, as a result, maintain a distinctively gritty, almost industrial feel.

Armstrong left in May 2003, Feedle (Graham Clarke) then joined for a brief period and played a part in writing the band’s first single from The Fall of Math, Retreat! Retreat!. By the end of 2003 Rob Jones (drums) and Gareth Hughes (bass) had been recruited, increasing the band to four members. Gareth left around the time of the release of their debut album, The Fall of Math, to be replaced by Simon Wright.

The second album, One Time for All Time (2005), had a discrete success. In the same year they remixed Burn from the album Crimson by Alkaline Trio. The track appears on one 7inch vinyl out of a set of 2.

The third LP, The Destruction of Small Ideas (2007), was indeed a hit with fans and critics. It was anticipated by the release of its single Don’t Go Down to Sorrow.

Their live album, Escape From New York, was released on 20th April 2009 and featured two new tracks: No Use Crying Over (Some Techno) and Four Score and (Some Drum ‘n’ Bass).

The fourth LP, We Were Exploding Anyway (2010) has been released on 26th April 2010.

Official Site
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Album: Empires - Freshwater Reflection EP

Band: Empires
Album: Freshwater Reflection EP
Label: Mind Over Matter Records
Year: 2010

01. Sun Settles Before Us
02. Horizon Ablaze
03. Trances
04. Freshwater Reflection

Empires hails from Minneapolis MN, and consists of 4 members. The band is purely instrumental and has doom metal tendencies. They have 2 demos and an album called Through Trial and Tribulation Comes Triumph, released on Saw Her Ghost Records during the summer of 2007.

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Album: Post Harbor - They Can't Hurt You If You Don't Believe In Them

Band: Post Harbor
Album: They Can't Hurt You If You Don't Believe In Them
Label: Burning Building Recordings
Year: 2010

01. Ponaturi
02. Cities Of The Interior
03. Shirakashi
04. With A Line Graph I Can Tell the Future
05. The End Of Something Great Is Coming
06. Alia's Fane
07. Augustine
08. Caves, Hollow Trees And Other Dwellings
09. For Example, This Is A Corpse
10. Intro

Post Harbor is a Seattle-based rock band, which formed in 2004. Members include Kenny Ball, Brandon Bogan, Anthony Carlucci, Aaron Gustafson, Colin Isler. Their debut album "Praenumbra" was self-released in 2007. Their second album, titled "They Can’t Hurt You If You Don’t Believe In Them”, was released in 2010 by Burning Building Recordings.

Official Site
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Album: Year Of No Light - Ausserwelt

Band: Year Of No Light
Album: Ausserwelt
Label: Conspiracy Records / Music Fear Satan
Year: 2010

01. Perséphone I
02. Perséphone II
03. Hiérophante
04. Abbesse

Year Of No Light spent most of the last 4 years spreading its enthralling psychedelic warfare to a continually growing audience. Alongside they parted ways with their singer (R.I.P) and recruited two other thirsty mercenaries. Shiran, of über-doom combo “Monarch!”, brings now his chthonian six strings to an already massive cathedral of noise and ambient drone tones. Mathieu, of deviant-electronics act “Aeroflot”, strengthens ritualistic tribal rhythm patterns.

Out of their cave, they secluded into an old theater to record these 4 tracks catching every possible vibration of the trembling frame of this enlivened a new mansion. All the energy collected at that very moment forms “Ausserwelt”, the sophomore album of Year Of No Light. Mystical emanations flow out of these riffs colliding into each other to an in ear-splitting shriek. Cranked amps and molested drums hurl their mourning chant as a choir intoning its final psalms at the dawn of the Last Judgment. Year Of No Light follows the path opened by “Nord” towards more somber psychedelics, creating its own blend of black metal, sludge, drone or any other influence marked with the seal of darkness.

Still no caps, no core neither stupid modern nihilism but instead an ambiguous electrical network of acting singularities, now ready to afford the collective metaphysical crash to come.

Official Site
Buy Conspiracy Records | Music Fear Satan
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Video: Kingdom - Ruina

Kingdom's "Ruina" from the forthcoming album "Hemeltraan".

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Album: Cobalt - Gin

Band: Cobalt
Album: Gin
Label: Profound Lore Records
Year: 2009

01. Gin
02. Dry Body
03. Arsonry
04. Throat
05. Stomach
06. A Clean Well Lighted Place
07. Pregnant Insect
08. Two Thumbed Fist
09. The Old Man Who Lied His Entire Life
10. A Starved Horror
11. Hidden Track

Ever since their inception in the late nineties, Colorado’s (sometimes controversial) Cobalt have slowly, and slyly, made a reputation within the underground black metal scene, more or less amongst the “war metal” sphere of the scene…

Their debut album (which followed their awesome “Hammerfight” EP), aptly titled “War Metal” (released on Displeased Records) showed Cobalt’s creative prowess within the genre by offering a shape-shifting dose of war metal brutality and black metal rawness that made them one of the more unique and underrated acts within the scene.

With the band’s surging new epic, “Eater of Birds”, Cobalt are pretty much destined to set a new standard as Cobalt have taken an immense leap forward, tenfold, from their debut. But that’s just only scratching the surface…

Recorded at Flatline Audio and produced by Dave Otero (Cephalic Carnage) “Eater of Birds” not only embraces the band’s vicious take on chaotic brutal avant-garde black/war metal and blackthrash, but take things to a new artistic level in every possible manner. By incorporating the epic crushing monolithicism of Neurosis and Swans, and taking blackened war metal to new unconventional brutally warped levels, amongst ritualistic shaman-like rhythms and pulsations, through its 70-plus minute pillage, “Eater of Birds” is an unforgettable audial scourge through vast bizarre landscapes and ocean-like terrain.

And speaking of Swans, “Eater of Birds” features a guest appearance by none other than Jarboe on the tracks “Invincible Sun” and a moving appearance on “Androids, Automatons, And Nihilists”, her first official foray into extreme metal.

On March 17th 2009, Cobalt released their magnum opus, “Gin”.

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Video: Thisquietarmy - Aftermath Teaser

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Video: Amenra - Razoreater

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Album: Khoma - A Final Storm

Band: Khoma
Album: A Final Storm
Label: Selective Notes / Razzia Records
Year: 2010

01. Army Of One
02. From The Hands Of Sinners
03. Harvest
04. Osiris
05. A Final Storm
06. Inquisition
07. The Tide
08. All Like Serpents
09. In It For Fighting
10. By The Gallows
11. Mist

After three years of silence Khoma finally surface. Late August 2009 Khoma began the recording of their third album, the follow-up to 2006 highly acclaimed “The Second Wave”. The new album - A final storm - will be released on the 14:th of April 2010.

Khoma was born in Umeå 2003, melding the aggression of the long established local hardcore scene and the burgeoning more diverse and emotive pop scene. A few months in, things were beginning to take off. A limited 1000-disc run of the debut album ‘Tsunami’ was released and quickly sold out. It was reprinted and, pretty much instantly, sold out again. The band was taken by surprise by the overwhelming response and signed with a management company to enable them to keep focusing on the music, rather than the business.

In 2006, without having signed a record deal, Khoma started working on their second album. The pre-production immediately caught the eyes of several labels, Scandinavian, European and American. In 2005 Khoma signed with Roadrunner Records (home of Khoma anti-thesis like Slipknot, Nickelback, Sepultura, Machine Head and more), giving the band the financial possibilities of fully explore their musical vision.

The result became ‘The second wave’, a harsh, emotional, and intense mixture of sweeping melodies and roaring guitars. In the bands home country, Sweden, reviewers collectively voted it “best album of 2006” and in Europe critics hailed the newcomers. The members of Khoma meet the phenomenal response with gratitude, but had no real intention of using the situation to try and propel the band to higher levels. - The result became ‘The second wave’, a harsh, emotional, and intense mixture of sweeping melodies and roaring guitars. In the bands home country, Sweden, reviewers collectively voted it “best album of 2006” and in Europe critics hailed the newcomers. The members of Khoma was, and still is, about the creative process, our collective effort. Our main concern has always been writing music, explains Jämte. - Khoma is a breathing space where different personalities and musical styles fuse, Jämte elaborates. not in this to ‘make it’, we just want to be able to create and fully explore the possibilities and limitation of this collective. We have a vision of creating heavy music that reflects more feelings than just sheer aggression, sometimes whispering can be more powerful than screaming.

After a few intense and intimate concerts and festivals in 2006 and early 2007, Khoma disappeared. The web page shut down, no new messages were posted on the internet and no concerts were held. Almost three years of silence followed, and followers began thinking After a few intense and intimate concerts and festivals in 2006 and early 2007, Khoma has split up without any notice.

- We have never stopped writing music or playing together, says Jämte. We just felt we wanted to concentrate our energy on writing. During the Roadrunner-era a lot of our time was spent on administration, planning and talking about what to do next. We wanted to focus solely on creating and playing music, and that..s what we have done.

2009 Khoma decided it was time to surface, and also regroup. The experience with international labels, agents and managements had convinced the members to move their entire setup closer, back to Sweden.

- We wanted to work with friends, not companies. Luckily Anders Fridén (In Flames) approached us, wanting Khoma to be the first band on their new label/management Selective Notes. Their ideas reflected a lot of what we had been thinking about during the last years, so we definitely wanted to give it a go, says Jämte.

In late August 2009 Khoma entered the studio to record their third album, “A final storm”. The release date for Scandinavia was set to April the 14th. Around the same time as the release of the new album, Khoma have also lunched their new web page.

Official Page
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Album: Lethe - Mnemosyne

Band: Lethe
Album: Mnemosyne
Label: Reptile Records
Year: 2009

01. Mother Milk Eyes
02. New Queens
03. Mnemosyne
04. Open Harvest
05. Therefore Let Us Feed

"Mnemosyne proves an enjoyable if mostly familiar listen, its quiet moments offering a solace from the weighty stoner doom otherwise dominant throughout. Lethe might be post-metal were their approach more pretentious, but as it stands, their psychedelia works on an accessible spectrum to combine warm, natural elements into a compound of vibes easily dug by prog nerds and stoner heads alike." - The Obelisk

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Album: The Ocean - Heliocentric

Band: The Ocean
Album: Heliocentric
Label: Metal Blade Records / Pelagic Records
Year: 2010

01. Shamayim
02. Firmament
03. The First Commandment Of The Luminaries
04. Ptolemy Was Wrong
05. Metaphysics Of The Hangman
06. Catharsis Of A Heretic
07. Swallowed By The Earth
08. Epiphany
09. The Origin Of Species
10. The Origin Of God

Five Silhouettes, their backlit bodies moving frenetically in front of the monstrous LED lighting rigs, flashing synchronized to every little change in the music: watching The Ocean perform live is an experience. The videos, the lighting and more than anything, the music - orchestral, dense and epic - all contribute to that certain atmosphere that sets The Ocean apart from most of their peers in the realm of modern day's heavy music. The lynch-esque play with darkness and dynamics make it easy for the listener to get lost in the dismal oceanic spheres.

After close to 400 shows all over the world, supporting bands like Opeth, Cult Of Luna, The Black Dahlia Murder and Isis and successful headlining tours in Europe and the US, the addition of vocalist Loic Rossetti marks the final step in a recent development within the band: after 8 years of existence, The Ocean has transformed from a collective into a band.

Official Site
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Album: Souvenir's Young America - The Name Of The Snake

Band: Souvenir's Young America
Album: The Name Of The Snake
Label: Init Records
Year: 2010

01. Water (Forgetting The Past)
02. Vanishing (Remaining)
03. Dust (Erasing The Future)
04. Amnesia (A Victors History)
05. 6:38
06. 3:17
07. 9:18

Souvenir’s Young America is a three piece instrumental band from Richmond VA. They create sounds that could be called electronic, metal, prog, post-rock and ambient all at once, making something very different and new. They tour a few times a year and are and they are going to release their new album on April.
It will be out on LP and CD on Init Records this April. They recorded it last year with John Morand at Sound of Music and it sounds great. James Plotkin made it sound even better during mastering. Then Sasha Barr finished the art and it looks fantastic. The vinyl will be limited and the CDs have bonus tracks... the September Songs 12" remastered and available on CD for the first time.

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Video: La Dispute - Such Small Hands

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Album: So Hideous, My Love... - I Balance A Daydream On The Edge Of A Knife EP

Band: So Hideous, My Love...
Album: I Balance A Daydream On The Edge Of A Knife EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2010

01. Lock And Key
02. Dawn Fades On This Son
03. The Two Witnesses

Yearning for a sound that could encapsulate both the epic tendencies of classical music and post-rock with the raw emotionality of hardcore and black metal ,So Hideous, My Love... was conceived by composer/guitarist Brandon Cruz in the winter of 2008. Early 2009 saw Jack Marshall, Rob Browning and Jose Marmolejos join the project, each bringing a unique playing style and musical perspective. So Hideous, My Love... have released their first EP titled "I Balance A Daydream On The Edge Of A Knife" in early 2010.

Official Site
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Video: Jakob - Magna Carta (Live) New Song

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News: Godspeed You! Black Emperor end hiatus

After seven years of hiatus, the legendary Godspeed You! Black Emperor have returned announcing their plans for shows in England, Europe and nine American towns for the next winter. The band will be curating and playing at ATP Nightmare Before Christmas 2010, which takes place during 3rd-5th December at Butlins Holiday Centre, Minehead.

The band's statement was published in a mysterious new site. The typewritten letter reads as follows:

"after a decade’s retreat, god’s pee has decided to roll again.
we are, as always, stoked, stubborn and petrified.
it's been awhile, and left in the rain, the brakes have rusted and seized- we'll have to go at it with hammers probably, with elbow grease and with fury, just like the old days all over again.
we look forward to it. also, moya's back in the fold (hallelujah!)

what we've been up to since the last time= a handful of other bands, and solitary roadtrips and wanderings, a couple of recording studios built, and a restaurant and 3 live venues also. a film soundtrack and 4 new kids and 3 new dogs. dead-end jobs. some farming and vegetable gardens. a small record label. acupuncture as a livelihood. and three of us just stayed on the road.

 current plans=a.t.p.u.k, a handful of british and european shows, and then 9 american towns.
until further introspection, WE WILL NOT BE FIELDING ANY OTHER OFFERS. nor will we be doing any interviews. inquiries directed to band, record label, or bookers will not be guaranteed a reply. alls we really want to do is the thing we do, heads down and leaned into the squall.

between now and the live-dates, there’ll be rivers of noise and distraction. and the internet is a petty tyrannical monster. please remember that really all that matters is the keep on keeping on. and all that really matters is the shows. and physical engagement in the world. and folks like us and folks like you.

thanks for understanding, and thank you for still listening.

see you next winter.

xoxoxox godspeed you! black emperor"

Great news for all the post-rock fans!
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Band: Raised By Swans

Band: Raised By Swans
Album: Codes And Secret Loging
Label: 1101
Year: 2005

01. A Cipher In A Foreign Sky
02. Violet Light
03. There Is No Escape
04. Capable Of Cruelty
05. Sandcastles
06. Still Inside You
07. Phantom Limb/Divided By Night
08. Relentless
09. Imagined Life
10. The Moment That I'll Miss
11. Scent
12. Drag The Morning
13. Unrequited/Stolen Lakes

Band: Raised By Swans
Album: Ghostless Place
Label: 1101
Year: 2010

01. We Were Never Young
02. Hail Of Arrows
03. Secret Garden / S.C.
04. Easier
05. Night Fighter
06. By An Ion
07. How Do These Hearts Unfold
08. The Waiting's Over
09. Old Fires
10. The Past Is The Prey
11. Longer Shadows, Shorter Days
12. There's Hope Yet
13. North Of Light's End

Raised by Swans is an indie rock band from London, Ontario, Canada. The band consists of singer-guitarist Eric Howden, guitarist Alex Wright, bassist Andy Magoffin, and drummer Brady Parr.
The band's first full-length album, Codes and Secret Longing, was recorded at Andy Magoffin's studio House of Miracles and released in March 2005 on their own label 1101.
Raised By Swans' song 'Violet Light' is featured in Douglas Coupland's film Everything's Gone Green, as well as being included on the soundtrack, released by American independent record label Lakeshore Records, a division of Lakeshore Entertainment.
Three of the band's songs are featured in Atom Egoyan's Adoration (2008). The band also appears as themselves in Atom Egoyan's Chloe, released in 2010.
The band released its second full-length album, No Ghostless Place on January 11, 2010.

Official Site
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Video: 65daysofstatic - We Were Exploding Anyway Album Teaser

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Event: Amenra & Steve Von Till live @ Dechenhöhle, Iserlohn // 01.04.2010

We would like to thank droned-in-music for the additional photos and melly strange for the videos. You can watch additional videos from the event & many more here.
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Video: My Own Private Alaska - After You

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Album: Cecilia::Eyes - Here Dead We Lie

Band: Cecilia::Eyes
Album: Here Dead We Lie
Label: dEPOT214
Year: 2010

01. Like Wolves.
02. For The Fallen
03. Anthem For Doomed Youth
04. Four Lost Soldiers
05. The Departure
06. Fifty Years Under The Tent
07. No Prayers, No Bells, No Homeland
08. Death For Treason

Founded in Autumn 2004, cecilia::eyes, composed of Christophe Thys (guitars), Xavier Waerenburgh (drums and keyboards), Pascal Thys (bass guitar), Michael Colart (guitars) and Gauthier Vilain (guitars & samples), is a subtle mixture of instrumental and dark music, with a taste for slow and noisy tunes... Listening to cecilia::eyes, is above all being ready to penetrate the oneiric universe that it calls upon. Rather comparable universe, in its evolution and its emotions, to the one of Mono, Mogwai or Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Having itself gradually freed from its references, the group managed to give breadth to its instrumental music, which sometimes escapes from the rigid contours of post-rock and deals enough with the shoegazer scene of the Nineties (Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins,…), but with a sophisticated sound representative of the recent productions. It results in a majestic and mysterious unity, oscillating between melancholy and hope...A few months after the release of “Mountain tops are sometimes closer to the Moon”, cecilia::eyes welcomed the guitarist Gauthier Vilain who will complete the line up by reinforcing the character of the band and bringing a more personal touch (vocals, samples,…). After two years of composition, cecilia::eyes records its new album “Here Dead We Lie” in winter 2009, in the studios of the label dEPOT214. This conceptual album creates its own post-romantic, dark and poetic universe, in the continuity of the previous one, with in backdrop the wounds caused during great world wars. Joel Grignard (Monsoon) is once again in charge of the coproduction while the mixing is entrusted to Rudy Coclet (Studios Caraïbes, Bxl). It will be out on April 16th, 2010...Very favorable reviews, an admission on the catalog of the « Program Rock » of the French community, and remarkable live shows at the sides of bands such as Apse, PGlost, iLiKETRAiNS, or A Silver Mount Zion and the Cranes, made cecilia::eyes a reference of the Belgian post rock catalog.

Official Site
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Album: Up There: The Clouds - Up There: The Clouds

Band: Up There: The Clouds
Album: Up There: The Clouds
Label: Frohike Records
Year: 2009

01. The Last Glimpse Of Hope In My Eyes
02. -
03. Your Words Are Meaningless
04. The Compromise Between Acceptance Of Reality And Will Of Change

"This surely is just a small glimpse of how great this band really could become". These are the words that Gary Davidson has written for the first release by Up There: the Clouds. They are young, they are from Rimini (Italy) and they are able to take post-rock and managed it to create something "that drip with so much originality." This EP comes in a handmade digipack, made under our DIY ethic with a unique artistic approach to the creation (you can read the explanation in the gallery page). The artwork is by Daniele Castellano, bass player in the band, and the digipacks are by Mangrovia.

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Album: My Sleeping Karma - Tri

Band: My Sleeping Karma
Album: Tri
Label: Elektrohasch
Year: 2010

01. Brahama
02. Parvati
03. Tamas
04. Sattva
05. Shiva
06. Vishnu
07. Lakshmi
08. Rajas
09. Sarasvati

Sometimes one creates a dynamic impression by saying something, and sometimes one creates as significant an impression by remaining silent. My Sleeping Karma combines the organic aspect of psychedelic groove rock with emotional shades of aphasian landscapes. That was the intention of the first album and it still remains. Guitar, bass and drums in love with a soundboard. Now is the time to take it to the next level. My Sleeping Karma's new album "Tri" is out now on Elektrohasch Records.

Official Site

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Album: Hellas Mounds - New Heaven/New Earth (EP)

Band: Hellas Mounds
Album: New Heaven/New Earth (EP)
Label: Saw Her Ghosts Records
Year: 2010

01. Passage I
02. Movement I
03. Movement II
04. Passage II
05. Movement III

Phoenix, Arizona’s Hellas Mounds returns in stealth, subtle, and dark fashion. This revamped 6-piece ensemble has melted down the chunky riffs from their last offering into a mysterious and liquid sound that is equal parts psychedelic and personal. getting back to their roots of "the last ferry to cydonia" sessions this release is a more calmer, and darker one then previous recordings and is all instrumental with no vocals. Where there vocals have always been minimal in the past they are non-existent on this new release, which allows them to tell an even more vivid story, overflowing with character, these shadowed stories of sound shine a dim yet telling light on the darkened corners of your imagination. You could cut the tension with a knife- a very sharp knife.

Official Site

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