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Band: Raised By Swans

Band: Raised By Swans
Album: Codes And Secret Loging
Label: 1101
Year: 2005

01. A Cipher In A Foreign Sky
02. Violet Light
03. There Is No Escape
04. Capable Of Cruelty
05. Sandcastles
06. Still Inside You
07. Phantom Limb/Divided By Night
08. Relentless
09. Imagined Life
10. The Moment That I'll Miss
11. Scent
12. Drag The Morning
13. Unrequited/Stolen Lakes

Band: Raised By Swans
Album: Ghostless Place
Label: 1101
Year: 2010

01. We Were Never Young
02. Hail Of Arrows
03. Secret Garden / S.C.
04. Easier
05. Night Fighter
06. By An Ion
07. How Do These Hearts Unfold
08. The Waiting's Over
09. Old Fires
10. The Past Is The Prey
11. Longer Shadows, Shorter Days
12. There's Hope Yet
13. North Of Light's End

Raised by Swans is an indie rock band from London, Ontario, Canada. The band consists of singer-guitarist Eric Howden, guitarist Alex Wright, bassist Andy Magoffin, and drummer Brady Parr.
The band's first full-length album, Codes and Secret Longing, was recorded at Andy Magoffin's studio House of Miracles and released in March 2005 on their own label 1101.
Raised By Swans' song 'Violet Light' is featured in Douglas Coupland's film Everything's Gone Green, as well as being included on the soundtrack, released by American independent record label Lakeshore Records, a division of Lakeshore Entertainment.
Three of the band's songs are featured in Atom Egoyan's Adoration (2008). The band also appears as themselves in Atom Egoyan's Chloe, released in 2010.
The band released its second full-length album, No Ghostless Place on January 11, 2010.

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Anonymous said...

artist of the millenium.
thanks, my friend!

Anonymous said...

anychance you might have their demo cassette? Heard it awhile back in the lobby at Western and could never find it.

Nordsee said...

I will try to find it, but I can't promise anything! :)

the norman conquest said...

hi! my name is norman and i'm from the oakland california based post metal band The Atomic Bomb Audition. i would like to submit our newest album "roots into the see" for possible blog posting on your website, but i couldn't find an email address... could you email me back at so i can send you our album? thanks!

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