Friday, April 30, 2010

Album: We Lost The Sea - Crimea

Band: We Lost The Sea
Album: Crimea
Label: Self Released
Year: 2010

01. The Vessel
02. Hail! Star Of The Sea
03. Balaklava Cold
04. Siege Of Sevastapol
05. March To Scutari

We Lost The Sea are an experimental / post-metal nine-piece from Sydney, Australia that incorporate relentless sludge with post-rock atmospherics to sculpt their sound.
They are currently touring for the release of their debut album Crimea.

"The fog set in, this early morning voyage to an unknown. The only thing that stood between us and the torrents below was the vessel in which we lay the very lives whose meaning is yet to be determined. As we sleep in the heart of the sea. I speak of a voyage in which I know nothing but what we are sent to do, to achieve. I often wonder if the reality of this life will come close to the pictures in my mind, a new beginning, a chance to help, an adventure. Now with naval supremacy hanging in the balance, the monarch must retain her ruling hand, instructed to trust the man by your side, and I question my willingness to take part.

While I sleep on her back, this night prevails as the bow reaches unfamiliar seas, the darkness speaks only whispers, and I am compelled to listen. And through this uncertainty I find my solace, the one shining light that will guide me through, and even while I sleep I pray to find meaning in the darkest of nights…and she whispers Hail! Star of the Sea. And with her voice nothing but an echo in a dream I will obey…

A cold I cannot describe, a feeling I cannot shake, it’s been weeks as an unforgiving winter grips the very thing that keeps us going. When my mind is clear I think back to our voyage, the serenity, the calm and now all I can feel is an unwillingness to proceed. I’m losing myself, my friends and the worst thing about Balaklava is the nature of her night takes more lives than the hailing gunfire I was taught to elude.

I feel lost, wrapped in whirlwinds…I find myself losing grip and the ever growing silence of my allies overwhelms me and I ask myself is this how I pictured the end of the world? And right there I lose myself, finding myself again, asleep in the heart of sea, and though I am forced, I will not take part.

The vast landscapes of decaying flesh echoed by the cannon fire that lights the night sky red, takes over, it engulfs me and the solace I had once found escapes me.

Sevastopol, a city asleep…. An unwilling participant, the fight she now owns. The men are quiet and as this bear paw rests our chance is clear, we must fight. An imminent battle approaches and we rally together allied as one. Our final instruction and we were told;

“You must die where you stand”

Now with the last marching orders repeating in my mind I feel I have fallen, I lie motionless, I can’t speak, the muffled sound of gunfire and weary voices is fading and all I can see are the faces, the forlorn stares of the men I trusted with my life, the men that trusted me. I feel defeated, and right there I am taken back to the vessel from which we came, maybe now I can finally rest, maybe now I can once again sleep in the heart of the sea. Is this the part where I am set free from a burden I tried to revolt? And with that thought I am sailing, no longer asleep and I witness a decaying horizon, the most amazing thing I’ve seen, in part this final journey to a once blinding light releases me, and gives me the strength to leave, and to follow those who have fallen before me.

And as Scutari nears, soldiers appear. They said to trust the man by your side, and now I know why… the men that lived and the men that died will hold your hand while you sleep, forever sailing, her calming touch relaxes me

And these soldiers sing “we will forever roam this land, living an eternal life”

For now I live as a king, an immortal. And you will remember me, but most of all I will never forget Crimea."


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Anonymous said...

Hey Bro,
My best mates in this band. It's a bit dog to upload this. You can buy the album from their myspace page.

Nordsee said...

Hey there! If the band has a problem with the post, just let me know, and I will remove the link instantly.

Anonymous said...

All good lads. Spread the love. Marklostthesea

Nordsee said...

Thank you Mark! :) We are always have a "Buy" link too, but if a band doesn't want their album to be posted we are willing to take down the link. We think that the blog is promoting the bands and not stealing from them.

toddrackham said...

Nordsee, these guys have a new album out! Prepare to have your brain destroyed!

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