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Album: Time To Burn - Is.Land

Band: Time To Burn
Album: Is.Land
Label: Basement Apes Industries
Year: 2007

01. Is
02. Nayeli
03. Emma Peel
04. Tormenta
05. .
06. Isle Of Men
07. Tsering Lhamo
08. Sang
09. Gream
10. Land

Thus the backbone of their music is to be found in major out-standing noise hardcore bands such as Botch, Shora, Shovel, Cult of Luna, Neurosis and Breach, thus incorporating further elements of punk, hardcore and rock n’ roll, so that they could stick firmly to the post-hardcore scene. With sensitive hands and shyness, they can achieve to move on their music to post-rock edges. Time To Burn brings their own menace to their songs, partly parting ways with math structures to incorporate crushing waves of metallic heaviness which can foresee a bright future on this ground. And if so Time To Burn would provoke an immense crush on their music with an overwhelming doom sludge. Next compositions will tell us. 'Is.Land', wide and deprived of all influences, has hit the underground in October 2007 after being captured at Geneva's TVO studios where Time To Burn feels affiliated with.

Official Site
Vinyl: Radar Swarm | Debello Recordings
CD: Basement Apes Industries

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Album: The Monroe Transfer - Trials

Band: The Monroe Transfer
Album: Trials
Label: Organ Grinder Records
Year: 2010

01. Goodbye, Faithful Kingdom!
02. These Are The Bright Stars (And This Is How To Find Them)
03. 6 Alarms
04. Sea Organ
05. Frozen Field, Burning Field
06. Waltz

The Monroe Transfer are a 7-piece English group, making instrumental music that is pretty, furious and fascinating on a variety instruments (including ‘cello, viola, violin, double bass, electric & acoustic guitars, drums, glockenspiel, samples & distorted recordings).

Current members are Rhiannon Armstrong (violin), Pete Williams (guitar), Nick Gill (guitar), Nicole Robson (‘cello), Susie Gillis (double bass), Ed Howard (drums) and Neil Walsh (viola).

Official Site
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Album: Touche Amore / La Dispute - Searching For A Pulse/The Worth Of The World Split

Band: Touche Amore / La Dispute
Album: Searching For A Pulse/The Worth Of The World Split
Label: No Sleep Records
Year: 2010


Touche Amore
01. I'll Get My Just Deserve
02. I'll Deserve Just That
La Dispute
03. How I Feel
04. Why It Scares Me

Formed in late 2007, Touche Amore play hardcore that aims to make listeners aware of a few things that "ruffle the band's feathers" to speak. The quintet's sound has been linked to traditional screamo bands like Orchid, Pageninetynine and Hot Cross, while also being called reminiscent of the more "straight-up" approaches of outfits like American Nightmare, Curl Up & Die and even Jawbreaker. With a healthy amount of shows already played alongside bands like Trash Talk and The Carrier, Touche Amore is now looking to the future.

Official Site

La Dispute is a five-piece band from Grand Rapids, Michigan, consisting of Jordan Dreyer (vocals), Chad Sterenberg (guitar), Adam Vass (bass), Kevin Whittemore (guitar), and Brad Vander Lugt (drums). Combining elements of post-hardcore and progressive rock, they have drawn comparisons to bands including At the Drive-In and mewithoutYou.

Official Site

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Band: Caravels

Band: Caravels
Album: Floorboards
Label: Radical Friends
Year: 2010

01. Iceland
02. Greenland
03. Buddy System
04. Sixty Acres
05. Meat Wave
06. Safety Jobs

Band: Caravels
Album: The Earthling Sessions
Label: Radical Friends
Year: 2008

01. Dark Obsession
02. Snake Plissken
03. Flawless Victory

Caravels is 5-piece band from Las Vegas, Nevada, who play a unique brand of post-hardcore, owing just as much debt to early screamo acts (Portraits of Past, City of Caterpillar) as they do to At The Drive-In and These Arms Are Snakes.

Caravels are:
Dillon Shines: Guitar
Matt Frantom: Guitar
Mike Roeslein: Vocals
Cory Van Cleef: Bass
George Foskaris: Drums

Thanx to Michael from the band for sending us the album.
Please support the band, buy the album.

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Album: Sunlight Ascending - You Don't Belong Here EP

Band: Sunlight Ascending
Album: You Don't Belong Here EP
Label: futurerecordings
Year: 2010

01. Diorama Dream
02. Like Coming Home
03. The Golden Plane
04. Old Friends Part Ways

Sunlight Ascending is a 5-piece experimental rock group from Detroit, Michigan that formed in the beginning of 2007. Comprised of James Schultz (guitar, keyboards), Jeremy Schultz (drums), Trish Chisholm (bass, guitar), Sean Reed (guitar, viola), and Andrew Mcilwain (guitar, bass), they are currently signed to Futurerecordings (The Ascent of Everest, We All Inherit the Moon, Indian Summer) and have released a 9-song full-length CD, "All the Memories, All at Once", and a 7-song self-titled demo. They will release their brand new EP sometime in late July or early August.

Official Site
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Band: Sensual Noise

Sensual Noise uploaded a new song from their forthcoming release "Chasing Swans" on their myspace.

Short about:

Sensual Noise is an experimental down-tempo hardcore band coming from the Belgian coast. We've started out in 2004 as a 4-piece band to become this 5-piece atmospheric doom assault that we are today. Our 2-song concept demo "Psychedelic bugtown" got released in November 2008 and a following CD "Chasing Swans" is planned for release in 2010. We strongly support and believe in d.i.y. actions.


Sensual Noise made it's first steps during the summer of 2004. Four good friends started making music together and soon the first concerts followed. Since 2006 we started playing more experimental and slower music and in 2007 David joined us as a 2nd bass player. From that moment we played around 50 shows, among them at an abandoned stone factory, on the beach and at the lappersfort forest occupation. We did a 3-day mini-tour with Corova (GER) through Belgium and the Netherlands and we shared stages with bands such as Kylesa, Rosetta, Amen Ra, Bossk, Tephra, Overmars, Jakuzi’s Attempt, Alpinist, Maudlin, Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?, …

As a band we stand for evolution and movement, we make music that we don’t experience as being played a thousand times before and will continue to be an eclectic collection of a variation of influences.The band name itself is more an ironic guideline then some kind of tough or cool label on our music or attitude. Due to the fact that we are most of all rooted in hardcore-punk and screamo scenes we’re d.i.y. oriented, not really fixed on the financial aspect and most of all not afraid of the socio-political aspect.

About the upcoming album:

Chasing Swans (2010)

With "Chasing Swans" Sensual Noise presents itself more varied, more intense and stronger than ever. Musically Chasing Swans is a dynamic puzzle of styles and influences, but thematically it is one whole. In that whole you’ll find subjects such as the liberating aspect of movement, political activism, the need to put things in other perspectives and reflection on itself. All of these come together in each of the songs, and each track is in this way a different view on the same whole of subjects. In many aspects Chasing Swans is a natural evolution in comparison to Psychedelic Bugtown. But this doesn’t have to mean that there’s little or no difference at all between both releases, on the contrary.

We're still looking for a label to release our newest product "Chasing Swans"!

If you have any interest/way to help us out, please contact us through

Thank you so much,

Sensual Noise

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Album: Angel Eyes - Midwestern

Band: Angel Eyes
Album: Midwestern
Label: Mylene Sheath
Year: 2010

01. Midwestern I
02. Midwestern II
03. Midwestern III
04. Midwestern IV

There is no denying that times are hard these days, and while some artists choose to ignore the fact that our economy is rapidly declining, an oil spill is killing countless animals, and natural disasters seem to be coming more often, others choose to voice their concerns. Chicago’s sludge-metal, post-rock band Angel Eyes never falls into the former category, and their work on their latest album, Midwestern, is no exception. After signing on to the post-rock heavyweight label The Mylene Sheath, Angel Eyes have crafted an atmospheric exercise in mood told in four parts, and the result is nothing short of stellar.

With Midwestern, the band focuses on the contemporary fascination with nostalgia and the fear of looking into the future and seeing nothing but hopelessness. While the lyrics alone suggest a harsh critique of society, the music evokes images of a desolate wasteland, an image born directly from Marnie Galloway’s moody cover art. “Midwestern I” kicks off the album with an instant sense of doom heightened by Nader’s dreamy keyboards. The track meanders through dreary territory with march-like drums not unlike those found on any Godspeed You! Black Emperor record, until the throat-searing vocals tear everything to shreds. Upon first introduction to Angel Eyes, the vocals are one of the most difficult aspects to swallow as they don’t seem to mesh with many fan’s ideas of what post-rock vocals should sound like. Taken within the context of the heavy subject matter and the band’s bleak outlook on modern life, however, the brutal vocal style fits right in and works wonderfully. “Midwestern I” goes on to feature a solid, head-banging sludge riff around the five-minute mark that reaches the height of the band’s potential for straightforward rock n’ roll.

What Angel Eyes do so successfully on Midwestern is infuse moments of comforting, hopeful catharsis into the contrasting darkness permeating the rest of the album. “Midwestern I” ends with the line, “I just hope on my deathbed I can still look forward to the few minutes I have left,” acting as a cue to the optimistic conclusion that would fit perfectly within any Caspian tune. Moments like these drop in and out of the four songs, cutting in like a cool wind current through a blackened desert. The first half of “Midwestern IV,” for example, sounds like a potential happy ending to the story of Midwestern, but the track spirals into an exhausting and repetitious riff, suggesting that we are destined to repeat the mistakes of our fathers. While the band has tried to achieve this balance of light and dark in the past on releases such as 2005’s Something to Do with Death and 2007’s ...And for the Roof, a Sky Full of Stars, Midwestern gives purpose to each stylistic change, allowing the entire album a sense of direction that the band has been missing in the past.

With lyrics such as, “Turn to any page in a history book and you’ll find someone who’s totally fucked,” Angel Eyes use commonplace language to illustrate their emotions as clearly as possible. This approach is typically uncommon (especially in the post-rock genre where it is encouraged to write as esoterically as possible), but it succeeds at giving Angel Eyes the ability to use their music as a blunt, expressive tool. Every element of the album is designed to hit you in the face, and it succeeds at doing so in the best way.

Angel Eyes have molded all of their frustrations and criticisms into a beautifully dark and moody record that paints a picture of a world corrupted by society’s skewed perceptions of history. Midwestern should earn the band an enormous amount of respect amongst the ranks of The Mylene Sheath, as well help the band find a new legion of fans with their unique brand of brutal post-rock. -

Official Site
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Album: C!ties - EP

Band: C!ties
Album: EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2008

01. 4+1=5
02. 15728
03. Dive Dive Dive!
04. !
05. Satellites
06. SuperMassiveBlckHls.rmx
Download or Bandcamp

C!ties, a young instrumental trio from Ennis Co. Clare, Ireland, are out to warp genres and alter perceptions. Incorporating a wide range of styles, from thumping electro to cranky riffage, all the way back to ambient interludes, they seek to redefine the conventions of instrumental music.

They formed in 2007 during their Leaving Cert, played gigs, wrote tunes, and self produced an EP by November 2008. This EP is available free online for one and all on Bandcamp. It has garnered positive reviews from Jim Carroll at the Irish Times, who called it "a fascinating blur of electronics, buzzy punk, mad-for-it synths and Godzilla-sized hooks, [they] tear up the alt.instrumental rock-and-rave handbook and start again from scratch." It was also named Clare Album of the Year by Andrew Hamilton of the Clare people, received positive reviews from Crude Magazine, The Limerick Post, and received airplay on BBC Radio Foyle, RTE 2XM, Phantom FM and more.

However, C!ties live and die as a live band, forever playing somewhere in the country. Touring has taken them north, south, east and west, missing buses, trains and everything in between on their quest to play every henhouse, crackhouse and whorehouse in all of Ireland. This has given rise to the honour of playing with contemporaries such as And So I Watch You from Afar, Adebisi Shank, Enemies, Rest and This is How it Ends, crossing genres with Hooray for Humans, Director, Heathers, KVX and The Ambiance Affair, and bridging the Irish Sea with bands like Maybeshewill, Death of London, Alright the Captain, Chrik and Beyond this Point are Monsters.

Their current plan for the future is to work on a single release, whilst plodding through exams and working on new material. Later in 2010 will see them return to the live circuit and pints with a vengeance, akin to John McClane’s return in Die Hard.

Official Site
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Video: Time To Burn - Nayeli

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Album: Devil Sold His Soul - Blessed & Cursed

Band: Devil Sold His Soul
Album: Blessed & Cursed
Label: Century Media Records
Year: 2010

01. Tides
02. Drowning / Sinking
03. Callous Heart
04. An Ocean Of Lights
05. Frozen
06. The Disappointment
07. Crane Lake
08. A Foreboding Sky
09. The Weight Of Faith
10. Truth Has Come

Bonus tracks
11. Fade To The Grave
12. Death Surrounds You
13. Let The Rain In
14. Emptiness

Forming in 2004, from the ashes of experimental metal outfit Mahumodo, Devil Sold His Soul took Richard Chapple (the original guitarist of Mahumodo)’s original concept of sweeping chord progression based epic songs to the next level.

Releases to date include an EP, “Darkness Prevails” (re-released in 2008 with live footage, tracks and studio cuts) and their debut album A Fragile Hope which was received with great acclaim from both press and listeners alike.

The band has extensively toured since its inception, a extreme task which has paid of dividends by moulding their tight framework in a live environment and increasing the dynamics in their song writing abilities, this is very much apparent with the albeit slight yet clear differences between their two recorded releases.

It is unfair to make tertiary comparisons to other “epic metal” acts such as Cult of Luna (Devil Sold His Soul toured as main support in 2008), Isis or even more progressive bands such as Tool, their sound is far more stripped back, infectious looping of chord progressions which give it a far more accessible and even pop like sensibility, you will rarely find a fancy fiddly guitar riff amongst the crushing chug contrasted with the visceral yet melancholic clean phrases.

Official Site
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Album: Emarosa - Emarosa

Band: Emarosa
Album: Emarosa
Label: Rise Records
Year: 2010

01. A Toast To The Future Kids!
02. Pretend. Relive. Regret
03. Share The Sunshine Young Blood
04. Truth Hurts While Laying On Your Back
05. Live It. Love It. Lust It
06. The Game Played Right
07. Broken vs The Way We Were Born
08. I Still Feel Her Pt 4
09. The Weight Of Love Blinds Eyes
10. We Are Life

Hailing from Lexington, Kentucky, the six piece band Emarosa has finally found their groove. The band’s roots sprouted from High School and after some fine tuning, the band announced their official lineup in November 2007, with lead singer Jonny Craig as their final addition. Just two weeks after leaving band Dance Gavin Dance, Craig flew out to try out for Emarosa. The band immediately clicked. With soul and R&B influences, Craig brought his own blend of spellbinding melodic breeze to the heavier sounds the group had. The result breaks the post-hardcore mold, bringing the listener something imaginative and something unfamiliar.

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Album: The American Dollar - Ambient Two

Band: The American Dollar
Album: Ambient Two
Label: Yesh Music
Year: 2010

01. A Few Words (Ambient)
02. Age of Wonder (Ambient)
03. Fade In Out (Ambient)
04. Shadows (Ambient)
05. Oil And Water (Ambient)
06. Circuits (Ambient)
07. Red Letter (Ambient)
08. Equinox (Ambient)
09. Second Sight (Ambient)
10. Flood (Ambient)
11. Near East (Ambient)
12. Landing (Ambient)
13. Where We Are (Ambient)
14. Par Avion

Ambient Two is a deductive remix album comprised of ambient mixes from 2009's "From The Inland Sea" EP and 2010's "Atlas" LP, conceived of by The American Dollar in Spring 2010.

Official Site
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Album: Stubborn Tiny Lights VS Clustering Darkness Forever OK? - The Infinite Regress

Band: Stubborn Tiny Lights VS Clustering Darkness Forever OK?
Album: The Infinite Regress
Label: futurerecordings
Year: 2010

01. Riverrun
02. Sieve Of Eratosthenes
03. Through Valleys
04. Familiars

Info about the band here.

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Video: Universe217 - The C Song

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Video: Khoma - In It For Fighting

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Album: Aeronautix - Eartheption EP

Band: Aeronautix
Album: Eartheption EP
Label: Aerocordings
Year: 2009


01. 7 Orbits
02. Labyrinth
03. Picture Of A Fallen Bird
04. Veda Noir
05. Irrealis Life

Since 2005 guitar player David Weicht, drummer Fabian Fahrig and bass player Sascha Jörres were traveling continuously in their spaceship until they collided with a meteor and were forced to land on planet Earth. Together they’ve built up a cosmodrome for the repairing of their spaceship and to gain information about the life on Earth.

After a while they repaired their spacecraft in light-speed and were ready to set off from planet Earth. After rocketing to an altitude between sky and space they felt miserable to leave the planet without a message, so they’ve decided to travel between earth and space to share their feelings and knowledge in form of music, to make it more understandable for the human beings.

In 2009 they went to their cosmodrome with sound wizard Beray Habip (The Bonny Situation) and created their first manifest, called „Eartheption EP“, a sound document of a subject that fell on planet Earth. From then the course of the group is determined to translate the language of space and to keep the balance between progressive and straight.

* I want to thank David from Aeronautix for sharing this.

Official Site

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