Friday, July 09, 2010

Album: Devil Sold His Soul - Blessed & Cursed

Band: Devil Sold His Soul
Album: Blessed & Cursed
Label: Century Media Records
Year: 2010

01. Tides
02. Drowning / Sinking
03. Callous Heart
04. An Ocean Of Lights
05. Frozen
06. The Disappointment
07. Crane Lake
08. A Foreboding Sky
09. The Weight Of Faith
10. Truth Has Come

Bonus tracks
11. Fade To The Grave
12. Death Surrounds You
13. Let The Rain In
14. Emptiness

Forming in 2004, from the ashes of experimental metal outfit Mahumodo, Devil Sold His Soul took Richard Chapple (the original guitarist of Mahumodo)’s original concept of sweeping chord progression based epic songs to the next level.

Releases to date include an EP, “Darkness Prevails” (re-released in 2008 with live footage, tracks and studio cuts) and their debut album A Fragile Hope which was received with great acclaim from both press and listeners alike.

The band has extensively toured since its inception, a extreme task which has paid of dividends by moulding their tight framework in a live environment and increasing the dynamics in their song writing abilities, this is very much apparent with the albeit slight yet clear differences between their two recorded releases.

It is unfair to make tertiary comparisons to other “epic metal” acts such as Cult of Luna (Devil Sold His Soul toured as main support in 2008), Isis or even more progressive bands such as Tool, their sound is far more stripped back, infectious looping of chord progressions which give it a far more accessible and even pop like sensibility, you will rarely find a fancy fiddly guitar riff amongst the crushing chug contrasted with the visceral yet melancholic clean phrases.

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Anonymous said...

I like this blog but this band and this album is really BAD !!! Fashion has no place in Post music...

Anonymous said...

If fashion has no place in music why do you care?

Anonymous said...

Great band and incredible album,Thanxx!!!

Anonymous said...

Great band and incredible album for gay ... you must by deaf man !!!

Anonymous said...

What has fashion got to do with any of their music? They're a fantastic band, though I'd call it more progressive post-hardcore than metal. They've obviously been listening to bands like Envy and similar european bands of that ilk.
The detractor above is probably just another dumb metalhead.

IKilledThePromQueen777 said...

Everybody commenting on this album saying they are bad is a dumbfuck to the extreme... Devil Sold His Soul is AMAZING. and Blessed & Cursed is one of the greatest albums ever if you want something heavy and super relaxing at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Awesome band, awesome new album. Can't wait to see them live!

Also check