Friday, July 30, 2010

Album: The Monroe Transfer - Trials

Band: The Monroe Transfer
Album: Trials
Label: Organ Grinder Records
Year: 2010

01. Goodbye, Faithful Kingdom!
02. These Are The Bright Stars (And This Is How To Find Them)
03. 6 Alarms
04. Sea Organ
05. Frozen Field, Burning Field
06. Waltz

The Monroe Transfer are a 7-piece English group, making instrumental music that is pretty, furious and fascinating on a variety instruments (including ‘cello, viola, violin, double bass, electric & acoustic guitars, drums, glockenspiel, samples & distorted recordings).

Current members are Rhiannon Armstrong (violin), Pete Williams (guitar), Nick Gill (guitar), Nicole Robson (‘cello), Susie Gillis (double bass), Ed Howard (drums) and Neil Walsh (viola).

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nick gill said...

Don't feel you have to put this comment on the page, but if you'd like to point people towards our music, they can pay whatever they think it's worth (including nothing at all) by going to our site. We'd really appreciate it if listeners got it from us directly, rather than from sites like Multiupload.

Nordsee said...

Sorry for that! We always prefer links to Bandcamp, but we didn't knew there was one. The link is now fixed!

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