Monday, October 24, 2011

EP: Box Story - Straight As The Rain

Band: Box Story
Album: Straight As The Rain EP
Label:  Self Released
Year: 2011

01. Nightmare
02. The Place
03. Away Always #2
04. The Seasons
05. I Try To Forget

An old postcard that comes out of a carton. A few words of someone who is gone. The lullaby of our childhood. A smile always present. Feelings that you want to share.

Box Story is the solo project rock / indie by Laetitia Solimando, singer-songwriter from Belgium. It was born a few years ago, tinkering in her room a few tunes on guitar on a multitrack. At first, the music was minimalistic. She then added some acoustic pop elements with the help of Lhoest Renaud, who shared some scenes with her. 

Gradually, Laetitia decides to move forward alone on stage, defending her plan with her guitar, her voice and a loop pedal.It was during one of her dates she met Gregory Friar who accompanied her on stage, and other musician friends thereafter, by changing the project to a rock sound and more assertive.

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