Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Album: Revival Hymns - Feathers

Band: Revival Hymns
Album: Feathers
Label:  Self Released
Year: 2011

01. Arms Replaced With Steel
02. Path Of Grace
03. O Stranger
04. Spew
05. J'Adore
06. Enough To Me
07. Crusoe Metamorphosis

In summer 2010, 5 friends from the city of Tampere in Finland, Joonas, Sauli, Markus, Ville, and Henri started a band. After a year of some sweaty rehearsing, song writing and fun times, the debut album, ‘Feathers’, came out. Genre-wise, the band could be categorized as indie/alternative/post-rock/shoegazing, and the distinctive sound of the debut album has been described as ranging from moments of introverted shoegazing to majestic walls of noise. In October, ‘Feathers’ will be released on vinyl in Europe by the German label I.Corrupt.Records. The band is also actively looking for shows in Finland and abroad, so don’t hesitate to contact the band or their booking agency if you’d like to see this act live. 

Revival Hymns is:  Ville Rantala – Sauli Hämäläinen – Henri Annala – Joonas Virta – Markus Grönfors 

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