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Album: Blindead - Affliction XXIX II MXMV

Band: Blindead
Album: Affliction XXIX II MXMV
Label: Mystic Production
Year: 2010


01. Self-Consciousness Is Desire
02. After 38 Weeks
03. My New Playground Became
04. Dark And Gray
05. So It Feels Like Misunderstanding When
06. All My Hopes And Dreams Turn Into
07. Affliction XXVII II MMIX

Blindead was founded in Gdynia, Poland in 1999 by Michal Zimorski (Zima) - bass and Mateusz Smierzchalski (Havoc) - guitar. Few months later, Marek Zielinski (Deadman) - guitar, Konrad Ciesielski - drums and Patryk Adamczyk - vocals, joined the band. It was a casual project made for pleasure rather than a professional band. Besides, in the same time, Havoc became the guitarist of Behemoth and it was his priority.

Initially, the group under the name of Incorrect Personality recorded a demo material. In 2002, the band decided to record their first album with Arek “Malta” Malczewski in Hendrix studio and in Tower studio in the city of Wroclaw. However, session wasn’t finished because the singer Patryk Adamczyk decided to leave I.P.

Searching of new frontman took over one year. Finally, in the middle of 2003 Patryk Zwolinski (Nick) showed up. By that time he was a member of Neolithic. Due to his voice tone and excellent contact with the rest of the line up, he turned out to be perfect for the frontman position. Definitely, it was a breakthrough for them. Two months later, the group under new name, recorded demo material, titled “Dig For Me”.

After his farewell tour in United States, Havoc left Behemoth, inter alia to devote playing in Blindead. From this moment, the band was playing regular rehearsals. The outcomes came immediately, as the style of the group developed.

In January 2004, another line up change took place. One of the founders, Michal Zimorski, decided to leave the band because of the differences on the musics surface. His function was taken over by Brovar, known from cooperation with Behemoth, Immemorial and other bands.

In July 2005, in the city of Debica, Blindead recorded six tracks with help of Janusz Bryt, in his Screw Factory Studio. These songs belong to the first long play of Blindead, entitled “Devouring Weakness”. The album was released on 5th July 2006 by effort of Empire Records. Shortly after Brovar decides to leave ‘cause of his job as tour / stage manager which takes most of his time. Piotr ‘Zvierzak’ Kawalerowski takes his place and joins the band.

The debut album got really good reviews in several magazines and web zines, which helped them to get on the first tour all over Poland with Hermh, Hell-Born and Massemord.

During the works over new material the band decides to search for a person who would be responsible for the samples and soundscapes. After couple of weeks Bartosz Hervy (Agonised by Love) was invited for a jam in the rehearsal room. He got into the material pretty fast and firstly became a session guy for the recordings of the new album which took place in August 2007 once again in the Screw Factory Studio with Janusz Bryt as a co-producer. The band invited a long time friend Waclaw ‘Vogg’ Kieltyka (Decapitated) for a guest appearance. He recorded an amazing Accordion solo for the song called “Phaze II: Phenomena”.

November 2007 brings another tour in Poland, this time with the leaders of Polish experimental grindcore - Antigama and Nyia. Hervy was still on the board as a session musician, but that was about to change shortly after that tour. The band was sure that he’s the right person so they asked him to become a full time member.

At the end of the year Blindead got an offer from Tomek Jurek (Deadline Agency / Shortcut by that time, currently Asymmetry Booking) to put one song on the promotional compilation called “Shortcut to Polish Music” along with the bands like: Riverside, Behemoth, Antigama, Nyia, Proghma-C and many others. Couple of months later Tomek invited them to play as a support act for The Ocean and then on two shows with Cult of Luna.

After that gigs the band signed a new record deal with Foreshadow Music and Deadline Records.

Shortly before the official release date Blindead played as a support act for Neurosis and A Storm of Light in Warsaw’s Stodola Club which was a total blast for them!

“Autoscopia: Murder in Phazes” came out in Poland on August 18th 2008. The worldwide release was set on October 2008. The second album is definitely the best what those 6 gentlemen did up to date and is promising a lot for the future.

Blindead released their’s first EP “Impulse” in 2009, which consisted 3 songs of total length approx 30minutes.

The latest album is “Affliction XXIX II MXMVI”, released in Poland via Mystic Production on November 26th 2010. Also, entire album is available for listen-only at band’s MySpace profile since 25th November 2010.


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