Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Album: Watertank - Fairy Crimes

Band: Watertank
Album: Fairy Crimes
Label: Butter Witch
Year: 2009

01. This City’s Got Laws
02. Felony Days
03. Fairy Crimes
04. Sweep Up Life
05. Attract Drama
06. Black Hot Tar

Watertank formed in 2003, they started by creating a tense and gloomy music, built around melodies imbued of Scandinavian mysteries. A demo was completed in 2004, issuing to the world the evil designs of the glacial combo.
After several gigs in support of noise, metal, hardcore and various heavy bands, the gang took off for Ireland at the end of 2005, to confront his previously acquired skills on the Anglo-Saxon stages. After a hibernation of nearly 104 weeks, Watertank gives a difficult birth to 6 new tracks that never been released, but helped to shape a new line up and fresh "right in the nuts" compositions.

Since 2007 they have traveled ways leading gradually to a more "pop" feeling, while accentuating a heavier sound.

Since its inception in 2003, Watertank had the opportunity to perform on stage with : Torche, Kylesa, The Ocean, Capricorns, Lair Of The Minotaur and many more…


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