Monday, August 29, 2016

EP: Deepbreathers - EP1

Band: Deepbreathers
Album: EP1
Label: Self Released
Year: 2016

01. The Sun, Hidden There
02. Palindrome/333
03. Immerse
04. Interlude
05. Perspective Will Kill You
06. Resurrectio
07. Dinosauria, We (Bukowski)

Deepbreathers are a Portuguese instrumental post-rock/alternative duo from Oporto, which consists of Francisco Oliveira and Bernardo Costa. 

The band formed in early 2013, mostly influenced by Radiohead and their experimentalism. A first song was released, "Urbanizing Movement's Frantic Rhythm", which the band soon decided to be an extremely short and low-quality work. The song was removed and, apart from a few concerts playing covers, the band did not release anything until July 2013. That month, "Get Me Sparkling", a summerish song, was released. Very easy-listening, experimental and completely influenced by the early, innocent stage of the band, two kids in a nutshell at the very beginning of their musical experience. 

Unfortunately, school left no space for Deepbreathers to get back to work at the end of the summer, so the band went idle for another year. "(For The Moon)" was another summerish, although a bit darker song, featuring artwork by Pedro Azevedo, released in August 2014. But once again, school made sure the band would not work on new things until the next year. 

Deepbreathers won the Tradiio contest in January 2015, with "(For The Moon)". The band then finally worked enough to think about releasing an EP, after many ideas were put on the table. "Immerse", featuring Inês Saraiva Guimarães, was released in April 2015 as a single from "EP1", the then supposedly upcoming album. It happened that, at the time, upcoming had been a very strong word. A second single, "Perspective Will Kill You", a song depicting the lifetime of the common human and its inability to avoid mistakes, was not released until September. By Christmas, the band started working hard, fighting the trouble of having to study. The structure for most songs was already solid by February, and in the very few days before the album came out, recording and independent production were finished. 

"EP1" was released on March 24th 2016, an album with a very simple mission: to define rhythm and melody as the best way to describe a physical, yet emotional landscape. It features an instrumental background work on the poem "Dinosauria, We" by Charles Bukowski. It obtained a very good reception among the target audience, and Deepbreathers are satisfied and working on new experiments.


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