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Album: PlainFire - But When Words Fail

Band: PlainFire
Album: But When Words Fail
Label: Self Released
Year: 2014

01. A Long Distance Call
02. Help Me Surrender
03. On Shores Of Clarity
04. Together Is Better
05. Mercy Seat
06. Even Us
07. Into The Last Good Fight I'll Ever Know
08. How Can I Drop You Without Gravity
09. All So Nostalgic
10. And Our Eyes Meet

PlainFire is a one man ambient band out of the heart of Nebraska. Strongly influenced by Cloudkicker, Explosions In the Sky, and the lot, PlainFire exhibits a combination of both groove and beauty, complexity and simplicity. Feeling is the heart of all music. Each instrumental track, with influential titles, are made to allow listeners to create their own story. It is open to interpretation, providing that each listener creates his or her own story throughout each theme of the album, determination, desperation, regret, hindsight, focus, devotion, sorrow, and hope.

But When Words Fail is a story about progress from one season to another. It is about the transitional transfer of love, trust, and hope. It is also an effort to create music that can be used freely by a creative community.

"A special thanks to Travis Shafer for his contribution via album art. A special thanks to all the love and support I have received along the way, both in life and in the writing of this album. People are what matter most." - PlainFire

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Album: Direwolves - Aegri Somnia

Band: Direwolves
Album: Aegri Somnia
Label: Throatruiner Records
Year: 2014

01. Introspection
02. Insights
03. The Blindness That Keeps You Warm
04. Holy Treason
05. Echoed In Vain
06. Sighs And Whisper
07. The Liar's Choice
08. Face The Facts
09. Light It Up
10. Keep It Clear
11. Endless Tragedies

Formed in 2011 in Lorient, western France, Direwolves rapidly stood out from the pack by combining both the melodic and the heavy aspects of punk hardcore. Their first full-length «Aegri Somnia» not only follows the path of their EP «Me From Myself, To Banish» (2012) but also enhances the spectrum of their sound, browsing through a large range of sub-genres while avoiding their respective clichés. Songs such as "Holy Treason" or "Face The Facts" show the band at their most vehement, colliding unstoppable drumming with heavily metallic-influenced riffs while the end of the record explores more emotionally-charged post-metallic soundscapes. With their constant will to remain straightforward but diversified Direwolves deliver eleven highly epic and passionate anthems, condensing everything you could expect from a great hardcore LP in 2014.

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EP: Concords - Mind Lodge

Band: Concords
Album: Mind Lodge
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

01. Allegory Of A Lost Friend
02. Heed The Warning; Heed The Call
03. Forest Of Dean
04. Train Of Hope (Derailed And Forgotten)

Concords is a experimental post-rock band from Williamsport, PA.

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Album: The Restitution - Waves

Band: The Restitution
Album: Waves
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

01. Faces
02. Stone Dweller
03. Sons Of Heaven & Earth
04. Weigh
05. Guardian
06. Waves
07. The Garden, Laid Bare

Since 2005, Michael Wright, vocalist\guitarist of The Restitution, has sought to break the notion that heavy music is by nature mindless and ineloquent. Beginning years ago with a borrowed guitar and amplifier simulation software, Mike began developing the sound that would become The Restitution. With inspiration from bands like Thrice, Deftones and Oh, Sleeper, he is proving that the harder spectrum of music can be intelligent, tasteful and full of honest hope.

Setting a deadline against his perfectionist tendencies, Mike went about performing, engineering and mixing the entire record himself at It's a Trap! Studio over a matter of a few weeks. "'Waves' was an exercise in authenticity for me," Mike says. "In a world where everything is auto-tuned and automated and edited to perfection, I really wanted this record to feel human." "Waves" was then mastered by Jack Shirley (Comadre) at The Atomic Garden (deafheaven, Loma Prieta).

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Album: Moonlit Sailor - We Come From Exploding Stars

Band: Moonlit Sailor
Album: We Come From Exploding Stars
Label: Deep Elm Records
Year: 2014

01. Minutes From Somewhere Else
02. Skydiver
03. The Golden Years
04. From Gemini To Lynx
05. Into The Fray
06. Dollar Underwater
07. Sworn To Secrecy
08. Paris
09. 4.15 AM
10. A Century Under The Influence

Already having received well-deserved critical acclaim for pioneering an entirely new dimension of the post-rock genre, the four Swedes better known as Moonlit Sailor have done it yet again on "We Come From Exploding Stars." Their fourth album is, without question, a big step for the band. Although they are still a young (granted they have an impressive catalog of songs), they felt like they needed to navigate into new waters without straying too far from their roots. They have always written music that gives the listener hope and light...which is exactly what they brought with them into these new seas. Firmly entrenched in the quasi-pop / post-rock foundation they are known for, the Sailors continue to expand the blueprint for the future of post-rock. They've mastered the overlap of indie and post-rock...and beautifully so. From the melodies you think you've heard before (but haven't), to the arpeggios that swallow you whole, to the powerful crescendos that devastate your senses, their music is a prime example of just how effective instrumental music can be. Devoid of all lyrics, the music alone speaks for itself...and it speaks volumes. Deep Elm Records is stoked for Moonlit Sailor's new full-length to be our first release of 2014, which marks our 19 year anniversary as an independent record label.

"We knew that we wanted to do something new and fresh this time, but didn't know exactly how to do it. That was kind of scary,” says bass guitarist Markus Rundlof. Rundlof continues "Some of the songs are metaphors for how we felt back then, with elements of vulnerability, uncertainty and mystery...but at the same time they give you a feeling of hope and light. When listening to the album, we want people to have a vision of the sailor featured on the cover art, navigating into new waters and eventually finding a new home. Other songs are metaphors for pushing your limits and trying new things. What we discovered in the songwriting process is that when you decide to release control and finally jump, you see the world from a new perspective and it's liberating." "That approach gave us a lot of creativity. We've never experienced such creative atmosphere in the band before and it never felt better. We knew we were onto something special. Suddenly we had hundreds of different ideas to pick from. It was exciting to select which ideas and songs would work together to best convey our belief that human beings come from exploding stars,” adds guitarist Joakim Wiik.

Moonlit Sailor is Adam Tornblad (drums, piano, guitars, synthesizers, programming), Markus Rundlof (bass guitar, piano, programming), Oscar Gulbrandsen (guitar, piano, synthesizers, programming) and Joakim Wiik (guitars, piano, programming). "We Come From Exploding Stars" was recorded at Nacksving Studio (Dorena, Immanu El, Neneh Cherry, The Spotnicks) in Gothenburg, Sweden from September to December 2013. The album was recorded, produced and mixed by Anders Lagerfors (also of the band Obliq) and mastered by Martin at Cutting Room (In Flames, Red One, Dungen, Mando Diao) in Stockholm. Album artwork by Alexander Jansson. Band photo by Sebastian Tornblad. A video for the song "Skydiver" is currently in the works with plans for release as the band begins touring in support of the album in May. The band's music has appeared in scores of television shows, commercials and films, most recently in the trailer for the romantic comedy "Love Is In The Air" by director Alexandre Castagnetti (Focus World). Previous albums include "Colors In Stereo" (2011), "So Close To Life" (2009) and "A Footprint Of Feelings" (2008) which have also been released on Deep Elm Records. Adam Tornblad and Oscar Gulbrandsen are also members of cinematic post-rock duo U137. The band resides in Boras, Sweden where they often experience weeks without sunlight.

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Album: Odmieniec - Taniec Ducha

Band: Odmieniec
Album: Taniec Ducha
Label: Self Released
Year: 2014

01. Intro
02. Nad Brzegiem Morza
03. Charal
04. Czarna Mewa
05. Ga'an
06. Nadejście Wiosny / Duchy Lasu
07. Widziałem Człowieka Nad Wodą Stojącego
08. Wendigo
09. Taniec Ducha
10. Bilet Poproszę, Tak Połówkę - Improvisation (Bonus Track)

"Odmieniec" is a single musical project, brought to life in January, 2014 by Jakub Czyż (ex-Faaip de Oiad). The album was entirely recorded in home studio. On the album you can hear a lot of instruments: electric guitars, acoustic guitar, harmonica, wooden flute, plastic flute, rainstick, metal bowl, and a variety of different sound effects, such as birds chirping or human laughter. "Taniec Ducha" (Ghost Dance) is an attempt to describe myself, my fears, pain, experience, an attempt to tame with my traumas. It's a lonely journey, searching for my own identity, the desire to ally with nature, locate what is between the world of the present and world of the absent. The experience of what was important once, and now has been forgotten. "Taniec Ducha" is a ritual, a prayer for the coveted freedom, independence, happy life, but in the end, it's announcement of war, painful loss and death. - Jakub Czyż

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EP: Moirae // Hoffa HQ - Split

Band: Moirae & Hoffa HQ
Album: Split EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2014

01. Gateless Barrier
02.(Lachesis) The Allotter
03. Hooch (Melvins Cover)
Hoffa HQ
04. All Over
05. Mole
06. Instrument (Fugazi Cover)

Five intensely awkward dudes got together in 2010 and decided to make some heavy music, weaving together the riffage of prog and sludge metal, the dynamic ambience of post rock and shoegaze, and the emotive honesty of hardcore.

Hoffa HQ
Hoffa HQ has been bringing loud sounds and happy smiles to the faces of music listeners since early 2012. With new music constantly in the works, the extension of Mr. Jimmy Hoffa, Esq. is a nonstop factory of sonic art and volume.
Official Site
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Album: U137 - Dreamer On The Run

Band: U137
Album: Dreamer On The Run
Label: Deep Elm Records
Year: 2013

01. The Poet
02. Watching The Storm
03. Pearl Lakes
04. Let Me Keep This Memory
05. Varberg
06. Midsummer Field
07. Anemone
08. Sliding Doors
09. The Nostalgic Tune
10. Dreamer On The Run

From cinematic post-rock passages to catchy indie rock interludes, the ten track instrumental debut Dreamer On The Run from Swedish post-rock duo U137 (including members of post-rock foursome Moonlit Sailor) offers a unique combination of sounds glowing with a fresh energy, diversity and originality. Dreamer is the kind of album you listen to over and over again, finding something new to savor each time you listen. This chorus and crescendo here. That arc and arpeggio there. Two words sum it up: Pearl Lakes. Now that, my friends, is epic songwriting. No, wait: The Poet. Or maybe: Midsummer Field. It's all so good. The beautiful melodies and arrangements found on Dreamer are quite skillful and complex despite the seeming simplicity and familiarity of the songs themselves. With the aim of generating a feeling of pure euphoria in the listener, succeed it does...on every plane. U137 is Scandinavian artistry at the highest level.

"Oscar and I have been writing music since we were about twelve years old and we're still inspired to make music every single day. What inspires us is the thought of making THE perfect song, a timeless masterpiece of sorts. Dreamer is about as personal as an album gets. We wrote the music while living together directly after we had both ended long-term relationships. We shared the same vision about the make our listeners feel inspired. Our goal was to create music as euphoric as possible. The album title refers to those 'dreamers' among us who are 'on the run' from an ordinary, often boring, existence. We wanted to have an album cover that was clean, allowing the music to speak for itself. We named the band after the Soviet submarine which ran aground in Swedish waters during the Cold War" says Adam Tornblad.

"The debut by Deep Elm's newest treasure, Swedish duo U137, is an exceptional piece of work. Dreamer On The Run is a wonderful easy-listening gateway to the world of cinematic in textures, nuance, unexpected softness, energy and self-discipline. If you aren't somehow moved by these songs, then you aren't human. A roller coaster of emotions and sounds, Dreamer documents the saga of a deceptively deep, inspirational journey. It offers interwoven layers that together form the blissful score to any relevant matter. Dreamer refers to those who are constantly looking for an escape from the boring, from the ordinary, from the routine of our daily lives. So let the U137 carry you away to somewhere you have longed to go." - Earmilk

U137 is Adam Tornblad (guitar, bass, drums, piano, strings) and Oscar Gulbrandsen (guitar, bass, piano, strings). Both Adam and Oscar are also members of Deep Elm label mates Moonlit Sailor whose acclaimed releases include "Colors In Stereo" (2012), "So Close To Life" (2009) and "A Footprint Of Feelings" (2008). Dreamer On The Run was produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by U137 at HAV Music Studio in Boras, Sweden from February to June of 2013. Cover artwork by U137. Photo by Kristoffer Midborn. The band resides in Boras, Sweden where they often experience weeks without sunlight.

Recommended For Fans of: Lights & Motion, Moonlit Sailor, Dorena, Sigur Ros, Explosions In The Sky, Coldplay, M83, Six Parts Seven.

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Album: Blurry Lights - A Romantic Dream

Band: Blurry Lights
Album: A Romantic Dream
Label: Self Released
Year: 2014

01. Coming Home - An Introduction
02. We All Die But Not Tonight
03. In The Light Of Stars
04. Fresh Air
05. A Dreamy Night (Interlude)
06. Our Destiny
07. A Romantic Dream
08. If Only I Could See Your Smile
09. Our Last Dance
10. Orange Autumn

Blurry Lights is a project of one guy - B.M. Music is inspired by the atmosphere of big megalopolises, rainy nights, dreams and love. Genre can be described as piano/ambient with a touch of post-rock. 

Third full-length album. A bit less sad but much more romantic. A lot less guitar but more orchestrated. Every song is filled with love and romantic emotions. It's perfect for listening before your sleep, while you are in bed and thinking about your life, just relax & listen.

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Album: Civil Protection - Stolen Fire

Band: Civil Protection
Album: Stolen Fire
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

01. Strike The Match, Light The Fuse
02. My Memories Will Be Part Of The Sky
03. Alaska
04. Many Moons Ago
05. Section 47
06. From The Parish To The Pavement
07. Redrawn
08. Monedula
09. Stolen Fire

Civil Protection are carving out a niche for themselves within the Yorkshire music scene with their sharper, more immediate brand of melodic post-rock. Citing influences like Caspian and maybeshewill, their debut album, Stolen Fire, released October 2013, received rave reviews from blogs and magazines around the UK:

“It is a journey through nine songs that is going to blow your mind for approximately 50 minutes” – Daniela Patrizi, Echoes and Dust

“'Stolen Fire' is bloody amazing. There isn't anything I can fault it on. Which is rare.. Could this be a start of something big? It has a definite potential to be so.” – Cat Keller, Leeds Music Scene

Civil Protection have supported a diverse selection of acts, including Glaswegian math-rock up-and-comers Vasa, and established Indie darlings The Indelicates. Their energetic live performance and unique take on the genre have helped to establish them as true “local heroes”, as described by Huddersfield’s Raconteur Magazine.

Civil Protection were recently placed within the Postrock Facebook Page’s (having a 60,000+ following) ‘Top 50 releases of 2013’ and ‘top 10 new bands of 2013’.

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Album: Audrey Fall - Mitau

Band: Audrey Fall
Album: Mitau
Label: Self Released
Year: 2014

01. 1944
02. Petrina
03. Wolmar
04. Driksa
05. Bermondt
06. Valdeka
07. Eliass
08. Courland Aa
09. Priboi
10. Medem

Audrey Fall is a four-piece post-rock band from Latvia.

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Album: I/O - Saudade

Band: I/O
Album: Saudade
Label: Self Released
Year: 2014

01. Lakehouse
02. Twins
03. Input/Output
04. Noise Floor
05. Beta Fish
06. Anna
07. Warship
08. Weather Fields
09. Bait & Switch

Based out of Boston, Massachusetts, I/O has been playing together since fall of 2012.

"I/O believes human experience can be too beautiful and grotesque, inspiring and abhorrent, heartwarming and traumatic, to put into words.

We hope you feel the same.It’s as much yours as it is ours."

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EP: The Silence Of A Whisper - The Hour Glass I & II

Band: The Silence Of A Whisper
Album: The Hour Glass I & II EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2014

01.The Hour Glass I
02.The Hour Glass II

The Silence Of A Whisper is the musical project of Jerome Engström, a multi-instrumentalist, producer and artist from Gothenburg,Sweden . All programming and composition of The Silence Of A Whisper are performed by Jerome.

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Video: Palms - Mission Sunset

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Video: Kuato - Groundwork

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Band: Cassiopeia

Band: Cassiopeia
Album: Sleep Of Reason EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

01. An Abstract Will
02. Æolus
03. Arborea

Band: Cassiopeia
Album: Untitled I MCD
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

01. Untitled I

Band: Cassiopeia
Album: Cassiopeia
Label: Self Released
Year: 2011

1. -
2. The Highest Step On Earth
3. The Slow March
4. Descent
5. Sun Halo (Beyond Stockholm)
6. Stargazer
7. --
8. Collapse
9. The Ascension

Band: Cassiopeia
Album: Cassiopeia EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2010

01. Untitled I (The Highest Step On Earth)
02. Untitled II (Descent)
03. Untitled III (Sun Halo Beyond Stockholm)

Cassiopeia is an American post-rock band from Phoenix, Arizona who debuted their first full-length album in December of 2011. Right now they are on a transitional period, because 3 members left the band, so they are offering their releases as "name your price".

Official Site
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Album: New Vegas - More Than Mythology

Band: New Vegas
Album: More Than Mythology
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

01. Ensnared
02. Watered Down, All Around
03. Canvases
04. More Than Mythology
05. Les Enfants Terribles
06. Atlas
07. Homes And Coffins
08. In Limbo
09. The Winter Soulstice

"Each of us carry emotions which dictate how we act in our society. It is in essence our defining characteristic. Some carry heavy hearts from haunted pasts, some let fear drive their decisions, and some are just content with being alive even if for just one more day. As evident as these emotions can be and as critical they are in defining our identity, do they stem from anything really important? Do our feelings even matter? When listening to this album, we urge you to feel the music beyond a mere "listen": get lost in whatever feelings it inspires. When you are done, look within and ask yourself if the ideas of passion, self-worth, or identity itself hold any water or if they are no more than mythology." - New Vegas 

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Video: Chelsea Wolfe - Feral Love

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EP: Hotel Books - I'm Almost Happy Here

Band: Hotel Books
Album: I'm Almost Happy Here EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

01. Lose One Friend
02. Lose All Friends
03. Lose Yourself

Hotel Books is an expression of spirit conveyed through spoken-word poetry and ambient music.

"This album is a collection of three songs to share the new chapter of Hotel Books. Cam Smith and Jordan Leal sat down to construct what would be the new sound and vision of Hotel Books, along with the addition of Jonny Blackwell, Danny Adams, Dan Colasanto into the project.

These three songs were recorded during a four day jam session with Hiram Hernandez in Phoenix, AZ. After Jordan jammed the songs out with Jonathan Brown (Papertowns) on drums, we entered the studio with a perspective of creating three songs that we could share with the ever-growing Hotel Books family.

As we embark on composing a new album, we hope these three songs find you well. God has blessed us with the ability to share music, and we could not be more grateful. I hope you enjoy this step toward who Hotel Books is becoming." - Hotel Books

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Album: I Am No Hero - Underwater Cities

Band: I Am No Hero
Album: Underwater Cities
Label: Self Released
Year: 2014

01. All Lines Are Missing
02. Grotesque
03. Sunny Days
04. In Waves
05. Underwater Cities
Stream / Buy

I Am No Hero formed in 2010 in Athens, Greece. Since then they are rehearsing & experimenting with music. In summer of 2011 they recorded their first album under the title "Without Antennas". In January 2014 their second album has been released under the title "Underwater Cities.

An excellent album in the footsteps of Mono.

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EP: Questions Of The North - Silent Ones

Band: Questions Of The North
Album: Silent Ones EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2014

01. Silent Ones
02. Chasm
03. Endless Fortitude
04. Anabasis

Side/solo project of Nevan Doyle, guitarist and composer for Bury The Moon.

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News: sleepmakeswaves are funding their second album

The story of the project 

It was never supposed to come this far... 

Four guys who shared a love of heavy riffs, pretty soundscapes and delay pedals started jamming in a garage in 2007. 

Seven years later and sleepmakeswaves have played countless shows across three continents, released several critically acclaimed records, been asked to do a Reddit AMA, been given the opportunity to play with some of our favourite and inspirational artists, been nominated in the 2012 ARIA Awards and, most importantly, connected with tens of thousands of people around the world.

Where to next?

Well, it's been a solid three years of domestic and international touring off the back of our debut album, including SXSW in Austin, dunk! festival in Belgium, driving around Australia enough times to make it to the moon and back, supporting 65daysofstatic on a marathon 37-date tour of Europe, supporting Aussie prog heroes Karnivool (twice!) and intimate shows ranging everywhere from Paris to New York to Warsaw to London to Barcelona to Budapest. We realised it's about time to settle down and start putting all of these experiences and all this growth down on record.

A second album. One that celebrates our passion for the road, our development as musicians and what we've seen of the world through playing music. The sounds on this album are inspired in no small way by our love of live performance. With every show we've played we have gained an appreciation for the powerful connection we can achieve with our audience, even without the use of lyrics. We have been humbled by the passion of our fans, feeling the energy we deliver is always reciprocated. On this album we want to tap into this.

How the funds will be used

A lot goes into the full release of an album. There's the recording and mixing, and then mastering on top of that. Then artwork, manufacturing, distribution and publicity. The four of us, the members of sleepmakeswaves, will all be pitching in our own personal funds significantly in order to make this record a reality. The $25,000 figure that we are asking for is a partial contribution to help us reach the larger total costs for getting this record fully released and ready to listen.

Your funds will only get released to us, from you, if we meet our total goal.

Pledge Now!

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Album: Winds With Hands - (Untitled)

Band: Winds With Hands
Album: (Untitled)
Label: Self Released
Year: 2014

01. Into The North Sea
02. Eternal Winter
03. Closing Date
04. Always The Same
05. Decline Of The Empire

"We are a post-metal/post-rock/instrumental band from Russia, Stavropol. Music is our chance to say people about our dreams, thoughts. Music is only that we can share with people over the world..." - Winds With Hands

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EP: Of Us Giants - Stitch

Band: Of Us Giants
Album: Stitch EP
Label: Quote Your Pulse Records, Driftwood Records, Ronald Records
Year: 2012

01. Stone Hands
02. Black Book
03. Soil
04. Stitch
05. Fingernails
06. Smear

Of Us Giants are a three-piece indie rock band from Turlock, California, that came into existence in early 2012. With three releases already under their belt, the group have released their debut full-length record, Nova Scotia, in January 2014.

Official Site

You can preorder their full length album here.
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News: Long Distance Calling's project on PledgeMusic


As you all know we started to work with Marsen as our singer and will continue on recording vocal tracks for our next record, for which we’re currently writing a lot of new songs. We’re really enjoying the process, but we’re realizing that we have so many ideas that we have to collect and record them. 

This is when we had the idea of recording a LIVE-JAM INSTRUMENTAL EP exclusively for our biggest fans and supporters. We want to lock ourselves in the recording studio for a couple of days and just start playing. And when we say Jam-EP we mean it. This EP will be recorded live, there will be no arranging of the songs, the tracks will be created spontaneously without any preparation, pre-production, etc. Just LDC with its authentic & most intense live energy and back to our instrumental origins additionally with Marsen on synthies, electric sounds and keyboards.

We want to start this project right after our tour through Europe in February 2014. As we are in the lucky position that our last record deal just expired and the new one is only to be signed later this year, we founded our own label “Avoid The Light Records” for this project and will contain full creative power over the whole process. 

The Jam-EP is for our fans that have supported us over the last years and that is why we want to realize this EP together with YOU! It will be a limited exclusive edition with only 500 Vinyls and 1000 Digipack-CD’s available. 

That is how it works: 

If you’re new to pledge, the way it works is, you pay for the production of the music you want to get made, i.e., you buy the record before it’s made, so that it CAN be made! Your contribution will help pay for the studio, mixing and mastering as well as the cover artwork and pressing the CDs and Vinyls. We must reach our target amount until the 25th of February 2014 in order to make this happen. After reaching 100% the money will be withdrawn from your account and we can make this project become reality. We would record the EP in early March and release it in April or May latest.

If we reach our goal we can start realizing our project and be able to record the EP. If we don’t reach our goal there will be no Jam-EP. In this case there will be no costs for YOU. 

Every supporter will receive a download of the EP and exclusive updates of our working process in the studio. So they will be part of the development of our Jam-EP. The EP will only be available on and in our Onlineshop. 

All prices are inclusive shipping costs. 

Dearest fans and supporters, it all depends on you! Be part of our project and support us.

Long Distance Calling

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Album: Sunlight Ascending - A Collection Of Live Recordings

Band: Sunlight Ascending
Album: A Collection Of Live Recordings
Label: Self Released
Year: 2014

01. Leaving My Waiting Room
02. Black Bear
03. (Summer) The Golden Plane
04. Kalkaska
05. Multivac
06. All The Memories, All At Once

Sunlight Ascending is a 5-piece instrumental band located in Clawson, Michigan who formed around the beginning of 2007. Their music is a mix of post-rock, shoegaze, and dreamlike soundscapes. The band is comprised of guitarist James Schultz and his drumming brother, Jeremy Schultz, as well as members Andrew Mcilwain, Nick Urbanik, and Sean Reed, all of whom tend to switch between playing bass and guitar during live shows. They have two full length albums, one on the Californian label Futurerecordings called “All the Memories, All at Once” , released in 2009, and another titled “Leaving My Waiting Room”, self-released in 2013, as well as two EPs titled “You Don’t Belong Here” and “The Appointment”, both independently released in 2010.

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EP: II - Hanoi

Band: II
Album: Hanoi EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2014

01. Decca
02. Limbo
03. Talk-Box

Hanoi EP by II from Mexico, is a mixture of post-rock and electronica, some kind of post-rock disco! It's uptempo nevertheless and suits on Saturday morning!

Official Site

Also check