Tuesday, February 04, 2014

EP: Of Us Giants - Stitch

Band: Of Us Giants
Album: Stitch EP
Label: Quote Your Pulse Records, Driftwood Records, Ronald Records
Year: 2012

01. Stone Hands
02. Black Book
03. Soil
04. Stitch
05. Fingernails
06. Smear

Of Us Giants are a three-piece indie rock band from Turlock, California, that came into existence in early 2012. With three releases already under their belt, the group have released their debut full-length record, Nova Scotia, in January 2014.

Official Site

You can preorder their full length album here.

2 Engineers:

Clément said...

For today (Valentine's Day 2014) only, their new album can be downloaded for free here! : http://ofusgiants.bandcamp.com

Nordsee said...

Thanx for the info Clément! I posted the news on facebook page :)

Also check