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Album: AREA - A Place To Meet Randoms

Band: AREA
Album: A Place To Meet Randoms
Year: 2012
Label: Self Released

01. Kids, You're Blind
02. Proud Doctors
03. Exit / Escape
04. Monday Morning, In Japan
05. Dust
06. North Wind

AREA. A place where sound frequencies are full of energy, emotions can disrupt some of them.
Since 2011, the Bordeaux Quartet met and create "A Place to Meet Randoms" available since June 2012. 

The music and sounds from "A Place to Meet Randoms" from AREA were created by AREA, and produced by Bastien.D at home, France.
The sound was masterised by Bastien.D. The imagery was done by AREA and Jonas Lebesgue. Big thank you to Bastien.D, Jonas Lebesgue, Louis Cavender, and of course, our friends and families. - AREA

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Album: Toundra - III

Band: Toundra
Album: III
Year: 2012
Label: Aloud Music Ltd

01. Ara Caeli
02. Cielo Negro (Black Sky)
03. Requiem
04. Marte (Mars)
05. Lilim
06. Espírita

Toundra is a band from Madrid, Spain, formed in 2007 as a phoenix from the ashes of the recently-dissolved Nacen De Las Cenizas, which left a good taste in mouth among both national and international hardcore followers, despite the briefness of their existence. The new creature has decided to dispense vocals and provides us with an entirely instrumental sound where guitars, bass and drums take on the entire role.

After some demos, the quartet introduces itself with its first selftitled album, recorded Carlos Santos (ex-Terroristars) at Sandman Studios with production from Studio Tailor Maid in Sweden by the prestigious Peter in the Betou (Arch Enemy, Opeth etc.). Through the excellent work of both, the band has managed to create the suitable environment for the structures’ development and the intensity of highs and lows that characterize the band.

At times it may recall as much to bands like Isis, Neurosis or Pelican to Scots Mogwai or even to the more progressive and less metal Tool, but never so much as to sound outdated and used. The comparison between their capabilities, sound, ideas, creativity and so on, of foreign and national bands, loses its relevance.

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Video: 65daysofstatic - 2000 Trees

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Video: Thot - Grueenn ft. Colin H van Eeckhout (Amenra)

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Album: Alexander DeLarge - Selected Works

Band: Alexander DeLarge
Album: Selected Works
Year: 2012
Label: Self Released

01. Cellar Door
02. Where It All Starts And Ends
03. Man Needs Man
04. I Don't Belong Here
05. Desolate Memories
06. Nocturne
07. Last Record From The Earth

Alexander DeLarge is an electronic / neoclassical project based in Russia.

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Video: Night Verses - Be Happy With Yourself, I'm Staying Here In Hell

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Album: Jakarta Project - Beauty Lies In Lover's Eyes

Band: Jakarta Project
Album: Beauty Lies In Lover's Eyes
Year: 2012
Label: Self Released

01. The Owl Song
02. LA Streets
03. ...And We've Come
04. Maria's Sunday Morning
05. Last Night In Tokyo
06. Out Of Memories

Jakarta Project is a post-rock band from Russia.
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EP: There's A Light - Khartoum

Band: There's A Light
Album: Khartoum EP
Year: 2012
Label: Self Released

01. Unity
02. Khartoum
03. Eudaimonia
04. We Choose To Go To The Moon

There's A Light is a band from Lahr, Germany. They released their debut EP on July 2012, which is a mixture of ambient, post-rock with vocals and spoken words.

David Christmann
Jonas Obermüller
Nicolas Richau
Andreas Richau

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EP: Arms Of Tripoli - All The Fallen Embers

Band: Arms Of Tripoli
Album: All The Fallen Embers EP
Year: 2012
Label: Self Released

01. Vikings In The Attic
02. City Speak
03. Sectioned By Brooks
04. Waking Eyes
05. Cliff Dwellings
06. Radio Silence

Arms Of Tripoli consists of members from various LA based instrumental bands. The band was forged under the premise that the most prolific and profound music is created when a strong spirit of collaboration is present. Thus, the band features an ever revolving line up of musicians and artists that accompany its core members in all aspects of artistic development. It is at its foundation a creative outlet for everyone, exposing new and unarchived music for everyone to enjoy. The group as it stands officially began in July 2011.

Arms Of Tripoli plays a style composed of multiple influences yet remaining true to keeping to old roots that generated an interest for playing instrumental music overall.

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EP: From Ocean To Autumn - Return

Band: From Ocean To Autumn
Album: Return EP
Year: 2012
Label: Self Released

01. Ascending
02. Walk On Water
03. Descending

Brandon Helms (guitars, samples) and Allen Knight (bass) founded From Oceans To Autumn in the summer of 2006 — shortly after laying to rest their previous band, Autumn Is Forever, which had a long run between 1997 and 2004. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, the pair proceeded to recruit Eddie McDaniel (drums).  From Oceans To Autumn’s main influences are City Of Caterpillar, Frodus, Gospel, Daitro and Isis to name a few.  The band’s sound is often referred to as “space metal” or “atmospheric/post-metal/hardcore/rock etc…

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EP: Royal Oak - Let's Not Try That Again​.​.​.

Band: Royal Oak
Album: Let's Not Try That Again​.​.​. EP
Year: 2012
Label: Self Released

01. Side A
02. Side B

"We recorded this album ourselves at Hillpark Secondary school in Hamilton, Ontario. It was one take for the whole album.
We hope you enjoy it. " - Royal Oak

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Video: 52 Commercial Road - Kadmar

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Album: Cloudkicker - Fade

Band: Cloudkicker
Album: Fade
Year: 2012
Label: Self Released

01. From The Balcony
02. The Focus
03. Seattle
04. Garage Show
05. LA After Rain
06. Making Will Mad
07. Our Crazy Night

Cloudkicker is a one man progressive metal project from Ben Sharp (aka B.M. Sharp), heavily influenced by math metal and post-metal. Sharp utilizes drum machines and custom tuned guitars in his recordings. progressive and instrumental influences are also obvious in his music. Aviation has been a major recurring theme within each release. Most of the song titles, album titles, and art work are inspired, derived, or influenced by Aviation. For example, each song title from Beacons was taken from actual black box recordings or radio transmissions from crashed or malfunctioning airplanes.

The project has gotten a lot of attention even though he doesn’t have a record deal, and is entirely self financed and produced. Most notably Devin Townsend stated in December 2010 that “Cloudkicker is really good stuff!” via his Facebook-page. Also Riley Breckenridge of the band Thrice named Beacons as one of his favorite albums of 2010.

Ben released a new album titled Fade on 2nd of August.

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Video: Devil Sold His Soul - A New Legacy

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