Thursday, August 30, 2012

Album: AREA - A Place To Meet Randoms

Band: AREA
Album: A Place To Meet Randoms
Year: 2012
Label: Self Released

01. Kids, You're Blind
02. Proud Doctors
03. Exit / Escape
04. Monday Morning, In Japan
05. Dust
06. North Wind

AREA. A place where sound frequencies are full of energy, emotions can disrupt some of them.
Since 2011, the Bordeaux Quartet met and create "A Place to Meet Randoms" available since June 2012. 

The music and sounds from "A Place to Meet Randoms" from AREA were created by AREA, and produced by Bastien.D at home, France.
The sound was masterised by Bastien.D. The imagery was done by AREA and Jonas Lebesgue. Big thank you to Bastien.D, Jonas Lebesgue, Louis Cavender, and of course, our friends and families. - AREA


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