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Video: Devil Sold His Soul - An Ocean Of Lights (Live)

Devil Sold His Soul perform 'An Ocean Of Lights' at the Sitcom Soldier.

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Album: Fire Walk With Us - Carriers

Band: Fire Walk With Us
Album: Carriers
Label: Self Released
Year: 2011

01. Motion In Swarms
02. Slumber And Feed
03. Hands Across The Void
04. Miles Alike
05. Carry On
06. This Lake In Flames

Fire Walk With Us is a band from Amsterdam, Netherlands. After releasing an EP on May 2008, this is their debut album.

Fire Walk With Us has spent evenings performing alongside bands like Earth, Amenra, Dälek, ZU, Junius, …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, Kickback, Rise & Fall and EF.

Official Site
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EP: All You've Seen - The Liquid EP

Band: All You've Seen
Album: The Liquid EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2011

01. Shoals
02. Rift
03. Tidal
04. Leak

In 2008 the two Swiss guitarists, Beni and Urs, started the post-rock band All You’ve Seen. Once a drummer joined the band they started working on their first EP, which was released in summer 2009. While still looking for a bass player the band kept writing and recording new songs, finishing an album called Mahali in spring 2010. Due to personal reasons their drummer left the band leaving the two friends where they started…looking for a bass player and a drummer.In March 2011, Andi joined the band as the new drummer and Marc is playing the bass. get ready!

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Video: Our Ceasing Voice - For Darkness Fears The Light

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Album: FareWell Poetry - Hoping For The Invisible To Ignite

Band: FareWell Poetry
Album: Hoping For The Invisible To Ignite
Label: Gizeh Recrods
Year: 2011

01. As True As Troilus
02. All In The Full, Indomitable Light Of HOPE [part I]
03. All In The Full, Indomitable Light Of HOPE [part II]
04. In Dreams Airlifted Out

FareWell Poetry is a collective of Parisian musicians and an Anglo-saxon poet and filmmaker.
From indie to modern classical to drone and shoegaze, spoken word and experimental film, FareWell Poetry represents the pooled influences of its core members and passionate collaborators.

The band's richly arranged songs seek out subtle and luminous climaxes, the hypnotically simple melodies falling away like scaffolding to reveal a complex structure narrated by a haunted voice drumming out a dark poetry, echoes from a deep well.

Performing in festivals, movie theaters, concert halls, churches and collaborating with a wide range of guests such as Bérangère Maximin, Gaspar Claus, Dave Olliffe, David Moore, David Fenech, this ambitious project combines incandescent and powerful drama, orchestrated minimalism, experimental film, dark sensuality and luminous poetry.
Somewhere between a sleep-starved Man Ray, the visual performances of Throbbing Gristle or the Velvet Underground, FareWell Poetry exudes a creativity inspired by a state of trance and seeks new boundaries to push back, new doors to open.

'By constantly rethinking and repopulating the landscape of our songs, we attempt to avoid the limitations of a set format, dressing and undressing initial structures, hoping for the invisible to ignite.'

Jayne Amara Ross
poetry, Super 8 & 16 mm hand processed films, tape recorder
Frédéric D. Oberland
electric guitar, autoharp, field recordings, rhodes, music box, harmonium, piano, etc
Eat Gas
electric guitar & bass, harmonic pipe, glockenspiel, baritone, etc
Colin Johnco
Stanislas Grimbert
drums & percussions, glockenspiel
Stéphane Pigneul
bass VI

Official Site

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Single: Fura - Iamo

Band: Fura
Album: Iamo (Single)
Label:  Back To The Records
Year: 2011

01. Iamo

Fura was founded in late 2008 when 4 musicians from around the world decide to combine their artistic creativity resulting in a musical experiment with a sound that is similar to a ferret (fura in catalan): they could sleep many hours, entering in a state of absolute calm, to become a very active and curious animal.

Iamo is taken from their forthcoming debut album.

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EP: Box Story - Straight As The Rain

Band: Box Story
Album: Straight As The Rain EP
Label:  Self Released
Year: 2011

01. Nightmare
02. The Place
03. Away Always #2
04. The Seasons
05. I Try To Forget

An old postcard that comes out of a carton. A few words of someone who is gone. The lullaby of our childhood. A smile always present. Feelings that you want to share.

Box Story is the solo project rock / indie by Laetitia Solimando, singer-songwriter from Belgium. It was born a few years ago, tinkering in her room a few tunes on guitar on a multitrack. At first, the music was minimalistic. She then added some acoustic pop elements with the help of Lhoest Renaud, who shared some scenes with her. 

Gradually, Laetitia decides to move forward alone on stage, defending her plan with her guitar, her voice and a loop pedal.It was during one of her dates she met Gregory Friar who accompanied her on stage, and other musician friends thereafter, by changing the project to a rock sound and more assertive.

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Album: ((NAVTILVS°)) - Polaris°

Band: ((NAVTILVS°))
Album: Polaris°
Label: Fuel the Fire, shitpiece.records
Year: 2011

01. Plagve Carrier
02. Mother Monolith
03. Ville Couverte
04. Pilvm° 

((NAVTILVS°)), not influenced by a specific style of music, but by our nightmares; the cataclysmic prospects of the downfall of this cursed world experienced daily.

This is a band working differently. First there is a lyrical concept in which they put their musical ideas. Somewhere in between heavy, dark post-hardcore, dissonant instrumental eruptions, ambient soundscapes. Apart from the inner circle of the band, which manifests itself in a five piece, they work with artists/musicians of all genres that are willing to put pieces of themselves into the creative process.
They shared the stage with: Wolves In The Throne Room, Celeste, Omega Massif, The Arson Project, Ritual, Count Raven, Long Distance Calling.

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EP: Morris i Motljus - Morris i Motljus

Band: Morris i Motljus
Album: Morris i Motljus EP
Label:  Self Released
Year: 2011

01. Drömmar Är Som Vackrast Innan De Går I Uppfyllelse
02. En Sång Farväl
03. Cockpit Consura
04. Jag Släpper Aldrig In Dig Här Igen
05. Fann Du Frälsning I Salvation Valley?
06. Consura Cockpit
07. Ett Sista Uppvaknande
Stream (No download links as requested)

Morris i Motljus is an instrumental act from Stockholm that delivers a mix of apocalyptic post-rock and neo classical music. A cinematic sound and a wide spectra of both bombastic parts and quiet melodies gives the listener a floating atmospheric experience.

Morris i Motljus was formed as "Jag fruktade att de hade ätit Morris" by Henrik Ivarsson in the summer of 2010. The name was taken from a headline of an article about an old lady who was afraid that the fox had caught her cat."Jag fruktade att de hade ätit Morris" was never meant to be an artist name. The original idea was just to write music for a wacky story, but the material received good response on the net, and suddenly it had developed into a serious project.

"Jag fruktade att de hade ätit Morris" released two digital EPs and some single tracks on the net. In the end of august 2011 the name was changed to Morris i Motljus.

The new EP, and the first under the name Morris i Motljus, released today and has a duration just under 30 minutes. In this EP, Henrik Ivarsson (the man behind Morris i Motljus), experiments with new elements, like choir chanting and adds black metal touches in some of the tracks. The result is a well structured EP, starting calmly and reaching its peak at the end with "Ett Sista Uppvaknande". It's just like a movie, where, little by little, you get eager to see what will happen in the end.

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EP: Lands - Emperor

Band: Lands
Album: Emperor EP
Label:  Self Released
Year: 2011

01. Emperor
02. King Of Nothing
03. Never Look Back (Interlude)
04. Love Is The Devil

Planet-Loud: Lands are on hand to beam their stunning post-hardcore/progressive metal hybrid straight into our eardrums. Delivering a selection of spacious, crushing and often beautiful soundscapes, delicate instrumental passages giving way to tsunamis of overdriven guitar and throat-shredding vocals. Receiving admiring nods from fans of forward-thinking metal all around the globe… Get on it.

Rockfreaks: Intelligent, intricate soundscapes that progress further than just a couple of minutes. In any case, "Subtitles" has to be one of the finest self-released debut EPs I've heard to date. It must be heard

Rise From The Ashes: Brutal beauty! Seamlessly floating between the serene sounds, and heavy styles with very little filler in between. The 5 song EP is a promising start and shows great potential.

Sludgelords: If this is a statement from an up and coming British Post-Metal band well I am sold. Awesome stuff. With bands like Lands and The Construct. I am a little bit more optimistic about the British scene.

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Album: Audiocæneat! - Red Sessions

Band: Audiocæneat!
Album: Red Sessions
Label:  Frontal Noize
Year: 2010

01. The Truth Unfolded I
02. Buh!
03. From The Massives To The Masses
04. Kalypso
05. Painting The Earth With Night Flares
06. Idylla

Audiocæneat!, starting in November 2009, is a quartet based in Dresden, Germany. Their musical style could be considered as a mixture of post-rock, shoegaze and 90's stuff.

With this release, Audiocæneat! celebrate their debut. Their music combines downright cinematic post-rock with modern shoegaze. Huge soundwalls are decorated with charming vocals, stunning melodrama fades into an ambient idyllic soundscape. Dodgy rhythms meet mighty, sad guitar lines. This album succeeds to build up a more and more growing atmosphere and does not get dreary after listening to it for the 1002nd time. Those who like Mogwai, Blueneck, Immanu El or Jesu will love this album!

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EP: Damascus - Of Whom I Always Think

Band: Damascus
Album: Of Whom I Always Think EP
Label:  Self Released
Year: 2011

01. Ambition
02. Schematics
03. Interference

Damascus is an ambient instrumental metal band from New Jersey. Their debut album “Salutations, Distant Satellite!” was released in May 2011. Their second EP, “Of Whom I Always Think”, was independently released by the band on October 1st.

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EP: Oak - Demo

Band: Oak
Album: Demo EP
Label:  Self Released
Year: 2011

01. Last Day Of...
02. Vibration Of Shields
03. I'm (Not) Dying
04. In Silent Waters
05. Everyone Is Guilty, Especially Those Which Show

The Boring (punk-hardcore, France) and I Am John Spartan (punk-emo-crust, France) were touring together when Sebastien (guitar player in The Boring), Thibault (singer in I Am John Spartan) and Thomas (bass player in I Am John Spartan) decided to play music together after the tour in another form and in another style than punk.

Sebastien is playing drums, Thibault and Thomas guitars. Pierre, from Hope Is A Curse (a local post-core band) joined them playing bass. After a few gigs in the Strasbourg area (East of France, where the band is based), they’ve recorded their first demo between July and September 2010 with Sam System-D Prod. After that, Oak became a five-piece band when Sam joined them playing the guitar.

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Video: Polinski feat. Big Black Delta – Stitches

Recent crime-solving video games like L.A. Noire have seen grand success with their intricate story-lines and highly detailed, modern graphics. Electro rocker Polinski, aka the side-project of 65daysofstatic frontman Paul Wolinski, hasn’t forgotten the granddaddies of games like that, though, and with his new video for “Stitches” (featuring Big Black Delta), he’s crafted them one incredible homage.Forgoing all the bells and whistles of current technology, Polinski, along with director/writer Caspar Newbolt and director/animator Josiah Newbolt (some relation), gives us an old-school text adventure detective story. Murdered dames, trippy visions, and ominous clues surround Detective Polinski as self-typing texts scrolls through an engaging mystery. Mostly stationary graphics outline the story as it’s played out by a man, presumably Wolinski himself, seen only in the reflection of an antiquated tube TV set.
Having already stated the 70s and 80s sci-fi influence on his upcoming debut, Polinski’s early video game theme might be logically foreseeable, but no less bad-ass.
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Album: Laura - Twelve Hundred Times

Band: Laura
Album: Twelve Hundred Times
Label:  Elevation Recordings
Year: 2011

01. Visitor
02. This Grey Earth
03. Gravity Hill
04. Mark the Day
05. Glint
06. x1200
07. Stone Seed
08. Fugue State
09. The Slow
10. Safe Confinement
11. New Safe Confinement

Officially, the 5-piece alternative outfit from Melbourne formed in 2001, but it wasn’t until a few years later that the band's story really began. Following the release of its debut EP ‘Photographs…’ in 2002, Laura experimented with a number of member changes and, consequently, sounds. By 2003, the band included the current members: Andrew Chalmers (guitars / vocals), Nathan Biggin (piano / synthesizers / guitars), Ben Yardley (guitars), Andrew Yardley (bass), and Carolyn Gannell (cello). The time spent perfecting the mix was clearly worth the toil, because what followed is one of the most impressive and well received bodies of work produced by an Australian underground act in recent years.

In 2004, Laura released its debut album, 'Mapping Your Dreams', produced by Melbourne-based Japanese engineer and recording artist Naomune Anzai. The title track quickly gained the attention of radio, receiving high-rotation airplay from independent stations around the country including FBi Radio and 2SER in Sydney, and 3RRR and 3PBS in Melbourne. Critical success soon followed. Of the album, Rave Magazine said, "Mapping Your Dreams drips in ethereal, other worldly wall of soundness.” Beat Magazine named the track 'We Should Keep This Secret' its Single of the Week and later Indie Single of the Year for 2004. During this time, Laura began to gain significant momentum in the live arena as well, thanks to intense shows that featured the band’s signature wall of sound, and its dramatic and at times chaotic dynamics.

Having created a more than healthy groundswell, Laura spent an intense six months writing and recording its second album, ‘Radio Swan Is Down’. Upon the albums’ release in 2006, the band embarked on a national tour which not only proved to intensify their fan base, but also gained the attention of international ears including US prog-metal group ISIS, for whom Laura would go on to support on their 2007 Australian tour. That same year, the band released a Japanese edition of ‘Radio Swan Is Down’, later promoting the album with a tour of Japan that included shows in Tokyo, Osaka and Hiroshima.

With their international profile clearly on the rise, and a solid international fan base now well established, Laura released their second EP 'Yes Maybe No' in 2008 on US label Elevation Recordings. Further exposure in the US followed in 2009 with MTV licensing several of the band's songs for various TV series.

This March, Laura releases the limited edition double a-side 7 inch, ‘This Grey Earth’ | Mark The Day’. With only 500 copies produced, The 7 inch is the first taste of what’s to come from the band's long awaited third album, and is already gaining significant attention with ‘Mark The Day’ being named Single Of The Week by both Beat Magazine and InPress in January 2011. "…it's enough to darken the sun at midday." (InPress Magazine)

Dark, moody and complicated, this latest release by Laura is sure to leave a mark on all who hear it.


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Album: The Sleep Design - All That Is Not Music Is Silence

Band: The Sleep Design
Album: All That Is Not Music Is Silence
Label:  Self Released
Year: 2010

01. The Sound Of War
02. These Dreams Haunt & Capture
03. Soft, Still Motionless
04. All That Is Not Music Is Silence
05. Fire, The Grave & The Eyes Of Man
06. Hope Is The Dream Of A Soul Awake
07. You Are My Home
08. He Bargains Beautifully
09. A Time To Mourn, A Time To Dance
10. The Woman
11. & The Beast

Formed out of a passion for the beauty of God through sound, The Sleep Design attempts to shed light on the power of a Creator captured in rhythm. A love for jamming and a desire to stray from what pop culture has done to music inspires a band striving to mold melodies worthy of dreamers.

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Album: Revival Hymns - Feathers

Band: Revival Hymns
Album: Feathers
Label:  Self Released
Year: 2011

01. Arms Replaced With Steel
02. Path Of Grace
03. O Stranger
04. Spew
05. J'Adore
06. Enough To Me
07. Crusoe Metamorphosis

In summer 2010, 5 friends from the city of Tampere in Finland, Joonas, Sauli, Markus, Ville, and Henri started a band. After a year of some sweaty rehearsing, song writing and fun times, the debut album, ‘Feathers’, came out. Genre-wise, the band could be categorized as indie/alternative/post-rock/shoegazing, and the distinctive sound of the debut album has been described as ranging from moments of introverted shoegazing to majestic walls of noise. In October, ‘Feathers’ will be released on vinyl in Europe by the German label I.Corrupt.Records. The band is also actively looking for shows in Finland and abroad, so don’t hesitate to contact the band or their booking agency if you’d like to see this act live. 

Revival Hymns is:  Ville Rantala – Sauli Hämäläinen – Henri Annala – Joonas Virta – Markus Grönfors 

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EP: Bleaklow - The Sunless Country

Band: Bleaklow
Album: The Sunless Country EP
Label:  Self Released
Year: 2011

01. The Sunless Country
02. I
03. II
04. III
05. IV
06. V

Bleaklow is a three piece instrumental band from Sheffield featuring ex-members of Architects. For fans of Russian Circles, Pelican, Isis, Cult of Luna and similar bands.

One track EP. The five individual parts of The Sunless Country also included.

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Video: The Ocean - Collective Oblivion

Video trailer with awesome footage of The Ocean's recent tour in China & Hongkong. Taken off their upcoming DVD with the working title "Collective Oblivion", to be released some time in 2012.
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EP: We Made God - Fragments

Band: We Made God
Album: Fragments EP
Label:  Self Released
Year: 2011

01. Untitled
02. Post
03. Drón

If normal pop music is like watching a sunny day through a passenger window, We Made God's music would be like riding a monster truck through a blizzard. Violent and adrenaline filled, broken up by the occasional calm eye of the storm.

Their debut As We Sleep has been touted as “Referencing the otherworldly ambient atmospherics of Sigur Rós and Deftones' driving, muscular riffs” by Q Magazine who gave them a 4/5 for their “audacious debut”. Kerrang magazine was equally thrilled by their debut album, giving them 4 Ks and dubbing it “simultaneously soporific and terrifying” as well as selecting them as one of their Must Hear acts of 2008. We Made God has had a permanent slot on the Kerrang nights at the Iceland Airwaves music festival, always gaining a constant review of 4 Ks for their atmospheric live performance.  

Having toured extensively around Iceland since their birth We Made God made their presence known in Great Britain in 2008 with an intense tour from Scotland to London, playing 11 gigs in under two weeks. We Made God are one of those cases where the community played a huge role in the development of their fame. Together with their fans they've carved out a niche for themselves, mixing together the tones of the northern lights with the bludgeoning riffs of a polar ice storm.

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EP: Almeeva - EP#1

Band: Almeeva
Album: EP#1
Label:  Self Released
Year: 2011

01. Echoes
02. Tunnel
03. Canyon
04. Enbrums
05. Egypt

A 130 bpm kick drum, echo-driven guitars drowned in reverb, and a minimal groove.

Gregory Hoepffner's (Radius System, TEMPL▲TE, Time To Burn, Painting By Numbers…) new project draws it's modernity from the space allowed to make us lose ourselves.

Head straight into the rhythm logic, to it's simplest and most efficient truth. 
No songwritting, no melodies, no vocals. 
Don't think, don't loose the pulse.

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Video: Albinobeach - Angolan Girls

The video for the new single, which Albinobeach released yesterday. The track can be downloaded for free here.
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Album: Ära Krâ - Ferne Tage

Band: Ära Krâ
Album: Ferne Tage
Label:  Self Released
Year: 2011

01. September
02. Ofem
03. Verschlafene Tage
04. Neuschnee
05. Eos & Eis
06. Licht
07. Flieder

Ära Krâ is a band form Germany, and Ferne Tage is their debut album, which is an impressive one. Try it if you like Buried Inside and Vestiges.

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Update: Barrows - Imprecari Island

Barrows are giving their album "Imprecari Island" for free here.

Update No.2: Two days ago we made our album available for free download on Bandcamp, and we have already maxed out our 200 free downloads per month, it will be back up for download on bandcamp on 10.28, but in the mean time here is a new link to download our album for free. Sincere thanks to our fans for supporting us and downloading the album.

And they uploaded the album on Megaupload instead.
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Video: Ólafur Arnalds – Hægt, Kemur Ljósið

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Album: Ólafur Arnalds - Living Room Songs

Band: Ólafur Arnalds
Album: Living Room Songs
Label:  Erased Tapes Records
Year: 2011

01. Day 1: Fyrsta
02. Day 2: Near Light
03. Day 3: Film Credits
04. Day 4: Tomorrow's Song
05. Day 5: Ágúst
06. Day 6: Lag Fyrir Ömmu
07. Day 7: This Place Is A Shelter

Following in the spirit of Ólafur Arnalds' critically acclaimed 'Found Songs' (2009) where he wrote, recorded and released a free song every day for a week - now comes 'Living Room Songs'. This time Ólafur takes the idea further and invites the audience into the comfort of his living room, where the songs will be recorded live and the whole process filmed. The songs will instantly be released in form of free MP3 downloads and videos to stream - straight from Ólafur's Reykjavík apartment.

Pre-order (in higher quality MP3 or physical copies)

Day 1: Fyrsta

Day 2: Near Light

Day 3: Film Credits

Day 4: Tomorrow's Song

Day 5: Ágúst

Day 6: Lag Fyrir Ömmu

Day 7: This Place Is A Shelter
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EP: Tree Of Sores - Tree Of Sores

Band: Tree Of Sores
Album: Tree Of Sores EP
Label:  Witch Hunter Records
Year: 2011

01. Intro
02. God Theory
03. Grave
04. From Within
05. Sandford
06. Silent Scream

Leeds 3 piece, taking influences from the doomy atmospherics of Neurosis, an underbelly of crust care of Amebix, and an air of recklessness favoured by the likes of Eyehategod.
The band create a vibe that is heavy, dark and ambient, with tortured male/female vocals, and a mission to take you to a frightening place.  
Recorded with Matt (Pumpkin Records) at Brunswick Mill, Manchester in October 2010, and artwork and layout by Black Uroborus, this CD comes in a 4-panel digipack, and is limited to 150 copies.

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Album: Marionette ID - Alluvion

Band: Marionette ID
Album: Alluvion
Label: Fluttery Records
Year: 2011

01. Serenity
02. Transpire
03. Last Eclipse
04. Parallel Monologue
05. Sin Of Ollan
06. Vestiges
07. Canyons

Marionette ID is a Hungarian experimental/post-rock band founded in 2008. After expanding to a greater audience, they played several European tours in 2010 and 2011. They have been signed to Fluttery Records since 2010. In their new full-length from the label, Alluvion, Marionette ID still try to flirt with interesting structures, heavy sounds using elements of post metal. The album was recorded in Budapest from January till June, 2011.

Official Site
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Album: Giraffes? Giraffes! - Pink Magick

Band: Giraffes? Giraffes!
Album: Pink Magick 
Label: Self Released
Year: 2011

01. Es And Em And Em And Ems
02. Scorpion Bowls At The Hong Kong
03. Totally Boneless!!!
04. Werewolf Grandma With Knives (Part One: The Changeling)
05. Werewolf Grandma With Knives (Part Two: Don't Die)
06. Koscinski's Requiem For A Golden Chariot
07. Curse Of The Tooth Nightmare
08. Transparent Man/Invisible Woman (80,000,000 Years Alone)

Ken Topham and Joe Andreoli grew up in Massachusetts. Even though they had never met, they both enjoyed the same amusement park. They both liked a ride called the Rotor. You would stand inside the Rotor and it would spin and you would stick to the wall and the floor would drop. 
Joe once saw someone puke on the Rotor and it stuck to their face until the ride slowed down. Other names for the Rotor are the Gravitron, the Twister, the Vortex, the Turkish Twist and the Starship 2000. Have you ever seen The 400 Blows (Les Quatre Cents Coups)? 
Ken has never seen anyone puke on the Rotor. Joe and Ken first met while going to college in New Hampshire. Ken studied music, while Joe studied literature. 
They drank coffee and talked about the theory that whales were once sea creatures and they evolved into wolf-like creatures that ran on land, but they didn’t like it so they evolved back into sea creatures and eventually became huge fucking whales. They formed a band. 
They can both play guitar and drums, but in Giraffes? Giraffes! Joe taps and plucks while Ken taps and hits. 

In 2004, Ken and Joe and their very nice and very attractive girlfriends moved to Santa Cruz, California. They liked it there. It was nice outside. 
While living in California, Giraffes? Giraffes! released their debut album Superbass!!!! (Black Death Greatest Hits Vol. 1) in December 2005 and their second album More Skin With Milk-Mouth in December 2007. They also put out two live releases, Live In Toronto and Live On KZSC. 
They toured around America and Canada and played fun shows with Tera Melos, Hella, Kayo Dot, Erase Errata, Make Believe, The Advantage, Thalia Zedek, Ecstatic Sunshine, Growing, Major Stars, Shoplifting, Tartufi, Moving Mountains and billions of other really great bands. 
In 2009, Ken and Joe and their very nice and very attractive girlfriends moved to New England. They like it there. It’s nice outside.

Enter Pink Magick: a perfect conglomerate of the first two albums plus a much stronger psychedelic and 70's prog influence. The album begins with “Es and Em and Em and Ems”, an epic sounding mish mash of guitars, drums, and organ that opens up to “Scorpion Bowls at the Hong Kong”, a song that harkens back to the first album with an up beat tempo and happy sounding melody. The main riff bounces around joyfully until settling into a drum roll build up that slowly raises the songs momentum into an interesting group chant and eventual return to the intial riff. The quieter build up of this song perfectly displays the albums wonderful production and mixing, with each layer of guitar harmonizing nicely and never overpowering the supporting bass and keys. The following song, “Totally Boneless”, also shares a more nostalgic sound, focusing around a low tapping riff interspersed with higher pitched reverb laden sections.

The following two part epic, “Werewolf Grandma With Knives”, is simply breathtaking (I never thought I'd use that adjective with math rock). Starting with disturbing ambient noise and the occasional creepy voice clip, the song sets quite the mood. A lone guitar soon comes in playing a dark melody on top of the noise, eventually leading into part two of the song. This second part reminds me of “ I Am Something Something...” from the second album, and builds wonderfully from the blast beats of the first moment until their climatic return at the end. 

The next two songs, “Koscinski's Requiem for a Golden Chariot” and “Curse of the Tooth Nightmare” flow similarly to the 2nd and 3rd, a lovely combination of energetic guitar tapping and fast paced drums that constantly build until their dramatic final moments. “Transparent Man/Invisible Woman (80,000,000 Years Alone)” is a calm, low key rest from the constant thrill of the rest of the album, not so dissimilar from “The Ghost Of EPPEEPEE’s Ghost” of the previous album. 
Ending on a high note, “DRGNFKR” is without a doubt the best Giraffes? Giraffes! song on this album and possibly their entire discography. Utilizing a more sullen sound than the mostly major key album, its both the saddest (Aside from “Werewolf Grandma With Knives”) and triumphant sounding song on the album. Starting off with a fast pull off/hammer on riff the song slows down into a Godspeed You! Black Emperor esque section and then ignites into a ripping guitar solo, gloriously ending the album in an awesome “*** Yeah!” fashion.

Overall, the album corrects the slight errs of their previous albums and explores new ground successfully. By focusing on what made their first album so exciting and their second so grand, Giraffes? Giraffes! have created a wonderful work of art that is sure to be a highlight of anyone's music collection.

Also check