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Album: Vanessa Van Basten - Closer To The Small Dark Door

Band: Vanessa Van Basten
Album: Closer To The Small Dark Door
Label: Robotic Empire Records
Year: 2010


01. Porzellangasse
02. Putana
03. L'Uomo Che Comprava il Tempo
04. Fuck the Best Take the Rest
05. Domia '95
06. La Selva dell'Orba
07. Scolopendra
08. Untitled
09. L'Affetto Non Serve

Vanessa Van Basten is a duo from Genoa, Italy with many guests and contributors from the alternative and extreme Italian underground. They make slow, heavy, metaphysic instrumental music. Formed in 2004. Their influences are the cosmic psychedelia, industrial rock like Swans or Godflesh, Neurot & Hydrahead catalog.

Band’s first full-length was "La Stanza di Swedenborg", a creature born out of Morgan Bellini’s genius, and differed in some ways from the band’s acclaimed debut EP. The music can still be described as heavy post-rock, but Vanessa Van Basten is nowadays a lot more than just that. A strongly emotional sonic magma absorbs and metabolizes different sonic influences, from the introspective metalcore of Jesu and Neurosis to the experimental metal drones of Sunn O))), from Lycia and Slowdive melancholy-driven soundscapes to the psychedelic and spacey atmospheres of Klaus Schulze to the cinematic melodies of Morricone and Badalamenti. And there you have Vanessa Van Basten.

"Closer To The Small Dark Door" is their second full-length album.

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Album: We Made God - It's Getting Colder

Band: We Made God
Album: It's Getting Colder
Label: Self-released
Year: 2011


01. The start is a finish line
02. Glossolalia
03. Brennt barn fordast eldinn
04. Oh Dae-Su
05. Interlude
06. These hours, minutes and seconds
07. We have lost the battle, we have lost the war
08. As we sleep
09. II
10. III

If normal pop music is like watching a sunny day through a passenger window, We Made God’s music would be like riding a monster truck through a blizzard. Violent and adrenaline filled, broken up by the occasional calm eye of the storm.

Their debut As We Sleep has been touted as “Referencing the otherworldly ambient atmospherics of Sigur Rós and Deftones’ driving, muscular riffs” by Q Magazine who gave them a 4/5 for their “audacious debut”. Kerrang magazine was equally thrilled by their debut album, giving them 4 Ks and dubbing it “simultaneously soporific and terrifying” as well as selecting them as one of their Must Hear acts of 2008. We Made God has had a permanent slot on the Kerrang nights at the Iceland Airwaves music festival, always gaining a constant review of 4 Ks for their atmospheric live performance.

Having toured extensively around Iceland since their birth We Made God made their presence known in Great Britain in 2008 with an intense tour from Scotland to London, playing 11 gigs in under two weeks. We Made God are one of those cases where the community played a huge role in the development of their fame. Together with their fans they’ve carved out a niche for themselves, mixing together the tones of the northern lights with the bludgeoning riffs of a polar ice storm.

"It's Getting Colder" is the band's second album

Buy (Physical copies soon available at the band's MySpace Page)
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Album: Braveyoung - We Are Lonely Animals

Band: Braveyoung
Album: We Are Lonely Animals
Label: The End
Year: 2011

01. Flesh And Bone
02. How Each Friend Departed (Thus Do The Gods)
03. And No Two Walked Together
04. Our Teeth Are Falling Out
05. Dark Days, Including After Midnight
06. The Weight Of Loss Is Whole
07. The Light Narrows
08. We Are Lonely Animals

Formerly known as Giant, North Carolina's Braveyoung brings you lush, hypnotic musical soundscapes on their debut album "We Are Lonely Animals". Recommended for fans of Explosions In The Sky, Russian Circles, Pelican and Mogwai.

Official Site
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Album: Karysun - Until The End

Band: Karysun
Album: Until The End
Label: Destructure
Year: 2010

01. Cops Pigs Murderers
02. Voice Of The Voiceless
03. New Gof, New Truth
04. Ignore Tomorrow
05. Failure Industry
06. Carved For Consumption
07. Fight Darkness
08. Threatened Species

After a first full length, split records with Year Of No Light and Lords, as well as touring everywhere in europe; Karysun, stoner, crust & metal influenced punk duo from Caen France, recorded a new full length earlier this year. To keep the wall of down tuned guitar sound signature initiated by the previous recordings, Karysun went back to their now studio home, Studio De La Souleuvre with Guillaume Doussaud (Taint, Amanda Woodward, Aussitôt mort, Headcharger) behind the mixing desk. They worked all together to get their more achieved material ever. Eight songs clocking almost 40 minutes is the result. Different landscape and atmospheres were reached, from straight forward crust punk to post-rock progressions, from noise and technical metal riffs to minimalist metal punk rhythm. The duo has also been lucky enough to work with good friends and inspiring persons and vocalists such as Gerome Desmaison (Amanda Woodward), Dave Edwardson (Jesus Fucking Christ & Neurosis) Ryan Patterson (Black Cross & Coliseum). It was also time for new musical experiments and new instruments. Piano as well as three live drums can be heard. All together this is best material written and recorded from the band so far. Recorded in various places on two continent, mixed from April to July, mastered in September and October. Yes, the band has chosen to take its time to have the thing correctly done.

Official Site
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Video: We Made God - Oh Dae-su

From their newly released full length album "It's Getting Colder". You can stream & buy the album here.
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Album: La Fin Du Monde - Monolith

Band: La Fin Du Monde
Album: Monolith
Label: Self Released
Year: 2009

01. These Babies Are Edible
02. Dismal Tide
03. They Will Never See Us
04. Beast IV
05. We Will Fall

La Fin Du Monde is a five-piece instrumental rock band from Chico, CA. Oftentimes penned in reviews as “post-rock” or “prog-metal,” the group prefers to classify themselves simply as “experimental music.” Consisting of two guitars, two bassists, and drums, they utilize a great deal of dark melodies, poly-rhythmic patterns, odd time signatures, dissonant harmonies, mellow to crushing dynamic changes, and beautiful atmospheric movements. They are known for having a highly engaging live show and consistently high quality artwork on fliers, albums, t-shirts, and video projections.

La Fin Du Monde began in Chico, CA in the fall of 2003 after the disbanding of longtime projects Fenix Down and Lurgee. Beginning with the philosophy of “a band without rules,” the group wrote seven songs in a small garage with Jeremiah Root (of Lurgee, guitar/vocals) over a period of several months. This initial lineup performed eight shows over a period of three months and self-produced a six song home recording. Less than thirty copies of a three-track EP were pressed and released before Root left the band to join the military. The remaining four (Joshua Kinsey, Lurgee; Adam Scarborough, Mike Crew, Dan Elsen, all of Fenix Down) were not willing to let another band die so quickly. Enlisting Chris Roberts on guitar in the summer of 2004, the band became entirely instrumental and began writing new material and planning their next recording. They appeared live with the current lineup for the first time in September 2004 and have kept up with frequent live performances ever since.

Their first official release was a three-track self-titled EP recorded at Chico State in the fall and winter of 2005. Released in February 2006, the new disc gave La Fin du Monde the momentum to begin traveling outside Chico. In May of 2006 they received the News & Review’s CAMMIE award for best indie/experimental band. Many local shows and small tours saw them through the rest of the year and in January of 2007 they entered Prairie Sun Recording in Cotati, CA to record their first full length, Life As It Should Be. Released in April of 2007, the album’s eight songs encapsulate both the early and current stages of the bands’ sound. Many positive reviews for both the record and the live show helped the band keep its momentum, writing many new songs and traveling out of town consistently. The first full west coast tour was in January of 2008, and in September of the same year, they re-entered Prairie Sun to once again work with engineer “Lord Wainwright.” After a long period of overdubs, mixing, mastering, and creating artwork, Monolith came out amazingly. Released in July of 2009, the five-track record has already gained an immense amount of positive reviews. Throughout the course of this era, Chris and Mike started “Monolith Cabs,” a custom speaker cab company based out of Magalia, CA.

Over the years, La Fin Du Monde have performed over 160 shows in over 30 cities, and are proud to have shared the stage with the following bands: Helms Alee, Russian Circles, Giant Squid, Kylesa, PONTIAK, Intronaut, Giraffes? Giraffes!, Ninja Academy, Kayo Dot, Grayceon, Judgement Day, Lozen, We Be The Echo, Dredg, Armed For Apocalypse, Panther Attack!, 16, Young Widows, Silian Rail, Floater, Daughters, & Surrogate.

Buy (Monolith is sold out)
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Album: This Will Destroy You - Communal Blood 7"

Band: This Will Destroy You
Album: Communal Blood 7"
Label: Black Ape
Year: 2010

01. Communal Blood
02. Reprise
Download (It seems that it's ripped in the wrong speed from the vinyl, but there is nowhere a proper version. Until then, you can download only Communal Blood in it's proper form here. As soon as a proper rip is out, we will fix the download link.)

A little bit into “Communal Blood” and you will feel like you’ve been transported into the middle of a David Lynch deserted midnight street. The song is slow and brooding, a little creepy yet still pretty. Halfway through it builds in intensity, crashing cymbals blast like little explosions above the droned guitar. It’s the first single off This Will Destroy You’s new album, Tunnel Blanket and is a perfect example of their moody, cinematic style. -

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Album: The Atomic Bomb Audition - Roots Into The See

Band: The Atomic Bomb Audition
Album: Roots Into The See
Label: Self Released
Year: 2010

01. Limit
02. Horizons
03. Bas

Hailing out of Oakland, CA, The Atomic Bomb Audition presents its own brand of aural film-making. Tides of processed percussion and voice cascade about you while grand themes unfold unto the horizon. In this vision, surf guitars make way for discordant sound-scape; electronic drones enter civil unions with folk melodies, and doom ascends from the abyss in riff form. In all, The Atomic Bomb Audition is founded on a love of music with integrity, appreciation for delicate sonorous minutiae, very high volume, frustration with the end of times, and comedy.

The Atomic Bomb Audition formed in 2004 as a duo of Alee and Brian. The name spawned from a word-play game Brian did back in the day; it made more sense at the time. In 2004-2005, compositions began to unfurl heavily influenced by film music, doom metal, and psychedelic textures. In May 2005, Phil joined the band on bass and the trio began elaborating the pieces. By the end of 2005 they had played numerous local shows, completed a West Coast Tour, and had finished principle recording for our first album, "Eleven Theatres." By mid-2006, "Eleven Theatres" was released in conjunction with Hector Stentor Records and received positive reviews for its complex, yet emotional pieces that naturally traversed music styles. Another tour ensued in support of the album and new material began to be fleshed out. In 2007, Norman (our engineer) joined the band to perform live signal processing, adding another layer to our sound. Later in mid-2007, we parted ways with Phil and recruited Jason on bass. With Jason and Norman added to the mix, they began writing some truly elaborate yet thematically cohesive songs. "Light Will Remain" (2008) saw the emergence of these now signature 20' song suites, peaks and valleys of hooky melodies and dramatic build-ups that recall the side-long journeys of vintage Pink Floyd, only with more metallic heft. They self-released the album and went on two tours (West Coast, and Southwest) to promote it. Currently they are working on yet more new material that is, as Tommy Corn would say, "gonna go to an even darker place of nothingness".

*Thanx to Norman for submitting this.

Official Site
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Album: MGR - 22nd Of May OST

Band: MGR
Album: 22nd Of May OST
Label: Conspiracy Records
Year: 2010

01. The Tedium Before
02. Crux
03. Recollection
04. A Mile In His Shoes
05. The Hard Road
06. En Route
07. Disconnected
08. So It Goes

22nd Of May, a soundtrack by MGR, a film by Koen Mortier. Mustard Gas and Roses (MGR) is an ambient solo project from Los Angeles, California, United States created by Mike Gallagher, - the guitarist for American post-metal band Isis, having previously been a member of Cast Iron Hike.

Official Site
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Video: As The Stars Fall - Artificial Sun

First extract from their forthcoming EP "Redux" out on January 17th. Now available for free download here.

Official Site
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Album: From Oceans To Autumn - On Earth As It Is

Band: From Oceans To Autumn
Album: On Earth As It Is
Label: Self Released
Year: 2010

01. The Gathering
02. Forever October
03. Past The Breakers I: The Walk
04. Past The Breakers II: Beneath Shattered Skies
05. Past The Breakers III: Redeemer
06. 1618

Brandon Helms (guitars, samples) and Robert Knight (bass) founded From Oceans To Autumn in the summer of 2006 — shortly after laying to rest their previous band, Autumn Is Forever, which had a long, if nondescript run between 1997 and 2004. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, the pair proceeded to recruit Eddie McDaniel (drums) and Allen Knight (keyboards, samples) in order to record their debut full-length, Calmed by the Tide, which was released by Forgotten Empire Records in 2007, and showcased a broad range of instrumental post-metal and drone rock influences including Isis, Taken, Earth, Sunn 0))), and Rosetta. From Oceans To Autumn also released a split album with Scottish label mates Fire On The Horizon in July 2008. After a 2 year hiatus, From Oceans To Autumn have returned.

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Video: pg.lost- Jura

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Album: Our Ceasing Voice - Hopes Of Yore (Single)

Band: Our Ceasing Voice
Album: Hopes Of Yore (Single)
Label: Self Released
Year: 2011

01. Hopes Of Yore
02. Hopes Of Yore (Acoustic)
03. Hopes Of Yore (Thot Remix)
04. Hopes Of Yore (Mordpol Remix)
05. Hopes Of Yore (The Jakesperiment Remix)

In the middle of the Austrian Alps, the post-rock quartette Our Ceasing Voice was founded in late 2006. To achieve their depressing, yet incomprehensibly beautiful sound, Our Ceasing Voice utilizes the perfect blend between hypnotizing ambient and epic outbursts soaking with melancholia.

"Hopes Of Yore" is their latest digital single from the forthcoming album "When The Headline Hit Home".

Preorder CD | Vinyl
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Album: Catacombe - Kinetic

Band: Catacombe
Album: Kinetic
Label: Slow Burn Records
Year: 2010

01. Grundsatz
02. Supernova
03. Anna-Liisa
04. Memoirs (extended)
05. Cavalgada Epica
06. Mockba
07. Sequoia

Hailing from Vale de Cambra, Portugal, Catacombe began in middle 2007 when Pedro Sobast made the choice to create instrumental music and recorded/produced the EP “Memoirs” (self release/ digital release by Poison Tree Records 2008). “Memoirs” EP is the culmination of influences so diverse that in the end, it results in an astonishing fusion of modern metal and post-rock; getting great critical acclaim and stunning press reviews. In September 2008, what originally began as a solo project from Pedro Sobast, turned into Catacombe as a band, with the introduction of new musicians, Sérgio Soares –Bass, Eduardo Costa – Guitar; Paulo Kwane – Drums and Cristiano Moreira - Keyboards/samples. Later in December 5th, Catacombe gave it’s first concert at Fábrica do Som, Porto, opening for Nadja (Can). Following the first act, Catacombe also shared stages with names so varied, like A Storm of Light (US), My Own Private Alaska (FR), Minsk (US), Men Eater (PT) and Slamo (PT). At the time they also started writing new songs for the debut full-length record “Kinetic”, recorded it between January/March2010 at Soundvision Studios, engineered by Paulo Lopes and mastered in the US by James Plotkin (Isis, Khanate, Pelican, Earth). With the debut album “Kinetic” Catacombe find it’s own identity in the current underground music scene, showing a delightful puzzle of styles and influences.

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News: Pelecanus Radio

A 2 hour playlist
Thursdays @ 18:00 CET & Sundays @ 00:00 CET
Tune in, in
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Album: A Cold Dead Body - Harvest Years

Band: A Cold Dead Body
Album: Harvest Years
Label: Slow Burn Records / Frohike Records
Year: 2010

01. Semen
02. The Womb
03. Madre Pt.1
04. Our Best Years
05. The Chosen Ones
06. Madre Pt.2
07. Collapse
08. Zero
09. Divinity

Debut A Cold Dead Body’s album “Harvest Years” is a trail through 9 steps, from the "Semen" to the "Divinity". There is a story inside the album, not just music and words. Music and words create the atmosphere, but the written story has the sense of the whole album. It's a concept about a journey, about human ambition, about the conflict between humanity and nature, it's a concept based on the sense of life, technology and the meaning of death. Recorded and mixed at: Mushroom Studio, by Enrico Berto. Mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate, Sunn O))), Isis, Pelican, Earth).

Official Site
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Album: Matthew Ryan & Hammock - Like New Year's Day

Band: Matthew Ryan & Hammock
Album: Like New Year's Day
Label: The Dear Future Collective & Hammock Music
Year: 2011

01. Like New Year's Day (Matthew Ryan Mix)
02. Like New Year's Day (Hammock Mix)
03. Like New Year's Day (Edit)
Download (as it only costs 2$, we decided not to put a free download link)

Hammock collaborated with singer/songwriter Matthew Ryan and released a single together called 'Like New Year's Day' which was released on January 1st, 2011, new years day. There are 3 versions of the song, a Matthew Ryan Mix, a Hammock Mix and the original song itself.

Matthew Ryan
Born November 7, 1971, he is an American singer-songwriter whose music can be roughly characterized as alternative country. Ryan also collaborated with Neilson Hubbard to form the band Strays Don’t Sleep. Ryan’s voice has been described as a “hushed rasp, with words catching like vows destined to be broken - one of modern music’s most potent whispers.”

Perhaps the most underrated singer/songwriter of the past 12 years, Matthew Ryan arrived on the music scene in 1997 with Mayday. A combination of influences from Tom Waits, Waterboys and Bruce Springsteen can all be heard here, but the sound and songwriting are Matthew Ryan’s alone.

Official Site

An American two-member post-rock band from Nashville, Tennessee. With music created in between production and songwriting projects over the course of two years, Hammock combines live instrumentation, electronic beats, and droning guitar into atmospheric music similar in style to the work of Boards of Canada, Explosions in the Sky, and Stars of the Lid.

Hammock is a collaboration between Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson that developed out of informal recording sessions between songwriting projects. Hammock initially had no intention of releasing their studio efforts. After building up a collection of almost 40 songs, however, they changed their minds.

Official Site
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Happy New Year!

The Post-Engineering crew wishes you a happy and creative 2011 with lots of damn good post-rock!

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