Saturday, January 22, 2011

Album: Karysun - Until The End

Band: Karysun
Album: Until The End
Label: Destructure
Year: 2010

01. Cops Pigs Murderers
02. Voice Of The Voiceless
03. New Gof, New Truth
04. Ignore Tomorrow
05. Failure Industry
06. Carved For Consumption
07. Fight Darkness
08. Threatened Species

After a first full length, split records with Year Of No Light and Lords, as well as touring everywhere in europe; Karysun, stoner, crust & metal influenced punk duo from Caen France, recorded a new full length earlier this year. To keep the wall of down tuned guitar sound signature initiated by the previous recordings, Karysun went back to their now studio home, Studio De La Souleuvre with Guillaume Doussaud (Taint, Amanda Woodward, Aussitôt mort, Headcharger) behind the mixing desk. They worked all together to get their more achieved material ever. Eight songs clocking almost 40 minutes is the result. Different landscape and atmospheres were reached, from straight forward crust punk to post-rock progressions, from noise and technical metal riffs to minimalist metal punk rhythm. The duo has also been lucky enough to work with good friends and inspiring persons and vocalists such as Gerome Desmaison (Amanda Woodward), Dave Edwardson (Jesus Fucking Christ & Neurosis) Ryan Patterson (Black Cross & Coliseum). It was also time for new musical experiments and new instruments. Piano as well as three live drums can be heard. All together this is best material written and recorded from the band so far. Recorded in various places on two continent, mixed from April to July, mastered in September and October. Yes, the band has chosen to take its time to have the thing correctly done.

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